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    Originally posted by ScarFace: quote:Originally posted by Bishitta: She keeps a bat in hers. A bat what would she do with a bat...swing thats hilarious i never knew you gurls have weapons your cars....Bishita got razor blade.....must be due 2 to many farahs chasing you's lot ... ..... I keep my AK-47 close by..... :cool: :cool: <-------SERIOUSLY HEARD OF SOMALI DUDE WHO HAD AK-47 IN BMW....crazy Scarface, I dont blame the brother. If I had a BMW I too would carry an AK-47
  2. Originally posted by ibtisam: Obviously there is an issue that needs to be resolved as this topic keeps popping up. I’ll write my response after my exams. Till then you can carry on with your sweet nothing expressions and over used and abused comments. cheers You overestimate your value in this discussion to actually think we will be waiting in anticipation for your “contribution†(I hope you can pick up on the sarcasm). I have far too much dignity and intelligence to further participate in this fruitless dialogue, so I will quit while I am ahead. I have been stooped to the level that I actually justified having posted up the Somali flag :eek:
  3. ^^Yeah, but thats if you have pay TV. I think a visit to Australia will eradicate your perception of the country as a technologically deprived backward nation. I recall I once gave you an invitation to come to which you responded: Originally posted by ThePoint: quote:Originally posted by Jamilah: Don’t envy me just move to Australia there is plenty of room I would but I am afraid that I will be attacked by racist hooligans on the beach - I'd rather remain in cold but safe Canada!
  4. Okay folks any recent additions?
  5. Originally posted by Rayaana: Who cares what you think,,,Jamilah your so called "shiekh" is truelly funky lol You posting that flag and showing your hate for S/land doesnt show your participation in this discussion and you typically wanted to change subjects and matters for something trivial in many people's eyes nor does it affect the state of sland or its people. Typically like th poster who has no grounds of discussion and i dont get what she was trying to prove other than hate. Spreading hate is just waisted energy and thought i reckon. Hate? I have more Iman and knowledge to hate a group of people let alone an entire region. But based on your logic everybody on this site who has a somaliland flag hates Somalia. I am really perplexed by the hypocrisy. Since when is the Somali flag a symbol of hatred. I posted the flag because despite everything I am optimistic towards the future of my country. Once again, is that a crime? Ibtisam, When I meant authority I was not refering to any of the things you listed. But I will give you a clue since you were evidently unable to put two and two toghether. Who is the Almighty and sees all that is concealed and revealed and knows what the future has in store for us all? (I hope that helped). It’s rather amusing how your strong sense of justice is restricted to a group. You are more so a hindrance than a help to the views you are trying to express. If you have issues with Khalaf’s statement in future address him directly and not bring an entire nation into your argument. That way you would save yourself alot of drama. Peace and posperity
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    May 18th

    Originally posted by Brown: i dont see you ever changing from this artificial and bluffer face that you always present. Since when does your perception of our country’s future mean anything to the rest of us? Answer: never. You guys can parade and celebrate your may 18th until you turn the unattractive colors of orange and green, but don’t belittle the rest of Somalia and make judgments. One would think that if your so satisfied with the achievements of your (I am not sure what to call it) state/country that you wouldn’t have this need to disparage Somalia. Farah Blue and SB, I whole heartedly agree
  7. ^^The funky sheikh is not taking sides he is a patriotic Somali through and through, just like me I hope that is not a crime. : Ibtisam, what authority do you have to say that unity in Somalia is something that is never going to happen. As you alluded to in your posting you are not very knowledgeable in these matters. If you can make such offensive comments I think Khalaf has every right to smile at what ever comment he wants to. Peace and posperity
  8. ^^Dont forget to mention the amount of money they are going to make as a result of this whole fiasco...they dont ever have to look at another mine again. Originally posted by rokko: they're supposed to have been trapped down there for two weeks (5 days without food & water), and look at them....something indeed fishy innit Jamilah.... Fishy indeed rokko, and isn't is funny how their much doubted rescue coincided with the release of the federal bugdet. Another thing to ponder on. On the other hand, there maybe no connection at all and its just me and one of my conspiracy theories.
  9. Originally posted by Bishitta: Beware of the SOL chihuahuas Abbaayo-yaal. Okay abaayo. I have enough cyber stalkers as it is.
  10. Freedom at last. Personally thought they died a long time ago, and the media were playing some sort of sick joke. Anyway, I am happy for them.
  11. SB, flirting?As if you are worth my affection. I am just going to assume you were yet to take your medication when you wrote that.
