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  1. I honestly cannot bring myself to take this topic seriously I dont know whether or not to laugh or cry for these weak minded fools. So much for being a proud strong Somali woman.
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    ^^ MC you actually make me laugh out loud
  3. ^^ I cant really account for the lack of interest by my fellow sex in politics without making sweeping generalisations. The wannabe journalists are men This is understandable as journalism requires alot of moving about and although I would love to travel its seems too unstable as an occupation. I think this sentiment would be shared among many other woman, although its difficult to attribute one factor as the single cause. I for one would like to see what tricks our sisters have behind those guntiino and diracs LOOOL.
  4. I have always had an interest in politics but due to other commitments (namely study) I never pursued this interest, I also believe the diversity of the political spectrum seemed too intimidating to me and I didn’t know where exactly I fitted in. Well, my interest was most recently stirred during the orientation week at my university for first year students. It was the day of glamour “clubs and societies day†various groups attempted to woo us first year students into to joining their respective clubs. The chocolate lovers society ( surprise) was a favorite along with the African drummers group, but when my friends and I approached a stall which had badges labeled FREE PALESTINE and NO Howard we were immediately fascinated. The group called socialist alternative I came to know were most passionate about the persecutions countless Muslims around the world are enduring. I thought at last I found what I was looking for and I am now able to quell my constant guilt that I am not doing enough as an educated young (and at the risk of sounding immodest) intelligent woman. Not only did the views of this group coincided with mine but they were very proactive in the measures they took in being heard (so I naively thought). It seemed out of my friends I was the one most eager and they were politely feigning interest, so I decided to attend their meeting by myself sometime during that week. On the day of the much anticipated meeting I entered the room mentally noting things we far from what I expected. As I have mentioned I never pursued my interest in politics so I don’t know what exactly was the source of my expectations, what I came to see however was an informal gathering of men and women who were mostly in their twenties and needless to say I was rather conspicuous in my modest attire. Despite my instinct to run and never turn back I forced my self to take a seat in the lecture room and waited a good 20 minutes before a man in the front began speaking. Prior to the commencement of his speech rest assured I was entertained by engaging in conversations in which I was bombarded with questions about my views on certain matters; it was all very strange as if they were speaking in a foreign language. I recall being asked whether or not I considered myself a socialist which I responded in the affirmative (I answered without thinking really I reasoned that if I answered no I would be more so the centre of attention). Anyway, the man who started speaking with a distinct kiwi accent wore a T-shirt which had JUSTICE FOR JACK THOMAS printed across it (for you guys who are unfamiliar with him, he is one of the first Australians to be charged under the Howard government’s new anti-terror legislation). By this stage I was impressed and was keenly waiting for him to begin his speech. To my utter shock he started to talk about abortion and how it is a woman’s right and freedom of choice. I was shaken up and at this point was inwardly screaming what have I gotten myself into? If that was not bad enough he continued to talk about the freedom of sexual expression (I had to hold myself from crying out in distress) for people attracted to the same sex. It was then and there that my hopes of finally fitting into the broad political field were cruelly shattered. Much to my utter discomfort they were quite elaborate in the things they said (thus only prolonging my presence). At the end of it all a woman accompanied by two men came to introduce them to me both men offered to shake my hand in which I quickly explained why I could not do so, I was then invited to attend another meeting with them over a couple of drinks. I politely declined this preposterous invitation and looked for the closest exit door. Now my fellow nomads I know what you are all thinking so much for my “interest†I rarely write on this side of the site, that’s true enough. But what I hoped was to pose a question. I wanted to know whether you guys identify with a particular political party, ideology and organization or do you believe that different parts have its own merits. If it is the latter or the former, what is the justification of your choice?
  5. What an interesting proposal Zarqa, the kind of idea only you would come up with . I am not sure about meeting up though , that would undoubtedly ruin the fun. I think the whole anonymous aspect of it makes it interesting (after all some of us may be unwittingly acquainted, as unlikely as it may seem).
  6. ^^ Is that yet an another Aussie, impressive Welcome Didi, hope you enjoy your time here
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    ^^Nameless, Why don't you use this opportunity to introduce yourself as a new member. Join the club sister
  8. ^^Lol , its funny how you say that I always thought you two were meant for each other.
