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  1. Asalaam Idil, So which University do you study and which schools do you plan on applying to? and Insha Allah your MSAT's go well. ciao Alilire
  2. Asalaamu Alaikum to all your Nomads who are wondering their way into the medical field and to a hospital near you. I myself am one those nomads and I wanted to start up a little thread for us to network and discuss matters that deal with our future occupation Insha Allah (swa). So please, drop a post letting myself and the rest of brothers and sisters, where you attending school, if you are currently in medical school or pursuing it, and/or any things you want to say or talk about in regards to the medical struggle. As for myself I'm currently attending the Uni of Saskatchewn in Saskatoon SK( one virtual hi5 for those who know where exactly where that is!). I'm in my third year of Micro/Immuno and Insha Allah hope to apply to the medschool here this year. I'm just awaiting my MCAT results which come out in a month. So don't be shy y'all and drop a post. Insha Allah May Allah make this long and tought journey easy for us. Until the next post everyone, Ma'salaama Alilire.
  3. The fact that he committed suicide for such reasons as fear of Deportation back to a 3rd world country seems really extreme, I think there had to have been more too the story or perhaps to the man himself. Maybe he was mentally ill, only Allah knows. But I have to agree with the concerns the brother made about the son. This child now has to face many challenges alone; Now whether the child is muslim or not, living in the west is not easy. As to the comment made he is a coward and will insha Allah be a loser in the hereafter Brother, I'm sure you as well as anyone here know how HORRIBLE Jahannam is, so then you should know that to wish someone, espcially one you do know know, there is not a good practice. But my ears are closer to my mouth so i remind myself first. Asalaamu Alaikum all
  4. Asalaamu Alaikum brother Nur, Jazak Allah Khair for the initial article. I was wondering if you could tell me where to go to find other such articles. And in terms of your last post, AMIN. It is perspectives like that that we should all try and adopt because I think it is the fact that many muslims (my self included at times) feel a sense of hopelessness or more so helplessness when we see the events of today's world. But like you said, it is these signs that should give I hope and reinforce our iman to keep going. Once again brother Jazak Allah Khair. I am new to this place and already I'm seeing its benefits Ciao for now Ma'salaam Alilire
  5. Hey Asalaam y'all i really have to say that was a warm welcoming, thanks i know i'ma enjoy my self here. Take care, jazak Allah khair ciao Omar
  6. Asalaamu Alaikum everyone just wanted to say hello, my name is Omar and I'm new here to SOL so I hope to meet more somalian intellectuals and learn more about my culture and the world in general. Take care everyone. Ma'salaama Omar