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    ^interesting how u ignored the second part of the queston "..if other men used your sister or daughter that way"
  2. Originally posted by The Rendezvous: Asalam aleykum, Most things done against ISLAM nowadays have a relation to the YAHUD trying indefinitely to Counter ISLAM'S growth... why are you always talking and connecting evreything to YAHUD? what in the hell do they have to do with a women leading a prayer?
  3. 'bout ur little q just sit down and have a talk with ur freind/roomate How hard can that be when u know her that well. But its a difficult thing to ask of a person, " get ur boyfriend out!" im pretty sure ur just gonna have to move out.
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    Originally posted by CHECKMATE: So who is proud? who's not? ... asxantu i think u knew the answer from the begining. Why would anyone in their right mind be proud? its her life really & i second Bishaaro but lets not play ourselves.
  5. Originally posted by STOIC:a 9. Honolulu, Hawaii whats so mean about it? everything is so peacful, pple vacationing and surfing. Paradise on earth i think they made a mistake here
  6. Originally posted by Shyhem: What is so hard about naming a somali baby that one has to ask advice on the net? seriously! this subject has been over exhausted, BTW shyhem u make the funniest analogies/sarcastic remarks.
  7. Originally posted by Brown: Maybe your city is not represented, Where you from? somewhere you can't go! can't u read! good info Baashi thanks, i am on the do not call list and guess what? they still call! talk about determination! Just don't even answer if u have caller ID.
  8. i don't have premission to vote?! never mind, it works now!
  9. Originally posted by LayZieGirl: Why do SOL folks come up with the lamest nickname's like ANIGA, or ABAAYO, OR CILMI, or sweetheart? ? [/i] not to burst ur bubble but ur nickname isn't exactly the hottest thing around. but ur other questions were good.
  10. ok, cause i thought u were implying i NEVER said anything islamic untill know.
  11. Originally posted by OG_Girl: Msword, as an Arab( by culture and by blood) I can asure you that we got nothing incommon with Iranian other than Islam! PS:We are not only different by race but language, culture..etc..just like Indian muslims or Afganistans . But if you are still insist we are "same" then I think I have to stick with my brothers and sisters in Persian Gulf , I mean Arabian Gulf I have no choices do I? Salam Og girl why do you always turn everything into an arab thing? i don't think anyone said anything about your people. Someone said iranians and arabs are the same and u get defensive. Stick to the freakin subject. its like the only time u respond is to back up Arabs or what not! We GET it your arab ok thats nice!
  12. Originally posted by The Rendezvous: now Juba for the FIRST TIME you are talking ISLAMICALLY..Alhamdulillah.. [/QB] what the hell is that supposed to mean! :rolleyes:
  13. Originally posted by 3mrald: Finally, he ended up in prison for robbing a few people and killing one. Who is to be blamed for all the consequences but the person who caused them? Had that woman observed Hijab and refrained from displaying her attractions, these crimes would not have taken place. are you kidding me! a women was looking 'atractive" in a photo shouldn't be the cause for THE ROBBERS actions!!! :rolleyes: another flaw in this article was under the Hijab Necessary part, which forgot to mention wearing Hijab as a sign of worship and spirtuality towards Allah. Its not all about sex symbols and western trap!
  14. Originally posted by Vanquish_V12: somalia needs young martyrs ] killing of our youth is not a good idea :rolleyes:
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    Deep Thoughts.

    Originally posted by Brown: Damn.This is deep. Pass the Joint.
  16. Originally posted by Brown: Bites lips@[faarax style @juba]................ushers her to show me what shes working wit....... only in ur dreams bro
  17. *does the old fashioned worm while everyone stands back in awe*
  18. ^ yep u are definantly overreacting i think it will be a large undertaking but worthwhile! just beautiful, Dubai has outdone itself!!!
  19. ^^ofcourse guys want their women shorter than them,how else would they feel good about themselves and all powerful, towering over their wives feeling like their protectors, and i hear some women LOVE that
  20. Originally posted by Hayam: Interesting stuff 1- You shouldn't sing in the washroom, the shayatin might haunt you..this one was specially scary, since it was our Quran teacher who told us. 2- Flip over any upside down shoe, cause your showing the dirt on your sole, to Allah (SWT) End! is this a somali thing or what? cause my momzy told me the same thing!
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    u like??

    this kinda reminds me why pple laugh at some1 when they hurt themelves!? i think its cause people want to see others that are worse of then themsleves, it oddly makes them feel better. i guess its a self esteem issue.
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    GREAT movies

    what is happening to the movie industry? i think they getting desperate with these retarded movies like SAW boogeyman and the Grudge!!! i have yet to see a movie worth my time this year yea Silence of the Lambs was wicked Pacifist!
  23. Originally posted by BOB: it was Sunday when I met her down by the lake she asked me, hey, what is that you make? i said, I am just learning how to bake she asked, what kind of lessons do you take? i replied, it's called Farxiyo's mighty Jake then she screamed, for goodness sake i told her not to yell as I am fully awake she replied, no look at that mighty snake i calmly replied, no it's my little friend mike i asked her if she would like to taste my cake? she thought all I wanted was to mate so she replied, no waryaa I am a dyke i said, yeah Xaliimo and my name is Ike she said, no it's really not a joke i said, and then Xaliimo you need to take a hike she asked if she can I still taste my cake? i replied, nah somebody else will eat this cake. RV, tell your friend that my friend would love to be her friend, what do you think my friend? what the hell?!
  24. i am thinking of wearing the hijab this summer it will probably be the most important and hardest thing i have to face! i see hijab as liberating and purifying and i think its about time i wore it. yea my friends will be :confused: and pple will be rude and stare but thas what we go through for Allah. so for all those about-to-wear-hijaberz like myself, do it for Allah and for the next life:)