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  1. ^ hey atleast the first list exceeds the second!
  2. Anyone THAT muscley is a little sureal to me! not to mention creepy! :eek:
  3. how H O R R I B L E!! a quarter of a century! it reminds me of the girl who was strapped to the potty chair locked in her room for 14 years.
  4. wow shariah in a non-muslim country! im really not surprised at the opposition! This is the first time i have heard of this and i question it's credibility.
  5. juba

    Me and E's!

    damn! tough crowd! anyway modestychick not bad but it needs a little fine tunning
  6. Originally posted by Sky: Yada Yada Yada! And Warrior of Light, you wanna cause me a heartattack or something? No for real though, such a wife would scare the shit out of me. I like daily fights in my house, neighbours calling the cops on us and shit, kids screaming. Than I feel comfortable in my house. whats wrong with treating your spouse as she treats you! :rolleyes: Its called a successful relationship!
  7. Uganda giving aid to the US! Um shouldn't it be the other way around?
  8. how about a MUTUAL respect? whatever the wife does for the husband, the husband should do for the wife!
  9. ^ Well, i just assumed people wouldn't lie about what is and isn't in the Quran but i guess that's a little niave of me! You make a good point Ngonge
  10. i know alot of somali families( like in Minnesota, ohio, and England) still on welfare into the second generation!! If that isn't a bad case of the lazy i don't know what is! Lets be frank her most somalis don't make it far when it comes to a good stable job and income. I know the factors and issures but more determination to be independent would really help
  11. Originally posted by Shams-ud-Din: P.S. Juba, your lack of Qur'anic understanding horrifies me! In fact what you're doubting here are verses from the Qur'aan, and not merely Modesty's opinion! WHAT? that's in the Quran? my bad i just personally don't see that around thats all not doubting the quran.
  12. Originally posted by Modesty: [QB] They have no love for you, they seek to convert your children and they hope to eradicate Islam. Your kidding right? Come on Modesty lets be realistic here because i don't think im the only one who highly doubts that!
  13. Originally posted by Legend of Zu: I seen any headlines declaring " HINDU GIRL WON MISS WORLD " OR "CHRISTAIN GIRL WON" ETC... I wonder Why?? :confused: Cheers because the world knows a muslim women is not supposed to look like that, i guess people see way to much of an Iraqi women with a blanket over her body on CNN
  14. Originally posted by Castro: Miskin , we're not at the bottom yet. Good questions you pose. Wait another 20-30 years and you might get an answer. Until then, relax and enjoy life. Enjoy life? when our country is a war-torn land with no law, justice, or government? Thats the kind of attitude of our younger generation, the ones who are supposed to go back home AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE, that will keep Somalia in the Dark Ages.
  15. for a president he sure isn't doing much :rolleyes:
  16. part of the real test is balancing your religion and the rest of your life in kufar lands. It's if you can still be who you are and practise your religion while still going to school and doing everything else. I don't agree with how this article protrays the schools as a trap for muslims and the beginning of "indoctrination" when it's actually much better than the schools(if there were any) where the muslims ran from!
  17. no offense but this topic is a little pointless. Im surprised it went this long. I just don't see what the discussion is?
  18. Originally posted by Socod_badne: ]Evolution is a FACT as supported by experimental data and evidences collected. However, evolution is not certainty. . how can it be a fact but at the same time an uncertainty? that sounds a little contradictive to me. Evolution is a THEORY meaning not yet conclusive scientifically but might be conclusive in your own head. I find evolution a sticky issue, if you agree you are at odds with allah's laws and if you don't agree you are overwhelmed with the evidence. If evolution did occur that means there was no adam and eve because we supposedly came form apes! how does that work? In any case Allah knows best.
  19. its when we focus on such irrelavant issues like this, that im not surprised Somalia is still a country with no gov't :rolleyes:
  20. juba


    this is an interesting question. What about the people who live in completely non muslim societies, must they live in complete seclusion? What will that accomplish? And how is Islam to spread if muslims don't mingle with peoples of other faiths? I believe it's important to be well rounded and tolerant and that accomplished by meeting different people form yourselves, this could even lead them to the right path. All im saying is Allah might give exceptions to this.
  21. ya allah! this subject AGAIN! i guess identity crisis is a chronic disease :rolleyes: i don't see the confusion, we are freaking AFRICAN. It is quite apparent that there isn't much pride to this.
  22. i am deeply disturbed to hear this news! just when we thought it was over these retards strike again. I wish you londoners the best and im glad everyone made it out safe.
  23. Originally posted by Haddad: [You tried a simple question , but it's not. Reread it, and restate what you meant. Try not to complicate what you want to express. please get rid of that English professor tone you seem to always take! i asked a question a five year old wouldn't give a stutter to! WHO HAS EVER HEARD/SEEN SOMALIS BEING GROUPED IN THE ARAB RACE!??
  24. the frequent appearance of this topic concerns me. i mean we are obviously black,negroid, african and in the end somalis, ethos and all the like are in that black race. Whos ever seen anyone group somalis in the Arab race? or vice versa? that simple question should settle this "identity crisis".
  25. Originally posted by sheherazade: call them in Swansea? wheres that?