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  1. Somalis with foreign names existed back in Somalia before the great escape to the West. One person that comes to mind is the famous General, Moragan. That said, I don't find it an issue if someone wants to give their kid a Western name- as long as it does not contradict Islam. I also believe that it is smart to adopt a non-Somali name, because I believe it can help further opportunities. Many Immigrants are now choosing to give their children Western names in order to assimilate into their communities. For example, the Chinese have made it a point to give their children Western names.
  2. Lidia

    Xamar maanta

    xaafada Hodan:
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    Xamar maanta

    Suuqa afirirdoodka suu noqday, Naxdinbadanaa @ 5:57.
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    Is she crazy?

    Very funny young lady. I thing she has a fantastic sense of humor and seems to enjoy life. I wish her all the best.
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    Hiking Pics

    What kind of camera did you use sis? The imaging is great.
  6. Ayaan is missing in your list.
  8. Thank you for all your replies. I find it hard to believe that it could cost that much money to sustain someone in kenya. The reason for my initial question was because, I saw a documentary on egypt, in which a whole family was living off of $30 a month salary their young daughter received from playing soccer.
  9. why would anyone be it man or women wear black in heat of the desert sun? Gloves...really?
  10. Hello Everyone, I have family in Kenya and I send them money on a regular basis. Does anyone know how much money one needs to live decently in Kenya (or Somalia for that matter)? Thanks!
  11. Orphans in Somalia? I thought children who were orphans were adopted by their extended family or tribal families and don't forget the dumaal system for the poor widows.
  12. The US is Just re-defining the "enemy". They probably know where this character is and can kill him. When they do, they will declare a big victory against the Taliban.
  13. I saw him two years ago and I could swear he was on drugs, very fidgety. I thought he was an amazing, energetic speaker and even after the time was up he still kept on going.