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    Tourism in Somalia

    sorry somalia is not a tourist spot, its not much of anything actually. i wonder how a tour guide would describe somalia " On your left is the warlord stronghold and on ur right is the only functioning school, notice the intricate bullet holes" we have nice beaches though! :rolleyes:
  2. i believe the somali people are symbolic of a chess game being played between the Warlords and the Islamic sheiks. Who ever wins doesn't matter because both are fighting for POWER! POWER HUNGRY people don't care about the somalis but only themselves.
  3. juba

    Its a Girl!

    "Empower our women" WOW i would have never thought Nur would say this! No offense nur but from all ur posts on Islam section you came off as a "the only place for a women is the kitchen" kind of guy. Anyway im glad your on our side now!
  4. i don't know whats so great about our people fleeing a governmentless wasteland. I don't see whats so cool about our people living everywhere BUT their own "country" but we are nomads after all.
  5. um guys be thankful its SOME kind of blue! i don't get whats the big deal but its definitely not the second one
  6. i think there is nothing wrong with that (mabye because im a women) if circumstances call for the women to continue working and has a better job what can you do?
  7. how about this question: DOES ANYONE WANT SOMALIA TO BE A REAL COUNTRY AGAIN? because the title of this topic and my question seriously conflict
  8. how would you feel under a violent dictator who made your father and brother go to war and they never came back? how would you feel having a curfew or not being able to have a decent job? How would you feel if you made one little mistake the the dictators cronies haul you of to a torture chamber gouge your eyes out??? i would never want to pick either forms because both equal CHAOS AND DESTRUCTION
  9. a GIRL asking a BOY! i never thought that even happend! i thought it was the boy who did that. I would feel kind of EMBARRASSED
  10. i don't see it as PERFECT but APPROPRIATE age to have a baby. That would be in the mid 20's. Remember that not all women can have children so understand that when women have babies after 40 yrs of age its because the were trying all their lives and finally were able to,
  11. i don't see it as PERFECT but APPROPRIATE age to have a baby. That would be in the mid 20's. Remember that not all women can have children so understand that when women have babies after 40 yrs of age its because the were trying all their lives and finally were able to,
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    i think pointless subjects spurred on by deep boredom should be barred :rolleyes:
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    Tampon Users

    how vulgar! :eek: stick to what you know gals and thats a freakin pad! i just feel like tampons are unatural.. i don't know if this topic is worth NINE PAGES but theres my 2 cents
  14. Originally posted by Castro: ]And if recent history is any indication, we should be able to neutralize hurricanes. What playing god has to do with that, I'm not sure I understand. There's been experiments done on tornadoes and hurricanes to show what they're made of and how they develop such power. Finding a chemical compound capable of extracting that energy and transforming it into a relatively benign form is not beyond human capability. Just where does playing god come into this, I wonder? If Katrina is a theodicy, it's a weak one at that. And the damage it did won't happen, say, in the year 3005, if not much sooner. Interesting opinion there! Hasn't the past taught us that trying to control nature will just bite us in the but! And if that's not playing God i don't know what is. When you reach the point to where you can control hurricanes and tornades thats playing god ,whats not to understand! If and when humans realize there awesome strength im moving to mars because it's not going to be a pretty thing!! Mankind are a power hungry lot and if that falls into the wrong hands, imagine! i think we should just accept nature as what is, something that cannot be manipulated into our liking (which will be hard for the control freak scientists out there). Why don't we focus on using technology instead on eradicating poverty or creating clean water for everyone.
  15. Nur An ideology is like Communism, Capitalism, and in this case Americansim. There is no god and a set of religious practices like praying or worshiping idols. Its essentially a set of beliefs that a nation, or group has that's basis is Political or a economic. Religion, as you well know, is a belief of a supernatural power regarded as creator and ruler of the universe. They are both beliefs but with a COMPLETELY different agenda.
  16. juba

    Friday Prayers

    Okay. my borther has a dillema, we all know Friday prayers are obligatory on Muslim males but he can't make it here in America because he has school. Do you think that he is exempt or that he should go to Friday prayers and miss a part of school? Thanks in advance.
  17. Originally posted by sheherazade: do go on and ignore my beginnings-of-a-cold ramblings Actually you make complete sense! We always state what numerous rights women have in Islam, maybe to prove to a world that doesn't believe it, but look at most muslim countries today!! Can you blame the world view on muslim women with crazy aytollah types everywhere!! it makes me SOOOO angry that nothing much has changed in our situation. Honestly something has to be done to this nut jobs that have hijacked our religion and have stuck us in reverse!! This is not Islam! :mad:
  18. Originally posted by Nur: Nomads converted to Americanism religion Nur Americanism is more of an ideology than a religion!
  19. wow! thats pretty disturbing. Why the surge in violence? good article Ashkir
  20. ^ you obviously don't understand sarcasim Sarcasim- noun Def- 1) a mocking remark 2) Scornful irony :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  21. "treat other like you wish to be treated!!!!!!" what blasphemy are you speaking of!! You should be stoned!! :rolleyes:
  22. oooh a book about Somalia!! this sounds very interesting! Are the Yibir like an ethinic group? i wonder if you could find his book in Borders.
  23. Originally posted by Animal Farm: I urge all of you to always think about the collective responsibilities that we have. This is the place to exchange theories, ideas, concepts, and plans. Let us plot together for the post-conflict reconstruction of Somalia. Like the AdBusters brand, SOL seeks to gain popularity through socially conscious communications, which will have inshallah some positive outcomes in the future. Thats the attitude that we should all have! Somalia is in trouble and has been so for way to long! Lets have fun, laugh and tell good stories but lets also use this medium as a way to jumpstart our homeland. Great post Animal Farm
  24. so whats new?! i guess some topics never die
  25. She not only embarrases my religion but my race