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  1. ^ HERE IS A GOOD ONE....WHAT THE HELL DID U JUST ASK??? im not gonna chop ur head of for it...u seem sincere but seriously wat postion??? WAY TO MUCH info..somthin to discuss wid ur husband maybe not a forum..weird
  2. i like this idea but its a bit disorganized...pple pasting a million things doesn't let me digest what i just read and have a dialouge about it..or is this just for READING sake? very cool nonethless
  3. y r women fat....y r women this y r women that...y women hate cookin r u puttin together some sort of research paper on women?
  4. it sounds scary but i can sympathize with the parents... so KHAYR there is nothing selfish about this...they r obviously willing to care for her for the long run they just want to make that long run easier...they obviously love their child very much allah protect us from such a deliema and sickness
  5. ^^ preach it girl (xaalimopatra)....seriously i was shocked at the audacity of this guy....u do her then u ditch her?? sick
  6. juba


    from secretive spouses to warlords wow im startin to get dizzy lol anyhoo...if his past will hurt me in the future HE BETTER TELL ME ABOUT IT
  7. ^tru tru...cynical lady do continue...btw i think havin a friendship turn into luv is completely normal
  8. well thats a pretty dumb metaphor...disgusting too
  9. so if a man is kind, compassionate, and generous that would be seen as "soft"?....soft sounds good!
  10. ^there's a BIG difference btw the UN n US (purpose) although its hard to see because the UN can be a bit submissive to the US on the disarmament issue...its a joke..no1 will comply
  11. i think this is a great step forward for ALL OF SOMALIA
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    ^^ true true...lol....keep them coming!
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    Originally posted by sheherazade: If the girl said she looked too dark-skinned to be Somali, y'all wouldn't be saying she was blowing her own trumpet would you now? exactly :rolleyes:
  14. juba


    ^^ dammnnnn...y u always have to jump down ppls throats? take a chill pill fast...sheesh!