  12. ^^ Are you waiting for an apology?..if so you will be waiting for a lifetime
  13. Yeah brother, it’s really sad. And there is absolutely no justification to discriminating against any type of group. I guess all we can do is make dua for our community with its many imperfections.
  14. ^^ I assure you sis, you are not the only one. I too find his stup!d!ty amusing.
  15. Originally posted by xiinfaniin: Jamila , I think you’re right. But there’s more than one side to each divorce case, you would agree, and when it happens in the West I tend to be a bit less emotional about it, Jamiilay . I just hate this divorce thing especially when children are involved. More often than not it could be prevented and averted, I believe. And yes there are a considerable number of respectable men who have been wronged. Markaad guursato (if you didn't yet ) adiga iyo wadaadkuba Quraan isa saara oo ducaysta in Ilaahay isku kiin waariyo. That’s true brother we cannot assume that a particular gender is to blame, as in each case the circumstances vary, I didn’t mean to downplay the situations when a decent man is wronged. No I am not married I am still underage. Although Islamically speaking that's no excuse. Inshallah when the time comes for me to get hitched I will make dua with my husband to be as you suggested. Make sure you do the same with your bride to be , unless of course you are already married.
  16. Originally posted by Socod_badne: quote:Originally posted by Faarax-Brown: ...i find out its socod badne,the great scoffer of S O L...Kasoco oo kabood I'm crestfallen, me a scoffer? WTF! Really, I'm lost for words. That is just unacceptable, take back that slanderous label or I'm gonna net-sue you! Don't you know I'm born again muslim now? Faarax blue, you said it brother. SB, you are finally accepting the truth. I hope thats the case and not one of your multiple personalities talking.
  17. Originally posted by Socod_badne: quote:Originally posted by Faarax-Brown: ...i find out its socod badne,the great scoffer of S O L...Kasoco oo kabood I'm crestfallen, me a scoffer? WTF! Really, I'm lost for words. That is just unacceptable, take back that slanderous label or I'm gonna net-sue you! Don't you know I'm born again muslim now? Faarax blue, you said it brother. SB, you are finally accepting the truth. I hope thats the case and not one of your multiple personalities talking.
  18. Originally posted by xiinfaniin: ^^Kulmiyow, Dhibban is not alone. There's aslo the Dulmane; a man who left no rock unturned to fulfil his responsibilities but a combination of a hostile system and a brainwashed wife let him down. His life no longer means much to him. But brother, how prevalent is this case scenario? The answer: not very.
  19. Originally posted by Socod_badne: Jamilah, I don't have identity crisis, although definately multiple personalities! Would you like to meet one of 'em? Waryaa, you have both. And no I do not want to know more about you and your twisted personalities.
  20. ^^^ This is for you, inspired by a particular line in your ealier posting. To the patient one who prays his five No matter what hope will remain to keep him alive So whenever you feel like all is gone Look up to the skies and make yourself realize That the world just aint worth your stress And all the politics bombarded on the press Is of mans illusionary eternity, set up to diverge you From what god willing will be your blissful destiny
  21. ^^ Interesting name. Thanks bro/sis for your wise words, I need it right now.
  22. Originally posted by AbuJamal: But Al-Jazeera’s growing popularity also brought it greater scrutiny. US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld accused the Qatar-based network of encouraging militants by airing hostage executions. And Fox News Channel’s Bill O’Reilly branded it a “propaganda network...bent on encouraging violence and sympathetic to terrorists.†Fox News passing judgement on another news organisation, how ironic. Anybody who has ever bothered to watch that rubbish would not just how laughable that comment is coming from fox news, talk about hypocrisy
  23. ^^ Mr I am suffering from an identity crisis, I think all your imaginary wives are getting "uppity" and are begging you to dismiss them as "expendable". That sure is a better deal especially when the alternative is being with you.
  24. Originally posted by STOIC: Half way through our paddling my friend's girlfriend kayak flipped over. I was ahead of her. I made through safely. She is screaming and hollering my name. I, being the biggest Igalshidhat, never looked back to save the poor girl and her kayak. I was moving like an errant calve trying to figure it out how to get up there. I knew I was scared to death. I lean on a big rock watching her being helped from a distance. Some blue eyes saved her by swimming down the stream. I was embarrassed and helpless. I was afraid of going upstream. Lets just say she got few bruises, which I will be blamed, for the rest of my life. I felt like a senseless git! LOOOOOOL. Senseless git? What an understatement, thats just plain cruel. Now, I am wondering where did I get this image of STOIC being a gentlemen..must have been an illusion.
  25. Originally posted by tHe oNe aNd OnLy: 56. i am gussing mobile/cell phones!!! Oh ok, that makes sense.