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  1. ^^^ Not it is not. There is what is called sunnah sayi'ah where is your arbaciin xadiith book? Cheers
  2. I think she is genius! so long as her book is selling whether her methods work or not is a moot point.
  3. Rafa is killing Liverpool... he should go - simple!
  4. ^^^ [meant for Ibti] No...this is a testament to when you say my qabiil is better than yours, that everyone will succumb to saying the same thing to defend their honour (well it happened to the Sahaba RA) what do you expect. On the other hand, you have started a bad sunnah... it is all your fault!
  5. Originally posted by *Ibtisam: I don't like them and they are absolutely mad, typical kiligi Muslim, But I would never support banning them. Because they is a harmless way of showing their anger and although I don't agree with, much like other groups it offers a non violent platform. If you ban that platform, it will force this already frustrated and angry young mob to be an easy target for recruitment of violent means to channel their angry. At the moment, their views are not killing or harming anyone. You cannot ban every organisation that does not agree with our mainstream opinions, and if they government takes this road, then it will also have to address the BNP and other mini groups which are as active and vocal as Islam4UK. In any case if they ban the group, the memember will just reform under a different banner. These same members use to be Hizbu Islam and then Al muhajorun, Islam4UK, Al-Ghurabaa and few other names. Unless the source of their angry is addressed and they are reformed individuals banning a name does nothing, tomorrow it will make them more determined and they will be back with another name. The most reasonable thing you have said in your SOL life time
  6. So Ibti is the price, peace is the commodity, duke the merchant, the so called secessionists are the buyers, the selling channel is SOL and Solers are the witnesses. I don’t like it – not one bit – there is a value/price equation problem here unless Ibti is a who is natural raconteur if that os the case i think it is a fair price to pay for peace! Cheers
  7. BOB... see how we have easily dismantled the Pompeys! No Worries mate - the Boys have grown to Men and they will rule the Premier leage in the next two years! Cheers
  8. I have predicted (see earlier pages of this thread) Arsenal & Chelsea to be 1&2 this year. The second half of the season has just started and it is long way before any champion is crowned but I am sticking to my predictions. Have to admit Man U did better than I expected Fergie wuu dadaalay but they will run out of steam - it is Rooney that is making the difference and once he stops scoring they are done for the season. Chelsea's season will be defined in the next few games how they cope without Drogba, Mikel, Kolou and Essien (we have already seen what happened to them without Essien) Liverpool will do well in the second part of the season - you could feel the change in their attitude - so expect them to get into the fourth spot but they will have Man City to fight for that spot That is me reporting from Malaysia - enjoying my break! Happy belated New Year Cheers
  9. Good discussion asxaabeey...too late to join. i think for the first time Arsene did what a manager who is hungry should do " tell the kids they are not worthy of the shirts unless they give their all - 110%". To be honest, Arsenal players have a fever of the big games...our top players disappear in big matches (except RVP and Arshavin) even Capt Fab goes AWOL. Arsene did what he needed to do - kudos to him. And those who think Liverpool were great in the first half - no they were not - they were just tackling better and running around like a headless chuck. Watch the game again. I was wondering at some point in the game what Bena was trying to do...he run forward, went left, then right and walla he run into Song.. WTF! Gerrad was rushing all of his passes. even when Torres missed the simplest chance - you could feel it - no one was confident enough to take his time. I totally agree with Norf here, they (Liverpool) needed someone who will lift his head up and pass to the right player - mostly someone who can measure the tempo of teh game and spread the ball to the wings i.e. Alonzo. On the other hand, Arsenal was just shaky - Denilson wins the balls and passes to his opponents, Song was magnificent thru out the game. Arshavin is just Arshavin, he plays only ten minutes of the game, but that is enough for him. Benitez lost it, seriously, he could have just instructed his players after the 1st half, keep the ball, Arsenal will come out desparate and hit them on the counter attack. instead Arsenal came calm and collected and hit Liverpool on the counter attack - which is the opposite of what I expected from them given how they were playing recently. The Good news though, ManU are rubbish, Chelsea will soon loose their heart and head (Essien, Drogba and Mikel)....it is all up for grabs. bring it on!
  10. War balaayo ayaa ka dhici wayday! Xeebta xaaqa dee, waa idinsidee reeer Berbera! Oo tii koonfur ayaaba idinka nadaafad badaneh! JB, shaqo ayaa kuu soo baxday!
  11. Only a ****** person will make them mutually exclusive! May be that should be your answer! For example, the egyptians aren't they arabs, africans and also egyptians?
  12. ^^^ what you don't know is, he always scored against Chelski... Qashin beel! While he is important player, we can certainly cope without him!
  13. In terms of time difference, how does it work? If I am in Aussie and my opponent is in UK, how does the game fixture work? do i need to be awake say 2.00 am? bit confused!
  14. I don't know what is going on with the EPL referees, they are getting worst by the day. WingA, that is how i felt when you've beaten us at Old Traf...sometimes you play well and ****** decision by the referee can cost you the whole game. Saying that Man U should have won this game! Here is a quick look on the risks i think the big four will have as the second half of the season starts I will start with my team Ze' Gunners Arsenal - Risks Defence: Losing Varmalean/Gallas to long term injury - bye bye title hopes. little hope i have is Djorou to come back from injury and surprises all with his focus and maturity - but I pray for no long term injury Midfield Biggest Risk for us is losing Alex Song for the ACN [but Denilson and Diaby can deputise in his absence] Strikers we are cool! we can cope Sorry i have run out of time...getta go back to work...will come back later
  15. ^^^^LoooL No Arabs maxaa ka danbeeyey. Anyways, this will be a good weekend for us insha Allah. Goo Gunners
  16. ^^^^ Adiga dhibleey qarson baa tahay! Shamis, odayga miskiinka ah ayeey ku cayaaraysaa, rag uu AT&T ka mid yahayna dabin bay u dhigaysaa, saa mid kasta suu isu leeyahay adiga wax bar un buu ku hoogi.
  17. ^^LoL..play with it and come back with some interesting stuff. we will see what Cowke will say!
  18. I agree, Wii is for girls...not a guy's game console. when it comes to XBOX and PS3, each has its advantages/disadvantages. PS3 can play Blu-Ray though which is a big plus! Cheers
  19. ^^ LoL@wada dhagaxyo. Anyways. trollers....am off to bed!
  20. ^^^^ As Allen Hansen (liverpool loving arsenal hating so called pundit) admitted that this Arsenal team are here to challenge the title. I won't be surpised to see you eating your words come May 10.
  21. ^^^ LOL. you could say that. i hate taking a week here and a week there. specially if you want to travel from ozland, you need a minimum of four weeks. besides my job description wont allow me to take time in mid year. there is always something happening in the 11 months leading to Dec.
  22. ^^^ Norf, no sxb...about to go in Dec. it was an early celebration!