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  1. Originally posted by juba: ^ silent but deadly i wonder why black people die first in movies? because they are slave :rolleyes:
  2. 1st Caption: 50% NUN and 50% ***** 2nd Caption: NIGGAAAAAH 3THRD Caption: BIG ****ED UP AFRO!!!
  3. Se7en

    BallaDaLi LOL!!!

    Originally posted by Yoonis_Cadue: But why do Iranians like to beat themselves up, I never understood that. They always inflict injury to their body for some strage reason. I never understood that 2 but I guess that they are sick people. what can I say
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    Somali song lol

    Originally posted by Grammaticus: War maxaa loo yidhi Shaydaamada waa la xidh xidhaa Bisha Ramaadaan sow kuwan meesha ordaya we are everywhere
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    Somali song lol

    plz admin can you move this topic to General plz................thanks
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    Somali song lol

    ops wrong section.....sry
  8. I don't know if you guys have heard it before but the song text is hilarious LOL
  9. Originally posted by Sky: Link not working. Try now
  10. The most funniest clown I ever seen