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    Women are flukes !

    *sigh* here we go again!
  2. Originally posted by Shyhem: Most Africans by nature are not assertive and aggressive as they should be i see your dislike of history and it shows here. Africans were once warriors and were responsible for great empires and buildings.(pyramids and other amazing sturctures)Africans were the first to establish flourishing cities and civilizations. the first humans bones were found in africa! africans are NOW weak and practically useless for reasons i have already mentioned. "Yes Africa was colonised in the past and only because Africans themselves have allowed it" do u mean africans accepted the colonizers with open arms?
  3. ^^ FF everyone has a role in this world. Women have been the inferior for a long time and will continue to be in the future.(although some advacments have been made most not that revolutionary) Thats life and we can't change it, so lets accept and move on!
  4. ^ everyone has their own taste in food and who said all Chinese restaurant where filthy? personally i find there food quite healthy
  5. Definatly worht it! how else will you make a honorable living?
  6. Originally posted by mojam: 6. Paris i thought it was Great Britain! "which set of awards for intellectual acheivments are handed out for the first time" the nobel prize?
  7. Originally posted by Shyhem: However why is it hard for us to see that the average African is an underchiever.A corrupt and lazy guy who always blames his tools.How could u possibly blame colonisation for the civil war in somalia or the corruption in Kenya. It is time for Africa to put her house in order. although i see your point of Africa needs to stop blaming others and take responsiblity and action, we cannot ignore the history of Africa. Colonizers carved up land putting diff. pple together hence the bloody wars and tribal conflicts that still occur to this day. And not to mention the degrading aspect and how the colonizers made us feel worthless and inferior an esteem issue that still pervails. So it wasn't only land they controlled but our minds aswell. i guess my point is learn from history and break those barriers that were placed on us.
  8. so all of you guys think Egypt is right in hording all the water of the Nile for themselves? why don't u put the hate you have for the "xabasho" aside and look at the bigger picture. i guess all of you would support Egypt even if it meant your own demise.
  9. ok i see your stance on this but i have a question.if you had a daugher would you kill her if she wasn't a virgin? or do you just support when others do it but could never do it yourself?
  10. ^but it doesn't make it right! are u trying to downplay this mans crime?
  11. ^^You shouldn't isolate this case only to somalis! i believe its a collective thing, and i have noticed it happens much more in the womens section because they are expected to take the kids with them! (at my mosque anyway) Yes FF i have noticed the problem not only are some pple disrespectful but unsanitary!! some masjid's are plain dirty and this is wrong in the house of Allah. i think its about a lack of dicipline and good behavior which starts in the home.
  12. "you have a picture of your coffe mug on you coffe mug"
  13. Originally posted by Jilaato_Cambo: .....so i dont see whats the big fuss. from what i understand (now) its not good to celebrate western/chrisitan/gaal holidays. even though the Vday has nothing "christiany" about it. kinda like Haloween and Thanksgiving
  14. Originally posted by -Femme Fatale-: ^^^I know. How many times have this happened so far? More than enough...why dont you just put a pink heart as your avatar? . im seriously considering that FF!
  15. ^im not trying to sound like Simon's protige, but she seriously has no talent. She doesn't really sing as much as she raises her voice. And i think the lyrics are horrible! what u think of her Besbaaso?
  16. yes we condemn such a sinful act but what will that change? the gays will still be gays. and BTW im a girl i thought you would get that from the avatar!
  17. Originally posted by *Chauvinist*: And stop doing "----" This. its bothering me! in that case ill be doing it "often"!
  18. you totally made sense Xu the effects of Colonialism and its exploitation is a major cause(if not the only) for Africa's current problem. And Nomadic Princess your right education is always the key. Have any of you guys read The Destruction of Black Civilization by Chancellor Williams?? if you haven't your seriously behind!
  19. ofcourse you don't! why is it that i never see women doing the same? :rolleyes: