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  1. ^^^Uni is over @ the moment for us but it starts again on Monday I had to drop off a couple of textbooks I borrowed from the library and then SOL beckoned... (Sometimes I wonder what is SOL without me?) And you most certainly did not do me a favour!!
  2. LOOOL@ Legal crimes aka Retro, bro thats nothing to be proud of. Scarface :rolleyes: You put me in a very embarassing situation. I was at uni when viewing this topic and the dude next to me looked at me and the pic of the chick you claimed to have partied with and raised his eyebrows--had to exit immediately .
  3. Originally posted by Maf Kees: quote: You add complexity in marrying someone outside ur culture. Which is an extra challenge that u must concur thus making you a strong woman Yeah if strong woman means divorced single mother who secretly hates her own kids. In that one sentence I have lost what respect I had for you , seriously its amazing how people perceieve things.
  4. ^^^Crazy But its true! Everything about this practice is unislamic and disgusting , it sends shivers down my spine.
  5. Originally posted by Sensual_Healing: You know i wonder if people get Crush's while they are married I recently attended this wedding where a married Somali women with 5 kids confessed her undying love to some guy from her past, honestly I was deeply disturbed :eek: I consider that being emotionally unfaithful! ( I guess there is no law saying you have to love your spouse). The topic was brought up when the women started discussing the lyrics of the song which was playing. After her revelation all the ladies started consoling her reminding her she is married and she should forget about him. I thought that it was all pretty weird and sad...being the youngest person there I had no friend to laugh it off with so I sat there emphasizing with the poor woman who was dramatically covering her face ( got to admit the lady was pretty hot who knows maybe her and Romeo will reunite one day and she would probably think what did I ever see in him). Anyway, I guess that answers your question it seems married people do have crushes. As for me I don't have crushes, my friends bring that up alot and tell me its unhealthy. But you know what I think is unhealthy and insane having crushes at the age of 4 and to your dugsi teachers :eek: Does the word innocent mean anything to you lot? I was a serene and free spirit child. I reckon I fit the description of the Mariams, Sabaaxs & Munas you guys have been speaking of as yours first crushes.
  6. I am forced to ask why? I mean I have always thought this is a department that Somali women don't need extra help in. Xoogsade, how reliable are your sources? This is most shocking :eek: assuming this has occured and is not the overactive imagination of some man!
  7. Originally posted by Northerner: The girl recently arrived in the UK, lived in an all white nighberhood, went to an all white school, got bullied and beaten by the white girl and her freinds the day before with the teachers looking on. The next day is when she did what she did. I dont think Somali kids get bullied in schools except for the unlucky ones who are bullied for their colour/language difficulties. Oh really? In that case I second MC Xamar, the chick got what she wanted.
  8. Seriously some girls need to go to anger managament classes. Somebody vebally assults me so I am going to slash them? :rolleyes: What the-?? Actually this makes me recall my days in primary school whenever verbal retaliation was inadequate to put certain individuals in their place my siblings and I were forced to tag team on them (wh wathing wrestling matches on friday nights turned out to be so beneficial who would have thought).
  9. Originally posted by AbuJamal: The military has said one and possibly both of the slain soldiers were tortured and beheaded. The official said the mutilation of the slain soldiers stirred feelings of guilt and led at least one member of the platoon to reveal the rape-slaying on June 22. NOOO-The reason the coward confessed was because he was afraid he too would meet the same fate (deservedly so may I add) of his fellow soldiers. Also, he was further emboldened by the knowledge the military will give him a slap on the wrist for his involvement in this heinous crime. Walahi its times like these that the thought of judgement day is almost a comfort, where justice will be guranteed!
  10. ^^GO GIRL, you tell that Danyeer. Sakhar I think this thread is plain mean :mad: . But it seems Valenteenah has got our back (the only person not living in Australia that is sympathetic to the socceroos).
  11. Originally posted by Mr. Red Sea: MS. Tywan, thanks for making my point, getting mental check was my original intentions to suggest to anyone who replied to this thread. Guess who that includes thats right Einstein, You!! Originally posted by Dabshid: There was this particular ring tone, i remember, from one guy,it goes like this... Abdiyoow, Abdiyooow, Abdiyooow ,Abdiyooooow, IQabo what attention seeker? LOL, not an attention just a creative young man
  12. Looking forward to the Australia Vs Crotia match, my entire family is against Australia :mad: . I keep telling them they are disloyal and deserve to have their citizenship stripped! On a more postive note this is my 300th post ( and in the sport section, who would've thought)
  13. Somali folks with a Welsh accent..that is so cool. What's next Somali people who speak Japanese fluently (I'll wager its already happened!). This is the same place where they have FA matches right...WOW :eek: That is awesome, I want to go to Cardiff
  14. ^^^Your a kiwi you should know the difference.
  15. Originally posted by ScarFace: I dont even think i have any favourite somali artist... :confused: Neither do I unless of course I include K'naan
  16. Originally posted by Liquid Nomad: Tim Cahill and Lucas Neill celebrate Aussies' lucky goals. I'm just as surprised as you are. Keep laughing you sissies. Liquid man can you bit!ch. We all know you're the real sissy!
  17. Just wanted to be the 500th poster. (I apologize if I wasted your time by reading this) Now, I am going to read the topic...bye.
  18. Go Ghana!!! The only African nation which I have hope in....please don't disappointment me. BTW what was with the Israeli flag when the Ghanans were celebrating thier victory??
  19. ^^^ So very tempting rokko but I think I will keep my number to myself
  20. ^^That my friend is the definition of cheap.
  21. ^^Wow, it wasn't meant to be an insult (relax :cool: inhale and exhale). That's better. I was just expressing my surprise that you and Alexus thought I would post my number. As for those who called the number there is no way I could tell, unless of course nomads publicly confess on this thread which I doubt they would do.
  22. ^^^ Nobody is turning on anyone mate, but we are more than prepared to have a showdown with you Englishmen! That's right I am challenging you to a duel.
  23. NP and Alexus (or should I say dumb and dumber) it was meant to be a joke :rolleyes: . Obviously none of you guys actually called the number. I am quite offended that you would think I would give my number on the net!
  24. Jamilah

    The Truth

    Originally posted by Naden: Some beliefs can become downright falsehoods in the light of increased knowledge; That is true especially in the case of Aristotle who is known in physics for wrongly believing that an object in motion has a preference for being at rest. This was disapproved by Galileo and Newton who both maintained that due to inertia an object has a preference to retain its current state of motion (whether it is in uniform motion or even rest). Similarly, in the field of chemistry Aristotle proposed that all matter is made of four primary elements: fire, air, water, and earth (this reminds me of captain planet my favourite cartoon as a child). This too was proven false. Now, I can't help wonder why JB would quote a person who has more falsehoods associated with them than truths, :confused: I am a little puzzled. Great recommendations Sniper and loved the response by Viking, walahi Aristotle waa laga fiican yahay.