  9. makalajabti, Don't be igorant and blind Rest assured we will never threaten your occupation
  10. Abraar, You support the message conveyed by the proverb and recognize the significance of foresight: As for the maah maah, right on, it's only expected of an intelligent Muslim to have a good foresight. yet you maintain that: However, what I'm asserting is that this should be done only when it becomes an absolute necessity, and that's not our case yet alhamdulilah. Just to make a clarification the word foresight means Perception of the significance and nature of events before they have occurred. So the word 'yet' is not required in your statement if indeed you recognise the importance of insightfulness. If not, wouldn't the context of the article (which was afterall the point of this topic) give you an indication of the changing state of affairs. And thus disabuse you of the notion things are good and only getting better :confused: Sis, if all you were able to deduce from my entire post is such a sweeping and nonsensical judgement, then you really have not understood where I was coming from at all...in fact, I don't even think you gave the slightest earnest attempt! This sentence is written to give the acknowledgement and credit you desire. Although in all honestly you have raised good points particular in your earlier post. May He Who knows best guide us all to the right path. Ameen Ameen, Ameen Allahyo Salam
  11. and I am not a saint Makalajabti, Thanks to you are not so discreet posts we are all abundantly aware of that :rolleyes:
  12. AbdulNoor, PS: At the University of Illinois At Urbana-Champaign, the MSA is hosting a topic similar to this-about applying the shariah in contemporary times. Its March 31-April 2nd. For more info: MSA please do join us, if u are in that area JZK. Thanks brother for the invitaion. If I manage to find a muxram to accompany me to America for this seminar you mentioned along with the permission of my parents of course, I might just make an appearance.
  13. Abraar, I really pondered on the message you were trying to convey and to an extent understood where you were coming from, but ultimately I must dismiss what you said as a case of preferring to maintain an illusion of luxury. Jamila sis, I hope you're not under the impression that there's a nation in this world that enforces Islamic Sharia in its entirety. Of course, there are very few (maybe one) that comes close, but not completely. Not to mention, the fact that some so called Muslim nations actually oppose the Islamic sharia whilst corruption, oppression and injustice is ever more pervasive in these very lands. What is this, the all or none law? If all the sharica is not impeccably implemented than the west it is !. Seems like a naive notion to me. blaming every single shortcoming of theirs on the west by trying to justify their inability to uphold Islamic values/morals and living the required Islamic life I came to a non-muslim country at the age of four and do not blame my circumstances on anybody, I am (Alxamdulillah) extremely grateful of all the opportunities I have been exposed to. But, sadly that does not change anything. Although I acknowlege I am completly accountable for my actions, this is not the kind of environment where I would like to start a family (when the time comes; Inshallah). Allah does not burden a soul more than it can bear, therefore, those who find it overwhelmingly painful to live in these lands are more than free to pack their bags, but it should be out of their own will and they shouldn't be convinced that it's an obligation on their part. I do not plan to refute what you re saying here, it all seems logical. But once again, you oversimplify the reality. I think of my daily routinue and by all means do not feel burdened by it. But as a Somali proverb goes Qofaan waxa soosocday garan waxa jooga ma garto. So i guess anticipating the future is what makes me slightly uneasy. Northerner, Somalis are in a different position to most muslims as we do not have an ISlamic country to go to. Seems a little too convenient to me. Poor Somali people have no where to go, what must do they do?
  14. Sister Honesita, Unfortunately sister your suggestion is inapplicable and you cannot have it both ways. Like Costello himself rightly said the sharica law and western law (such as that of Australia) are incompatible. So the reality remains the only means of ensuring that we as Muslims can maintain our Islamic values is the full implementation of our beloved law sent from the Almighty is to practice in an Islamic nation. For some this reality is daunting as they are reluctant to relinquish their illusion of luxury.
  15. ^^ Surely Allah alone deserves our gratitude for the things he has blessed us with.
  16. ^^What? So they have a roll, I just started university and I cannot imagine anyone checking up on the hundreds of students who are in my lectures.
