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  1. Originally posted by Viking: And the Turkish govt allows the American and Israeli air force to use its airspace. Ironic eh? Very much so.
  2. ^^ Sorry sis, I wasnt trying to end your topic prematurely. Its just that your earlier post seemed somewhat like a conclusion.
  3. ^^ I completely agree with you Xu the most recent Harry Potter novel was undeniably the best in the series as for the order of the phoenix I recall steadfastly waited in a long queue only to discover it was not worth the wait. Too many books to decide which are my favourite...I will continue thinking about it
  4. Jazakallah khyr brother, 56.A man will leave his home and his thigh or hip will tell him what is happening back at his home (Ahmad) I dont quite understand this one, what does it mean?
  5. Yo, diggy bro, you think that’s bad? I just came home and made daddy mad right now I would prefer crashing cars for leisure cuz compared to daddy’s anger that is a pleasure but there’s no need to fret cuz being daddy’s pet gives me privileges so I bet by now all is good even though I am on the net when he didn’t let
  6. Jazakallah khayr brothers Nur and Red Sea, I have not read that surah for a long time and Inshallah thats the first thing I will do when I get home.
  7. Originally posted by xiinfaniin: ^^And that cyber scene gives this lovely discussion a particularly lovely end . I think the same applies here; I have officially taken over Xins job as the narrator in the threads of Somaliaonline.
  8. Now to the creator of the thread, facklexm since this is a cyber community and thus we are unable to judge a whether or not a person is "sexy", I will make a suggestion. Why don’t we turn this thread into a match making one? Everybody should nominate a couple who they think are most compatible i.e. a king and queen. Khalaf I would start with you but I think that would be way too obvious. So I will instead suggest Red Sea and Nameless, I see the sparks flying, love is in the air.
  9. Jazakallah khayr brother/sister for the reminder, by the way I love the name.
  10. ^^Yeah we are familiar with the song Khalaf aka Abdulnoor but I cant believe this is the same guy who posts Islamic posts :eek: , are you by any chance suffering form multiple personality? Just kidding bro. Though I do think your name should be funky sheikh from now on
  11. Originally posted by WaTerLily: Jawahir, I think JB is one of thsoe ppl who have rejected the Islamic faith and seeks spiritual fulfilment elswhere. [/QB] Subxanallah, is thats the case the poor soul will be in my prayers. Somebody needs to disillusion him, you will never find spiritual fullfillment outside of Islam. P.S Waterlily I agree with you it all starts from the heart (i.e an individuals intentions) and Inshallah will then subsequently spread to their actions. My name is JAMILAH and not Jawahir.
  12. Originally posted by Socod_badne: quote:Originally posted by Jamilah: The sharica law is meant to govern our lives (as Muslims) and thus it is should not be a questionable matter whether or not it should be applied, let alone whether or not we are prepared for it. Everything we humans do is open to scrutiny. To assert otherwise is pure malarky. How can you seriously posit a law system enforced and interpreted by humans is not open to questioning? With regard to the current readiness of somalis for Sharia, I'd have to say no go . From what we have seen of Sharia law in practice -- in Afghanistan, Iran, S. Arabia, Nigeria and other places in the world -- I fully object its imposition on any people. Lets be realistic, the Sharia law would have to be imposed since personal freedoms and rights of many citizens will be curtailed. Based on that mentality SB you will never go far both in this world and the hereafter. I mean that’s equivalent to saying the words from Allah (SWT) in the holy Quran are nothing more than words interpreted by man :eek: You think that implementing the sharia law is a “no go†zone…since you are so wise and knowledgably (I hope you can pick up on the sarcasm) what do you suggest? And by the way your justification for not employing the sharia law in Somalia due to the problems evident in the countries you have identified only demonstrates the error of man and nothing more. If you honestly believe that the sharia law restricts on personal freedoms I suggest you reassess your definition of freedom. Nur, thanks for the clarification. In regrads to the question you were asking for the time being I will stick to reading the exchange of ideas between you and xiinfaniin.
  13. Asalamu Calykum, The sharica law is meant to govern our lives (as Muslims) and thus it is should not be a questionable matter whether or not it should be applied, let alone whether or not we are prepared for it. However, as we have established in prior posts unfortunately there is no Muslim nation which currently has it put into service in its entirety. Although this is slightly worrisome it shouldn’t burden us too much considering as brother Nur put it “Islam today governs the individual, not the communityâ€. So we may not be able to punish the adulterer accordingly we can stop ourselves from committing such a sin. Originally posted by Salafi da'wa: Shari’a law are we ready for it? From my experience,regrettably, Muslims are not prepared for the Islamic shariyah or the establishment of the Khalifa. The general people are so far from understanding the beauty of Islam; its establishment would offend us. Most of us are indoctrinated by secular values; many laws in Islam offend us, the prohibition of music and prohibition of women travelling alone, the subjugation of the people of innovation. We either explain them away so that it fits our whims or we completely reject it. Many have now rejected Hadith because they feel it is contrary to their commonsense or values. If a khalifah were to establish shari’ah in contemporary time the general masses would feel oppressed. salamu alaykum Although brother some misguided folks may feel that way , it should not influence the rest of us who long for the full implementation of the Sharica law. Afterall quality of the individuals and not quantity should be our priority.
  14. Yaa Allah we ask you to join the hearts of the Muslims as you joined the hearts of the Muhajireen and the Ansaar. Ameen yaa Raab. Ameen
  15. Subxanallah...I saw that on the news last night and was utterly distressed at such an appalling practice. Maybe, I should have heeded the reporters advice warning: some viewers may find the following disturbing because I certainly was disturbed.
  16. Jamilah

