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  1. They dare do that and i will massacre them, there will not be one jew alive.
  2. What really ticks me off and blows the living daylights out of me is my Cyprus Turkish friend the other day when we were at school she asked me why i was fasting since Ramadan was over? I told her i had to payback the days i didn't fast i heard her mutter "****in hell" under her breath i asked her what her problem was and why the non-muslims in the class seem to respect me more than her? by then we had the whole classes attention and she at once stopped the conversation. I also hate the fact that my Muslim friends are wishing me to have great Cid and give me Christmas cards which i eventually dispose.
  3. Lovely me, Personally i believe that Peace in Somalia will never happen, as much as i want it to, there is no point in hoping for the impossible.
  4. Smart dog, Your are ever so right Jews are taking over the world in it is time for us to stand up for ourselves. Muslims around the world seem to be well informed about Zionism for a very long time but i have never heard of one person who is ready to stand up to them, there are those individuals who say they appose what they are doing in Israel but this case is far beyond words jews are nothing but blood thirsty cold hearted inhuman selfish.......MONSTERS.
  5. Libaax, You're not the only one who is glad Turkey was rejected i am over the moon. "Their excuse was Turkey didn't meet the "political and economic criterea" needed. I am glad that Turkey is rejected because I have no respect for a nation that runs away from its values to be somebody else". Nicely said brother.
  6. What a shame they have rejected him, he shouldn't of apolygized i can't believe he really thought those unforgiving Kuwati's will actually forgive him well i guess that one small step to man and one giant leap to mankind.
  7. Jeenyo, you're 100% right the European Union is a circle of christians which couldn't care less about muslim countries such as Turkey, i feel so sorry for them they would sacrifice their religon just to join the e.u sometimes i wonder in such cases like this how desperate is desperate?
  8. Somali leaders wouldn't know jack about politics if it slapped them across the face.
  9. Man i love that guy the only person who seems to put Tony Blair to his place if only Yasser Arafat was more like that towards his political rivalries.
  10. It's a shame that Turkey are so desperate to join the European union the have done alot of things to impress the E.U like letting men and women to pray next each other, let women attend funerals and don't allow women to got to university with their hijabs.
  11. Asalamu Alaykum, I don't really care if PM is scientifically proven or treatable it's just a pathetic excuse for women to take their anger out on people beacuse they are living their miserable lives and they are going through pain and want others to experience it............TALK ABOUT SELFISH.
  12. You look at me and call me oppressed, ~~ Simply because of the way I'm dressed, ~~ You know me not for what's inside, ~~ You judge the clothing I wear with pride, ~~ My body's not for your eyes to hold, ~~ You must speak to my mind, not my feminine mold, ~~ I'm an individual, I'm no mans slave, ~~ It's Allahs pleasure that I only crave, ~~ I have a voice so I will be heard, ~~ For in my heart I carry His word, ~~ " O ye women, wrap close your cloak, ~~ So you won't be bothered by ignorant folk", ~~ Man doesn't tell me to dress this way, ~~ It's a Law from God that I obey, ~~ Oppressed is something I'm truly NOT, ~~ For liberation is what I've got, ~~ It was given to me many years ago, ~~ With the right to prosper, the right to grow, ~~ I can climb moutains or cross the seas, ~~ Expand my mind in all degrees, ~~ For God Himself gave us LIB-ER-TY, ~~ When He sent Islam, ~~ To You and Me! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BY ezdehar Albowyha I hope you will all enjoy this as much as i did.
  13. jazakallah khayr brother, indeed very much appreciated
  14. Somali-man, stop getting your feelings mixed up with fact, fact is jews are nothing but money hungry, blood thirsy, inhuman, heartless creatures.... "These people have suffered enough in their history" Well obviuosly not enough suffering to teach them a good lesson....... If you think they had alot of suffering what do you think about the muslims around the world today? You are seriously heartless, don't you know what these people do? they are the most selfish people in the world they will do anything in their capability to see the suffering of a muslim and anything to enable them to get stronger and wealthier..... "If the Jewish people practise clever methods to get money and power" These so called "clever methods" are methods to destroy as much as muslims possible the things they are doing in Palestine are the most horrific things.... Anywayz.. What did happen to those 2,000 jews on September 11th will always be a mystery but my theory alot like Naziha's believe that before September 11th the Israeli intelligence somehow found out that what was planned to happen and ensured that there is no Israeli to be in those towers and any Israeli planning to depart by airoplane cancel their flight.
  15. Somali Man, Stop getting your emotions and opinions mixed with fact just cause you beliven something doesn't make it so..
  16. S/Calyku, Thanks for sharing with us the great news (ALHAMDULILAH) when i found out i was so happy and the turkish people looked happy about it too when i had it saw on the news, But i don't think the European Union will be too pleased about this and we all know all this time Turkey has been trying to impress the European Union so they can be apart of the European Union. Peace brother
  17. Weather this is true or not i cannot say but my fellow brothers and sisters try and avoid criticizing a dead man for something we cannot say is true or false.... Ameenah, "What's the big deal?" I'll tell you the big deal Israel has always been enemies with muslims and the last i checked the population of somali people were muslims so i guess that means us! The case is no longer about weather the letter is authentic or not but what effects it will have on somali people what do you have to say about that? do you care if your country becomes an allie with the very people who want to kill you although personally i believe Israel do not give a crap about Somalia and they will never become allies. Samigyrl, "What have jews did to somali's" its not a matter of what they have done to somali's themselves but what they done to muslims and only Allah (SWT) knows what they are planning to do, so get your facts right. By the way Sami the thing about Somali's with jewish descent it is true it was a long time ago when Jewish people were facing troubles around the world how long ago i don't know anyways they took refuge in Somalia and converted to Islam and they have lived there from generation to generation they are disliked in Somalia despite them being Muslim so once again get ur facts right before saying things are insane when they are indeed true. anywayz.......back 2 the letter What is wrong with Somali politicans and No i am not talking about Igal but others like Mr Hussein Caydeed they becoming more and more defenceless and asking for reconigtion and cooperation from countries such as Israel and America, Who want nothing to do with us.
  18. Jamilah


    Although some may believe human cloning is a replanting of a seed i would think of it as another mad scientist experiment.... Seriously sometimes i wonder is messing around with natutre apart of a scientist job?, instead of trying to slove the very problems they have caused they would rather create more controversy... If that baby does not turn at to be "A healthy cloned baby" as they claimed which i personally very much doubt... What are they going do with it have it in a lab for the rest of his/her life?... We all know what happend to poor dolly the cloned sheep have arthritis in a early age now in some labatory getting tested for more possible diseases... So hopefully you guys understand why i appose this "experiment" its for the best this cloning thing can only cause trouble and has been so from the first day discovered. S/Calykum
  19. W/Salaam wlc aboard sista, i'm new comer myself good to see my fellow kiwis particpating in islamic forums for a change,so sista Ramadan Kariim. mac-salaama
  20. Viewing these pictures we can only sympathesize for our fellow muslim brothers and our sisters and wait for the day that Allah brings them out of their sufferings along with other muslims around the world who are facing the same tourment.