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  1. Originally posted by *Chauvinist*: Before it was 'stepping out of character' and then you said 'you just wanna start a fight with me' Now you claim 'not to understand me'. I should Probably start speaking chineese then.! I think dawaco was right when she said i dug a hole for you. So far, You have failed to give me(US) a valid reason to believe your honesty on morality as opposed to: A. Assuming, B: Backbiting, C: Calaalaring, D. Discrediting , E. ETC..... Waiting what your next excuse will be... thats what i meant by "understand", How is AJ "backbitting" when he hasn't even mentioned any names? he was describing a scenario based on real events so we could discuss. and what the hell did he discredit? i find your position of gender equality very un-chauvinistic
  2. Originally posted by *Chauvinist*: Mr Xoogsade. I beleive you have offended the entire black hip hop fraternity and the black man in general. Their ingenuity,the creativeness and the ability to make money where-ever 'H-O-E'-ever should not be left unnoticed. Respect! Word. you call making money from a video with a bunch of half naked women shaking their asses with a whole bunch of uncomphrhensible cuss words creative? i believe that offends our race. it would be nice if they put that supposed "ingenuity" to better use like helping their fellow peoples in the ghettos or something that would benefit not only their selfish pockets. Imagine the state of blacks today if all these "pimps" and rappers put their money to better use! :mad:
  3. ^thats what "chauvinist" can't seem to understand
  4. its not commercialized that much and it doesn't seem to be playing anywhere close, but im still going to watch it, all self-respecting africans should
  5. its all the hype but i still haven't watched one eposide! its not my thing
  6. ha! funny, real funny and here i was sitting expecting a long and rigourus test all i can say is i passed!
  7. wow, im surprised at the light reaction here!. Im not as surprised as i am dissapointed. Things will only get worse, trust me!
  8. some pompus men here seem to be confused as to where the difficulty lies in being a women! you definantly need to get out more. women have period, give a painful birth, are looked down upon as the inferior in gender, have difficulty raising up in any field of work, and certainly don't have the same exact oppurtunityes men have. i would say the men have it EASY! they can do what they want when they want. Now im not bitter or anything Allah made me a women and i couldn't be happier.
  9. great pics especially the beach! Somalia doesn't look so intemidating now keep em coming
  10. great pics especially the beach! Somalia doesn't look so intemidating now keep em coming
  11. i don't understand what there is to learn? how divided we are?
  12. kicking old habits takes TIME and DETERMINATION. don't expect itto happen over night.
  13. Originally posted by Qorshel: Before I add anything to the topic, I need to know what the word dating is? I know the meaning of Xalaal. Dating is just bothering me coz I don't get it, does dating mean talking to girl all night, or taking her out to cinema, or only talking/seeing behind her jilbab, or meeting with her under the supervision of her family, or staying in with her for a night tauching her and testing how it feels, and does the dating thing include having sex? Im confused settle it down then i will forward my share. Peace basically going out to dinner with the opposite sex.it is also when you have a commited and long relationship with someone a good example is a boyfriend and girlfriend; a couple shall you say. Sex isn't a must it depends on the couple but it is often what happens especially in gaal relationships. hope that explained it.
  14. ^ "you must be the change you wish to see in the world" ---Gandhi
  15. juba


    we have some well rounded people here! we truly are nomads! as for me ive been to Egypt, UAE, England,Germany,France, and many states in US as you can see not as exotic as some here but im working on it
  16. a toothbrush? for 22 yrs? i can already tell this isn't the brightest guy! you and your crazy stories BOB! but really keep them coming there very interesting. always find myself laughing at other peoples expense!
  17. first and fore most Eiid wanagsan to one and all! Qorshel i know what you mean bro, you feel so homesick when the holidays roll around. you think what you could be doing in Somalia or any othr muslim nation. who hasn't felt this way? but try to look up and enjoy it the best you can where you are, its called accomadation
  18. divorce is strongly discouraged and should only be taken into account as the last resort. i believe muslim women can divorce just don't know all the rules to it.is there abuse involved? if its not to personal what exactly is the "damn good reason"?
  19. Originally posted by Qorshel: quote:what happend to just helping your fellow africans out? What do u mean by this? or are we watching a double standard show here? Besides why would Christian Missionaries go to our country? Can these two words go together Christian Missionary & Aid ? isn't Ndungane an african? sounds like it! thats what i mean by african helping out his fellow africans without alterior motive which in this case is trying to spread their religion! and i already know "why christian Missionaries went to our country" FOR THE OBVIOUS REASON OF SPREADING THEIR RELIGION. if you notice the repitision its was for the sake of your comprehention.
  20. horrible pictures especially the bleeding child on the floor!!
  21. Originally posted by Northerner: quote: what difference is it if it was house or field? A field negro was a tough coockie who didnt take cr*p from his master and was therefore less favoured. The house negro was more favoured by the master and hence got the breaks/extras the master thought he deserved. Like sending his kids to school, looking after them when they were sick etc etc. Many house neros were also born in America, but of a lighter colour due to their moms being raped by the master. Seeing his own kids the master would keep them in the house and look after them. etc etc etc i figured that! but thanks for "enlightening" me on the distinctions of niggers
  22. Originally posted by dawoco: my quote of the day would have to be fom keeping up appearences. as hyacinth told her beloved I should have thought postmen would be trained to recognize first-class stamp houses." ahh how i loved that show! there is nothing better than crude british humor
  23. ^ does this have an underlaying message or moral? if not it seems slightly irrelavant.