    Diary Entry

    Originally posted by nameless_chick: You just can't go around hating and not explaining. I love that, it sounds almost poetic
  17. Originally posted by ViBe: i can't believe i missed this topic. what is even more unbelievable is the stances women are taking on this. this is by far the most atrocoius thing ever!! disgusting, its violation of womens right!! tell me what bloody notion will he install with such picture?, that its ugly?, that's bad? what fiflth. Guys, you know what you are the only ones with a sense of decency, WOMEN, never repeat the likeof. and don't you start with the "freedom of speech" bullshit. if somalia does get reformed i hope that such act gets reformed along with it!! but i sure pray that "dictatorship" continues if women's understanding of freedom of speech has become like this today. Somali people are prized for their endurance, their pride, their identity(you don't see much countries that are 99% muslim with the same culture and way of life), this pathetic sole has just diminished everything that our ancestors have worked for, and i should stress this point "died for". What stain has he marked on our reputation. yeah bloody hell FMG is horrible, do we really need to "see" how horrible. Does this creature have no females in his family. daughter.aunty. he has to has a mother most definitely, where the hell will he find inspiration!!........ do we not wear HiJABS, so that we may not be annoyed, now what the hell will run through the minds of a non-muslim when the next hijabified chic replies that she is from somalia..............something along the lines of " i know why she wears this long clothes"......*sends reply with tummy churning* phreharps i am going to PUCK!! I agree with you Vibe 100%, isn’t it just revolting? Honestly its times like these when I do not want to be associated with Somali girls ‘and their peculiar mentality or "reasoning".
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    I'M BACK

    ^^Thanks for that brother . BTW welcome back sister cant really answer all you questions other than the fact these individuals will graduate this year Inshallah...umm cant really remember refer to Jafarel's topic in student talk. IS EVERYONE BEHAVING BAD? Too many people are, but not everyone .
  19. ^Miskiin thanks for the clarifications...maybe a bit too early to say but I feel I have mastered the Somali language by reading this thread. But dont dismiss the class yet keep them coming (even though you are not officially the teacher).
  20. Originally posted by Scarface 41 TO 50 POINTS: Others see you as fresh, lively, charming, amusing, practical, and always interesting; someone who's constantly in the center of attention, but sufficiently well-balanced not to let it go to their head. They also see you as kind, considerate, and understanding, someone who'll always cheer them up and help them out. I too fit in the category of what the majority scored...what can I say charming is my middle name
  21. Vibe, girl you have nothing to worry about afterall you have been blessed with both
  22. This is the most entertaining topic I have ever read...I seriously have no idea how I missed it . Originally posted by makalajabti However, I notice a trend , more and more dark somalian girls are proud of their skin color, they are branded as ugly by people like Lexus, but eventually they are admired for their courage. Women's world is hard sometimes. I know your intentions involves vehemently protesting the nature of the Somali culture to prize light skinned girls but your post does far from achieving that you make dark skin seem like a disability, I mean "courage".
  23. Barry_whyte...Whats up with the name? Why not something which has a closer affiliation to Australia such as Guy Sebastian. As part of the 200 members who recently joined SOL, I think the Australian crowd is the most "colorful" of all the newbies. Libaax, I hope that’s not suggesting us not so recent Australian members are bland :mad:
  24. Is it too late for me enrol to the class?, I think I satisy all the perequistes to join I am female and my Somali is not that impressive.
  25. ^^Wow that was a pretty elaborate storyline you came up with.