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  1. ^^Young lady shouldn't you be in bed? BTW Liquid Nomad, I like the title kanagaroo people its got a ring to it.
  2. Liquid Nomad, Stop with the permisstic talk mate, I happen to be in a very good mood. As for Croatia, I am confident we can whip their backside. Zafir, you really are delusional. 2-nil already, you suck! Don't be surprised folks and it most certainly is no fluke!
  3. Originally posted by xiinfaniin: ^^It was just a thought, good Jamilah! Never meant to trivialize the real tragedies of Somali civil war. In fact, I was trying to highlight the evil nature of the men who caused it. And although it’s a hypothetical of sort to speculate what would these warlords do had they lived in those fateful slavery days, their present conduct and public pronouncements are clear signs that attest to the validity of my assessment of them. Granted that a discussion about Somalia’s raw wounds is not the stuff of the faint-hearted, but it is not, (and frankly it shouldn’t be), a source of astonishment either. My objection is the fact that you likened what we agree is a non-existent crime to the evil actions of our countrymen. That my brother was my source of astonishment! Faint-hearted?, I don't think it is fair you dismissed my views as a timorous response .
  4. Originally posted by Zarqa: Jamilah, Nameless, Vibe and Rokko thank you for making comments however suggesting new ideas would be very helpful. Suddenly I am for this meeting up idea upon one condition though, I take over Alexus's job as organsing manager. Oh, that means you guys all require my contact details. I am not available during business hours and after 9.00pm, so between 5-9pm is great. If you have any queries dont hesitate to contact me on: 0419317446
  5. Jazakallah Khayran, that was really beauitful.
  6. Originally posted by xiinfaniin: Remember American slave trade that commenced early 1600s and continued to the dawn of 19th century. Did you ever think how that major economic enterprise grew and expanded? If you did, couldn’t you help but notice the not-so-small role that the native hands of African elders and chiefs played in that evil project? There could be many reasons for why the Somali race was spared from European/American slave trade in Africa but I always credited it to the nature of our nomadic culture and our Islamic faith. Save from few lost souls or groups, Somalis have been respectable and noble people. Unfortunately that is no longer the case. Things have considerably changed. Especially in the new Somali culture of political worlordism, it has clearly become fashionable to engage in a criminal enterprise analogous to that of slave trade. Men like Mohamed Dheere, Qanyare, Bashir Rage and co, who, sadly, have been leading some communities in the south, publicly announced that they would capture and sell Islamist elements in Mogadishu to the interested parties in the west. Some of them have already made a fortune out of that immoral venture. Although Mogadishu masses have reversed any progress these men made and significantly restored that community’s (our) dignity, still I could not control my curiosity as what would happen if the whites of colonial years came ashore on where men like these rule the day! Wouldn’t it be a plausible that these men would sell us to the slave merchants and that we would be planting crops in America’s southern plantations. I say it is. Some of you may list all the major crimes that Somali warlords committed in the last 16 years and I would nod my head in agreement. I know that there have been summary killings of innocent lives. I know that faithful and pious virgins have been rapped and their innocence robbed from them. I know that some communities have been wronged and their land taken from them. I also know that there’s a semi-officially supported and active waste dumping and human trafficking with a huge human and environmental cost in and around our oceans. I also know that it’s these very warlords who trampled our nation and its civilization. I know all of that. But none of it is even remotely equal or is as horrendous as hunting fellow Somalis for profit gains, I argue. To entertain this notion or the mere thought of it, much less do it, should make anyone with the slightest of a conscience shiver to his core. It is unheard of in our long history. To control the shame and stop this new political worlordism and its peculiar norm is a one more reason to support Islamic courts, I say. What do you say? With all due respect Xin I am dumb founded! Is there a purpose to comparing the repercussions of a hypothetical situation to the very real tragedies and horrors that have occurred in the past and are still happening presently in our nation? You claim you will readily acknowledge the occurrences of past crimes and to this I find myself asking then why continue with your “argumentâ€, to investigate which ill is more of an ill? I personally am very supportive of the Islamic courts being implemented in Somalia and unlike many I remain hopeful and not merely cynical. But I do not think your thread is very persuasive and does little credit to the views you are trying to articulate. Sorry if I come off a bit too strong and emotional, but I speak on behalf every individual tortured, murdered and rapped.
  7. Originally posted by Modesty: socod-Badne, I sometimes doubt you are a somali and muslim by your comments, you sound like a red-neck most of the time. My thoughts precisely.
  8. Originally posted by Xoogsade: And finally, don't fall in love if you are younger than twenty Why not?, weren't Romeo and Juliet both younger than 20?
  9. Originally posted by hodman: quote:Originally posted by Pucca: all things have both the good and the ugly...marriage is no different. *exits* True that; even though the good generally outweighs the bad As Somalis say "Guurku waa god madow adoo gacanta la galay oo kale; ama dahab baad kala soo bixi ama bahal baa kaa qaniini!" [/QB]LOOL . What a great proverb I think it neatly puts marriage into perspective.
  10. Legend, there is no such cyber admirer.I think I started the thread to see who everybody else would vote. Also I love everyone on SOL (actually take that back almost everyone).
