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    Call it what you will, boredom, old age but I have found myself here after many years and boy is it strange. The site looks totally different and there are lots of newbies who are probably veterans now. I can't believe its been over 12 years! I shouldn't have really said that...it'll give away my age. Are any of the oldies around? Well salaam everyone new and old and inshallah, I'll be visiting more regularly.
  2. And the award for the dumbest post year after year goes to "SOL 2007 Awards Winners" Seriously what were these awards based on?
  3. Originally posted by Viking: quote:Originally posted by NGONGE: Bees on the other hand, have perfected the foreplay sport; they come to the game already dripping with honey and wax, would you say that qualifies as a candle lit dinner? HAHAHAHA NGONGE...that's a sting! What if the honey-trap is nothing but a parasite? Loool Viking that article had me thinking, trust males to go off poking at anything that remotely resembles a female...serves them right if you ask me. Originally posted by Femme: It's too personal of a Q even though this IS an anonymous forum. Femme in all honesty this forum isn't as anonymous as we all hoped it would be. I feel uncomfortable replying back to the poor dear in fear of hanging my own dirty laundry in public. Having said that there's nothing I could tell browny anyways since I'm not knowledgeable in that field.
  4. This topic is more of a question set out for the guys browsing this section but girls feel free to add your two cents. I’ve always wondered about this and I’m sure I’m not alone when it comes to this. Would you ever rule out approaching a girl simply because you thought she was out of your league? Obviously everyone is different some braver than others, but if you saw a stunning looking girl is it easier to talk to girl you’re not so attracted to than it is to talk to her? I guess this is more than one question…but what are your opinions?
  5. Will they ever cease to amaze me? I don't think so some how. ----------------------------------- A Young Man in Hargeisa Marries Two Women in the Same Night Friday, November 17, 2006 Hargeysa, Somaliland - According to Haatuf Newspaper, a young man has married two women in the same night in Xero-Awr, Hargeysa. Even though polygamy is not uncommon in the Somali culture, marrying two women in the same night is only the second time it has been heard of in Somalia. This wedding surprised many Somalis and would even be a stranger in present day western societies. The groom, Ismail Osman Abdillahi and the prides Gaasira Muhumed Husein and Shukri Osman Ahmed reportedly had a lavish wedding attended by a large crowd who were surprised by this rare wedding. “It is a destiny that I bring my two wives home in the same night”, said the groom Ismail Osman Abdilllahi in response to a question about how he managed to marry two women in the same night. On the other hand, the two prides reportedly said that they are happy to have a shared wedding with their husband. This is the second time similar event took place in Somalia and is very unique to the Somali Culture. The other wedding happened in the village of GARABIS south-west of Hargeysa. There are many groups in Somalia, particularly women’s groups who oppose to these kinds of weddings. Source: Haatuf News, Translated by Mohamed Amin of HOL. Source --------------------------------------- My response to the article- posted by butterfly: I know it's halaal for a Muslim man to marry four women. However like we've spoken about over and over this comes with conditions which I believe no man could possibly ever full fill, not in this day and age. As these conditions include spending an equal amount of time with both wives, adequately providing for these women’s needs and equally loving these women. Our prophet (SAW) split up his week between his wives... do you honestly think there is a man in this world that can compare himself to our prophet? What’s more insulting is that these two men have married two women simultaneously, so how could anyone then argue that the action of these men are some how halaal? Correct me if I’m wrong here but isn’t it that upon marriage you are expected to spend a full week with your spouse, so now is that possible with two wives? I'm sure having a threesome is completely haraam! I find it odd that over and over again that it is our most religious of men who are the first to abuse our religion in the name of religion, particularly when it comes to their desires. Let’s face it we come from a culture that excuses the bad behaviour men with the idea that men are men and should therefore be excused for that reason alone. When will we women who are in all honesty the backbone of our society realise that we are not at the mercy of men but at the mercy of Allah. As mother and sisters we are the ones that instil this attitude into our culture and it is us who can change it.
  6. I thought we were just listing words damn it... Anyways here's my one contribution, Gaari = car also Indian.
  7. Originally posted by Abaadir: You said this in earlier thread: quote: Originally posted by Fartun. but yeah for me it would be 3 years max. coz my husband is 2 years older than me which most of you would say oh yeah whatever, he is 23 and i am 21, dont' ask me how we end up together and married, but is just an example. And Now you are saying this: but dose of you who want to know about my husbands age he is 27years old i know he is old, but yeah i got married when i turned 19 and he was 25 How is this possible? Originally posted by fartun: hey pple i just wnat ask yo guys can somali girl marry black american, what i mean was that i am in love with black guy and we have been together in about 3years and half, and i know that that my parent won't let get long with him, because of our culture. he is the only guy i have ever met with, not only love and every thing else, he even help me my home work, and he boughte me a car, so every time he asked me if i can get marry him so what can i do with him should i say yes or say no and follow my parents, plezzz what can i do. i am not a little girl i am in university of california. mmy age is 19. so plezzz answer my questions. thanx pple. I think you all need to forget about the best age to conceive and start wondering why Fartun is a compulsive lair or maybe only Abaadir and I are bothered about all this.
