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  1. ^^^^ Don't be harsh on him. you will have a good season next year 10/11 Seriously i see the signs of last year's Arsenal in Liverpool. Here is what I mean - Lossing a great midfielder - no replacement missing our the champoinship the year before injuries to top players outform defenders erratic finishing stubborn manager etc.. you get the jist
  2. Hi Trollers, I have been having a hard time keeping up with the time... seems like days are going so fast - i say to someone i will call you tomorrow before i know it, it has been four days - how is that possible
  3. Sol is not mobile friendly. where are all those app developers? Can't they help Libaax to develop iphone app?
  4. ^^^ Don't be excited liferbooliyaans!... they (Liverpool) are playing like we played last year (remember we beat United at Home after defeats) So I say hold your horses. you are the weakest link this year! Talk to you January!
  5. ^^^ loool, or even someone can claim not all fruits are created equal even within the same type!
  6. ^^May be JB - the couple can add a clause saying an adventure trip per year is a must at least until they have the 10th Baby Whether mutually-friendly platform is agreed upon or emotional connections are made, relationships are give and take and with that comes the concept of contract whether you see it that way or not Cheers
  7. ^^^ he is being realistic. Something have to change in the Liverpool camp to turn around your campaign. either the Italian dude should start getting up from the treatment table or get a new creative midfielder... We had our moments last season, our kids become Men... bal Sanadkaan ayeey noo taalaa. Go Gunners!
  8. ^^^^ Boring your choice is I would have chosen Mandarin.... just imagine a farax af shiinees ku gabyaayo
  9. If you were given an opportunity to become a Poet in one language other than Somali, which one would you choose? It is interesting, isn't it? I dunno but I have been thinking about that all day - keot coming back to my head!
  10. Nuune and Ngonge I know the pain brathas, we have been there last season, we kept saying the season is just start and things got worse and worse for us... We will see how you do in the CL tonight.... you are leading 1 - 0 so far.
  11. ^^^^ Also no Champions League Hopefully Carlings Cup - - depending if you beat the Arsenal kids next Wednesday Cheers
  12. ^^^ More like the word "ufff" and "Akhas" two descriptive words used by the same people he is complaining about i.e. gay ama jiljileec dudes! You wonder, the dude (Marx) have listened to the gay man's sheeko, knows where he lives, and used the word "uff" in his title and top of that he has a mowhack and sleeps whilst crying for not having a girlfriend in his life.... I think marx needs some baadiyo adadeeg in his life...go to Baadiyaha of somaliland asap would be my recommendation and let the gay english euro-som trash to their SOHO lifestyle. Cheers
  13. ^^^ LoooL...those who were making the big noises have disappeared you may say! I hear : Oz is in hiding perhaps decided to do some mining work in Oz world. Nuune is still refusing to land his plane despite of being threatened with the likelihhod of a job loss. Ngonge is well silent for various reasons - most likely camping infront of Benitez's house... Cheers
  14. Let me ask in a different way...to those who oppose the prayer: - Would You Pray For Somalia?
  15. It is getting interesting by the day.... Finaly Arsenal won whilst playing crap ... I have been waiting for that.
  16. ^^ Adiga iyo hees - kaban un baan isku kiin nacay, waar sidee ahayd niyow?
  17. ^^^^ as fair and impartial mod, i went to ensure that A&T gets his rightful votes after musuq maasuq was reported. The Mod team will take very seriously any irregularities reported. After allocating the right votes to A&T he should be a clear winner!
  18. Originally posted by *Ibtisam: May the best man and lady win. So, whoever wins is the best person, miyaa?
  19. LoL NG, CL, I hope the rest of your day to be more pleasant... Am Off peeps
  20. went to cook dinner for myself. Tell us what surprises dear Ibti, i have the sneaky suspisions that it is more than staring at teeth CL, is everything ok?
  21. Did someone mention cali dhareerow iyo mareer? wallee maxay maanta rag iskashifeen! am back trollers
  22. To be honest, City is still an infant and I do not see them taking the fourth spot in this year but next year they will be a force to reckon with. I foresee Hughesy getting the flick and them buying more world class players. The current crop are there to make a name for City - build some credibility and give the impression that this club is going places! Remember the Old Chelsea! In my view this year, the weakest team in the big four is Liverpool; Man U have been riding their luck so far (when Giggs who is supposed to retire soon is your creative central midfielder, you know you are in trouble ) So I made slight change to my previous assessment I say the Champoinship Fight is between Arsenal and Chelsea
  23. ^^^ I think he didn't realise what the wise friend of his mother was saying...Dear Sharbeel thought it was applicable to women (not sure if he knew his mother was one of the women who is to be treated either way)