  17. What is going on? I sincerely doubt that I am the only one sensitive to the gender warfare currently brewing away on our little cyber community. I do not intend to pass judgment but will take the task upon myself of endeavoring to alleviate the damage done. I think more often than not a problem is simpler than it appears to be and as humans we love to complicate matters. So, naturally a simple problem requires a simple solution. You must excuse me with some of the generalizations I am bound to make, for instance the observation that most of the time the girls are on the defensive on matters in which Islam has a strong stance. I mean what was the deal with the virginity topic. It simply is not a debatable issue. If you are a Muslim you must accept the fact that Islam forbids sexual relationships prior to marriage. I can almost hear the cynical murmurs which vehemently protest that none of us are perfect and as biniadam (mankind) we are inevitably going to detract from the straight and narrow path. That’s true enough, even though that is a pretty BIG mistake what bothers me is the fact that some of the girls actually defended their actions. What are you getting at? You impatiently ask, the thing that is concerning is when the girls justified their action s it was on the basis that the men do not guide their chastity and therefore why should they? This argument is so illogical that I cannot think of analogy that will magnify the idiocy of it. You yearn for equality among the sexes yet you are willing to throw away your morals simply because a man has. I hope the girls do not feel I am attacking them but when I last viewed that topic it was mainly the girls who were dismissing the message of the topic. For the men…. I can understand how their arrogance and high handed manner can infuriate the women. Especially when (which is sadly the majority of the time) what they are saying has no Islamic basis. Let’s take as an example that court case in America with that Somali man who supposedly is the Shakespeare of Somalia. I recall many of the guys downplayed the seriousness of the crime when that topic was posted here many defending him and going to the extent that the woman’s mental state was questioned when a particular individual (male) asked what was the point of degrading yourself by going public. I can understand the outrage of such a naïve question considering I myself was incensed by it. It really makes you wonder. I mean the author of that misguided post has a mother (obviously) and a wife. I mean do each gender say things just to get to other, or is what they say really coming from the heart. Because it is the former well that is easily fixed. However, if it is the latter a more deep understanding of our religion ISLAM is in need. So brothers and sisters try to get along and not start dissent for the mere sack of it.
  18. Good riddens indeed, I hope the senseless killings of my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam are avenged in the hereafter.
  19. I must say I think it is e-Nuri's best invention yet.
  20. Mashallah, good for them. I went to Perth last summer holidays to visit relatives and was annoyed by the glares of the townsfolk. I always considered Perth one of the most intolerant societies in Australia especially with the crowd who booed Anthony Mundine off stage despite his win in the ring and the crowd who verbally abused the South African cricket players with racist comments. I hope this indicates a change in attitude for the people residing in Perth.
  21. Jazakallah Khayr sister. That was a disillusioning reminder of the importance of every second.
  22. When I here the term ‘modern Muslims’ I literally get nauseous. Muslims need to be reformed not Islam. Of course weaker minds think invention in religion is clearly justified to deal with current 'difficulties'. Nobody said it was going to be easy. It is absolutely true that the mentality of some Muslims need to change as it is often corrupted by evil influences such as living in societies where one submits to their lusts is considered a LIBERATION!!. :eek: The thing is Allah blessed us with a perfect religion in which the Quran guides us through all matters relieving one of doubt in a day and age when "moral dilemmas" are so common that the very fine line between good and bad, black and white is a now grey mesh . And yet there people who have the audacity to ridicule Islam and pride themselves on their complex minds ,which is only a justification for a society abundant with souls drained of fulfilment and commitment to their creator, where their only object of worship is their desires. In conclusion, the root cause of such a title is different for different groups. For some it is to cause disunity and dissent among Muslims and misguide them from their real purpose of life. Whilst for others particularly those who call themselves Muslims it is only a thirst for acceptance by others when there is not going to be any which propels them. Also, by claiming that Islam is outdated these people seek justification for their transgressions. Asalmu Calykum sisters and brothers, P.S Not only is Islam perfect it is an easy religion. Observe the five pillars of Islam and stay away from the major sins.
  23. Good on them. It's highnoon they did something obscene to muslims SB..... :rolleyes: I suggest you change your username to PATHETIC
  24. I would but I am afraid that I will be attacked by racist hooligans on the beach - I'd rather remain in cold but safe Canada! ThePoint, LOL Don’t let the prospect of being abused by a couple of white supremacist influence your decision.