  8. Originally posted by Mr.Red Sea: we should have no sections for perverts like Con. or how bout new sections for nonsense talkers... ^^^ I guess you'll be posting in the nonsense section a lot.
  9. Oh god, Maybe I’m over reacting here but this whole thing sickens me to the core (believe me I’m surprised at myself too). But honestly speaking why on god’s green earth are you celebrating Somali fathers, as no one has mentioned that bit yet. Could this be because there isn’t much to commemorate them on? Unless of course you count fruitless wars, tribalism and indecent moral standings as something to celebrate. Oh no wait or could it be that the few Somali fathers who actually are fathers in the real sense are now priding themselves in doing something they’re expected to do regardless as a father? This suddenly sounds like the Chris Rock comedy sketch. “Niggers always want credit for things they’re supposed to do like…” “I take care of my kids!” “Nigger you’re supposed to take care of your kids!” Maybe a few of you were blessed with good fathers but in reality that isn’t the picture on the massive scale of things and we all know it. So could someone please tell me why exactly is it that you’ve over looked what our mothers have done and are still doing for us all? Because unlike the majority of Somali fathers out there our mothers for fill both they’re role and the fathers role in many cases regardless of what country they’re in. Man bashing or not call it what you please...But our mothers need celebrating too.
  10. ...my last relationship? I think this is a lesson worth learning. Don’t badger someone into marriage or commitment, especially after knowing them a short while. Oh and Underdog, gold digger or not...isn't a woman's company enough, why would you need to twin it with prostitution
  11. Originally posted by Janna: quote:Originally posted by ibtisam: quote: I am a mature young lady who respects and loves her culture. My culture teaches me the proper way a lady should conduct herself which includes not talking about the sexual relation of a woman. For starters discussing whether a woman is sexually aroused or not after circumcision is not a norm within our tradition. I am not hereby a supporter on the destruction of the female private area however what is done cannot be undone, so perhaps some Somaliaonline members need to build a bridge and get over it. If the sensation is an important factor then learn from the previous generation and do not circumcise your daughter/s. Some people need to remember how ignorant the previous generation were. Surprisingly today, some parents will admit to the wrongdoing to their girls. I wonder what the next topic of discussion is; Why are human males born with a foreskin? I sure will be reading it if such a topic were to be posted. Laughing at the idiocy present and reading the comments from the shameless westernised Somali girls . you are kidding right? tell me you are kidding! :confused: I hope you are for your own sake, i will till i know for sure you are not kidding before i go off on a rant! I kid you not. Go on a rant? Fall off a cliff for all I care. I'm wondering whether or not I should reply to that. I think I should remind you instead that this is a public forum in which the members talk about issues close to their heart and discuss these issues with other members within the guidelines set by the admin. Since your comments are going against this very concept I would probably think it wise to ask you to not read and not reply to this topic and others like it. In another words. As Mother always said..."If you have nothing good to say..." (fill in the rest yourself). I haven't gone to the trouble of reading your pervious posts but I think I got the general idea. In future sister don't point fingers and call names OH and have a nice day, I'm off to get my "westernised" self off to bed.
  12. Janna why are you embarrassed or ashamed about it? You sound like a Somali elder with all this talk of xishood. I know why don’t we all just blind ourselves from the truth and pretend it doesn’t happen. That’ll stop people from doing it…hang on or maybe you think its ok to mutilate young girls in the name of culture and tradition.
  13. What to wear huh? I'm getting depressed with all this talk of graduations...since mine was a few weeks back and the only thing I realised was that no one loves me. *starts sobbing* Sorry for going off on one,anyways... getting back to the topic wearing a dress sounds lovely, some of the girls looked amazing wearing a knee length dress with nice stilettos. I didn’t really make an effort I just wore some black trousers and a black top, I’m not really the daring type. To be honest no one notices what you wear with your gown on.
  14. Should I even justify that with an answer peplow? Beeteljuice I understand what you mean luv, and of course my parents shielded everything from me too. But it's inevitable someone will fill you in at some point in life. However, I think we've all past that point in life with the exception of peplow (I'm not so sure about him). Anyways the point is we're all old enough to talk about important issues without it being "ceeb". That’s why it’s called a taboo and we shouldn’t shy away from talking about it just for that reason.
  15. what annoys me? erm...almost everything to do with youths. I think I've officially become an old biddy. I really hate when people hang around and walk around in groups; I find it so intimidating, because people tend to be a lot more confident and louder in groups. I'm sure if it was one yob on the train they wouldn't have dared to even look at you in the eye much less play music on their phone. But having said that occasionally you get one of those silly little boys trying to impress girls by playing music on their phones and waddling around like a constipated penguin with their jeans around their ankles trying to look “bad” (Is that term still in?) I think the day I gave up was when I saw some Asian boy with ipod speakers draped around his neck, playing (window shopper- 50cent) while waddling to the bus stop. I couldn’t help but laugh at the shear ********* of it all, especially with the lines “ mad as fcuk when I ride by…. When we got the tops down, you can hear the system thump.. When we rollin' rollin' rollin'” playing, I’m thinking shouldn’t you be in a flash car then and not at the bus stop?