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  1. WARNING : everyone i would highly advise you all NOT to respond to Chauv's above post he only wants attention, don't give it to him!!
  2. i didn't know there was such a thing as fat free xalwo! but i still wouldn't eat it "Chauv"
  3. i love Shania Twains love song "Forever and For always" and a lot have been already mentioned
  4. ^ look AJ There were gays sicne the begining of history and there still going to be there in the distant future. no matter how "sick" it makes us theres really nothing we can do and no matter how much we "condemn" them they won't disappear. Let them be gay for all i care so long as the stay away from me!
  5. the chicken is going to die anyway but why make that death far more painful/inhumane/unjust than it has to be? :rolleyes:
  6. then what can we snack on?
  7. Originally posted by Wiilo: if you haven't noticed a typical "complete" family is compsed of a PAIR of parents and how ever many kids. No dear, that is the Ideal Western family, our family consists of a father, kids and four wives Go figure:................ Western ideal family? are you serious? its not restricted to a certain race or peoples its something thats universal. Actually Pearl is right , were just going in circles! Everyone has there opinions and i respect that. i guess it depends on the person, but i think Nur went to far in encouraging for women to practice polygamy.(but with good intentions i guess)
  8. Originally posted by Shyhem: Folks in Africa are either naive or simply dumb.Either way, we can't bail them out of their problems.Africa should quit on the whole "it takes a village to raise a child"crap.Don't u think its time the parents, rather than the village raised their own kids? i thought that was practiced in certain african countries like Nigeria not ALL of africa.
  9. Originally posted by Wiilo: that is what i call a complete family,, Go figure:............. since when does a complete family have three extra wifes? if you haven't noticed a typical "complete" family is compsed of a PAIR of parents and how ever many kids.
  10. EXTREMELY FUNNY! especially Freud, GWB, and my fav Grandpa
  11. Originally posted by Nur: Girls Why is it so difficult to visualize a family made of four great wives and a wonderful husband? just imagine the four sitting together in their living room, sharing quite time together, or having an enriching intellectual discussion, their kids around them, doing their homework, wives purusing their hobbies and interests while husband is always cared for and at least each woman knows where her husband is at any given moment? easy for you to say! :rolleyes: polygamy is jsut plain creepy. "sharing quite time together" isn't easy with three other women competing for attention and what could four wifes and a selfish husband talk about in a "enriching" discussion?
  12. so you hate Vday because some muslims celebrate it?
  13. Originally posted by QUANTUM LEAP: Hey Juba sorry for the mistaken Identity for some reason I thought u were male but hmm forgive me for that. As for Somalis having some Arab blood in them, well you cant just sweep history under your carpet bse u think its abad mentality. And by the way its not about pride but facts. You have your own opinions and I respect that and others too have their say and that doesnt really mean they are siding with any side. Why would you want to talk about siding with group or the other when you can analyse and find facts for yourself. I dont really care about them and us liking each other. What we are trying to discuss here are historical issues rather than be caught up with what is very familiar amongst somalis which is tag of wars and siding with one side or the other. Look at facts for themselves rather than jump the gun all the time. Try to read and understand the Origins of Somalis albeit the history facts being kind of hazy and not so clear with different schools of thought being put around. i understand bro, no need to deny history right? well that whole identity issue is to complex to delve into (and a little frustrating i must admit) i think ill let it rest know
  14. Can't we all just get along?.......oh wait we're tribalistic somalis! As for the Admin his is authority and he tries his best to keep these forums clean and safe enviornment to debate, discuss, and communicate! is this possible with a bunch of childish instigators? i don't think so. its time we appreciate the Admin because if it weren't for him this site wouldn't exsit So lets show some respect! :rolleyes:
  15. Originally posted by Jumatatu: Juba : quote: but just to get under our skin! and tell me who wouldnt want that..? typical :rolleyes:
  16. good topic but im not sure it belongs in the womens section, maybe the Debate section or General?
  17. Chauvinist u seem to end every post with some snide, egotistical remark about women not because you believe it (oh no not at all) but just to get under our skin!
  18. Originally posted by raula: But dont be quick to blame the poor working african souls(Archbishops-although misguided they are)-they are being pressured by their COLONIZERS exactly! there just tools (literaly) of the trade
  19. ^ i see what you mean FF, there are somalis that would rather be their OWN race! but i for one am not confused.
  20. Originally posted by QUANTUM LEAP: So brother Juba despite being in the African continent, there is an element of Arab blood amomgst Somalis. that would be sister Juba actually. im sorry but that sort of mentality isn't healthy! i am african and of african blood, that "element" is so small that its practically nonexsistent and quite meaningless. that shouldn't give us a reason to want to be part of a people that don't want us there.
  21. ^ r u serious? do u actually believe in such primitave nonsense? a women does not became a mental retard when she has her cycle its part of nature and doesn't hamper the women in anyway. She functions normaly! once again ANY excuse!!
  22. ^^ no one can seem to figure it out maybe because it doesn't exist
  23. Originally posted by HONEY-D: being a woman is tough but i wouldn't have it any other way i love the challenge it makes us stronger and unique which is why men feel Intimidated by women they are incompetent and that pisses them off. you couldn't have said it better!
  24. Originally posted by Sophist: 2+2= 4, can you prove that by using reason? Perhaps you can demonstrate that please!! isn't the cause of mathimatics reason?
  25. i think its great that a women is running for such a position! its amazing she even had the courage. and this whole more "emotional due to menstraul cycle" is a bunch of crap! some men will look for ANY excuse to keep women in their subservinet position!