  11. Originally posted by Modesty: Subhan'Allah, that made me nauseous...akhas!!1! These people are immoral, they have no values, they are worse than the devil himself. Why in the world would they want to have sexual contact with animals?!? ewww. It's possible that they would allow those things that this party is pushing for..after all this is their democracy to spread immorality. I completely agree. Utterly disgusting.. BTW people when you post such articles please have a warning sign like: WARNING: Some readers may find the folllowing disturbing.
  12. Originally posted by The Rendezvous: quote:Originally posted by Jamilah: Hey nomads, Just wondering out of curiousity who my fellow nomads admire, you may admire this particular person beacuse of his/her views or beacuse you just admire the person due to their writting style.....whatever. I myself have a cyber "crush" but don't want to name her/him i also have a cyber "enemy" but this is not about hatred but quite the oppisite. come on people don't be shy (like me) just name your admirer Secret admirers????I think I have one...Minin sheegaaaaaaaaa? Haa dee. BTW welcome back we have been missing your threads in the women section
  13. Originally posted by ThePoint: Toddlers should be given sex education and youths aged 16 and up should be allowed to appear in pornographic films and prostitute themselves. Sex with animals should be allowed although abuse of animals should remain illegal, the NVD said. Acudibillah, I am feeling physically ill right now... :eek:
  14. How strange I wanted to update this topic, I was really bored and this was way to weird and funny to leave at page 46 on the women section (I think it was around there) but unlike somebody (Legend of Zu) I did not go through each page number just randomly clicked on a page when I first came across this thread.
  15. Lol J.Lee, it's not like that me and him have a love-hate relationship. He loves me I hate him, pretty simple
  16. ^^LOL what a wild imagination. I would probably be socad badne and confess that all my life I have been neglected and I use SOL as a means of getting the attention I have been deprived of. The thread would be entitled I am Mr lonely
  17. Here I was happily thinking your departure was permanent, now that I know it isn’t I am sincerely disappointed
  18. ^^Alxamdullilah indeed. Seriously though, I can't avoid these people on campus. In such a large area they always seem to catch me alone. Not to mention the countless calls I am receiving (due to my naivety I actually gave them my number thinking I was merely giving my details for a petition). I am not a passive person or anything it’s just that every time they approach me they speak of Palestine and Iran and we are in agreement at such matters and so the cycle commences. Biggest mistake in life was mixing up with these people, despite my good intentions
  19. Jamilah


    Originally posted by Animal Farm: I knew this kid, when we were younger, and he used to talk about robbing Somali women at weddings, because they had so much gold on them. Turns out he actually pulled it off one night, many of the women were horrified, and some of them began being escorted to and from weddings. The craziest stick up kid I’ve ever met. LOOOOOL. Talk about the perfect crime.
  20. ^^By praising Allah for his triumph shows he is modest. He is Aboriginal and very vocal about the fact not just in name. Originally posted by illegal some-alien: which is which? who is what? how can i tell? On your left is Mundine and on your right Green. P.S Thanks for the article Northerner.
  21. Man vs Machine Wednesday night’s boxing match between Anthony Mundine and Danny Green was a much anticipated challenge, the rivalry and the war of words brewing away between the two men for years. On the outset Mundine may appear to be the underdog with both his indigenous Australian background and Islamic identity. But his confidence and self-determination dispels such a notion.Critics consider Mundine an immodest man, but when given the opportunity subsequent to his spectacular victory Mundine praised Allah for his blessings and despite his dominance in the ring throughout the match he deemed Green a worthy opponent. The same man who justified the attacks made against Mundine who after winning a previous match in Perth was booed as he exited the building and had objects thrown at him. Green accounted for this violence by asserting that “us folks from the west dislike arroganceâ€. I am so happy that Mundine won he and other Aboriginal Australians apart of the sporting elite are role models to the Aboriginal community who are overrepresented in the jails and criminal activity in general. He is also a role model for young Muslims as he modesty attributed his victory to the grace of ALLAH. I love my brother in Islam and I hope the best for him in future endeavours in this world and the hereafter. By the way Nomads did I mention how happy I am........
  22. Originally posted by Bishitta: But then again would a room full of strangers really be discussing whether couples should take shower together, or how Mahad went sleep on his new bride. L0L. I highly doubt it! Knowing that is a great source of comfort, I could only imagine my reaction at such a conversation. I would probably die of embarrassment. Coroners report: died from mortification . That actually reminds me of a recent incident. I was going to work accompanied by some friends when I saw a Somali lady who recognised me I greeted her politely assuming she was a family friend, mind you this is a couple of weeks after my cousin got married. She asked about my cousin and I informed to everything was going well (alxamdullilah) and then she gave me a mischievous grin and whispered "Habayar, Ma aqal gashay". I was horrified and mortified :eek: and I blinked blankly at the woman who was looking at me expectantly I just murmured I didn’t know (despite my instinct to slap her).
  23. Originally posted by THE EMPEROR: what happend to the great ottoman turks.... Greed and corruption.
  24. Isn’t it just bizarre? :confused: I too have noticed this strange tendency. I used to refer to it as multiple personality but I think Schizophrenia pinpoints it. The most docile and respectful individuals you know are the worst in the cyber scene. I don’t think its healthy and their excuses well…just like any other condition there is a process of denial. And why is it seen so acceptable within our online Somali community? We don't know the majority of these people so there isn't much that we can do. P.S Welcome to SOL brother/sister.