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  2. Should the Arms Embargo on Somalia be lifted? Absolutely not! We have enough weapons in Somalia as is.
  3. Asalamu calaykum Fundamental Points Regarding Surah Al-‘Asr: 1. The first point is that this is one of the earliest surahs of the Glorious Qur’an to be revealed. It was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) in the earliest period of his prophethood in Makkah. 2. The second point is that it is one of the shortest surahs of the Glorious Qur’an as it has only three verses, the first of which is comprised of only one word “Wal-Asrâ€. 3. The third point is that it is one of the most comprehensive surahs of the Glorious Qur’an. The Holy Qur’an is a book of guidance for all mankind, which has been revealed to guide mankind on the road to success and salvation. This path of salvation towards which the Holy Qur’an guides us has been described with utmost brevity and comprehensiveness in this short surah. The whole Glorious Qur’an is like a tree, and this short surah is its seed. And as a seed contains the total potentiality of a whole tree, Surah Al-Asr contains the essence of the Holy Qur’an. This is why some reports of the Companions of the Holy Prophet (may Allah be pleased with them) indicate that whenever two of them met and sat together they never parted without reciting Surah Al-Asr to each other. And this can be the reason why Imam Al-Shafeii (may Allah bless him) has said about this surah that if the people were to ponder over this surah alone, it would suffice for their guidance. He has also been reported as saying that if nothing else would have been revealed in this Glorious Qur’an except this surah then this surah would have been sufficient for man’s guidance. 4. The fourth point is that the wording of this surah is very simple and easy to understand. The masterpieces of literature of every language are sublime in subject matter and meaning but so simple in style and wording that they can be understood by all. This is why such pieces of liter­ature are easily accessible to everyone. The Glorious Qur’an is the most eminent masterpiece of Arabic literature and in its totality can be understood easily. But this short surah is the best example of the most lucid surahs of the Holy Qur’an. Though it is very complete and all-embracing, not a single high-sounding or elusive word has been used in it. Its words are familiar even to those who are only acquainted with Urdu or Persian, and do not know Arabic.
  4. *********PLEASE DON'T USE INSULTS AND VULGARITY ON OUR FORUM************* [ November 08, 2005, 18:59: Message edited by: Admin ]
  5. ^^ You're using one statement to explain different things. To understand what I say, you gotta look at things from a contextual standpoint. First of all, Col Yeey is not a liberator - he's an agitator. Who the hell did Col Yeey "liberate"? I can say the SNM militias fought hard and militarily liberated Waqooyi-Galbeed from Barre's (aun) Army. Col Yeey's involvement with the SSDF was one of the main reasons for its eventual failure. Instead of the SSDF being a tool to fight an oppressive regime, Col Yeey and his supporters turned it into a subclan family picnic to re-launch themselves back into power. With the SNM, generally speaking, they stuck to the ideology of fighting the oppressive regime. That's what I was referring to. And my dislike of the Mbegathi process? Let me say it again: 4.5 Formula. No man on this planet can convince me that there are people and there are .5 people. Because there's no such thing as a .5 person. Its un-Islamic, ridiculous and flat-out tribalist in every sense of the word.
  6. Originally posted by Sky: Wind.talker's notorious keyboard has produced statements such as; "Reer Mogadishu drowning in the Red Sea? Well what comes around goes around", "You Somalilanders are pathetic, being ruled by a former NSS agent" or his last night's emotional breakdown where he displayed his hatred for an entire subclan . Even if I said such things, are they in any way, shape or form untrue? What goes around does come around. For example, Reer Gedo/PL dhuusadooda baa waa Xamar laga fadhin waaye. And look where it got us? We refugees in almost every country on the globe. SL leaders are pathetic because, instead of empowering liberators (i.e. members of the SNM), they hand power over to a former Barre lackey. And just look at the SL during Cigaal's (Allaha u naxaristo) term and compare it to Riyaale's term. Actually, you can't even compare. And don't even get me started on Mudug politics. You see, I don't smile for you then stab you in the back when you look away. If I don't like you, I let you know. What good have the progeny of Mudug brought to Somalia? They've been powered time and again - and all they've done is divide the Somali people along clan and regional lines. If you ask me, nothing socially or politically good has ever come out of Mudug. Only death, division and destruction. How does that translate into my "hatred for a subclan"? If you're interested in being accurate, you should say my dislike of Mudug leadership in Somalia. Those folks can't even agree to live in Galkacyo peacefully (i.e. the Green Line) and somehow they want to fix Xamar, SL and the Indian Ocean roadblocks. Fix your home before you fix others.
  7. This is great. In a different thread, you complained about HORN and what you consider his "boring" Gedo topics. Let me ask you the same question: Who the F cares for which useless and appointed PL official visited which village in Bari region? At least HORN posted words - you're just posting family pictures and sh!t. "Oh look, that's my Adeer." Give it a rest, kid. And don't even lecture to me about so-called Karkaar region - Cadde's attempt to re-establish Qardho as the seat of the defunct Boqortooyo since they realized they have to share Boosaaso.
  8. In the October of 2002, American singer Harry Belafonte criticized then-Secy of State Colin Powell by likening his political behavior to that of a "house slave." In an interview with a San Diego-based radio station, Belafonte said: "There's an old saying. In the days of slavery, there were those slaves who lived on the plantation and there were those slaves that lived in the house. You got the privilege of living in the house if you served the master... exactly the way the master intended to have you serve him." Of course, Belafonte was angry at Black American leaders (namely, Powell & Rice) who loyally serve President GW Bush without ever criticizing his ill-advised policies, domestic or foreign. The media went into a frenzy about how great American general Powell was disrespected in such a demeaning manner. But, was Belafonte that far from the truth? I think not. Powell was, at least in 2002 (before he came to his senses), a "house slave" for the Bush administration. Now, how does this compare to Prof I.M. Lewis? Lewis (in representing the master, i.e. the British Empire) likes the "house slave" who once served him loyally during the Colonial Era. In that same respect, he's willing to bend whichever way to get his beloved house slave an opportunity to shine in northern Somalia, extend his rule into other parts of the country, and perhaps someday, create more loyal "house slaves" for the British Empire. But, the British, and most of all Prof Lewis, are well aware of the differing social temperatures in northern Somalia (back then and now). The politicians who now cry for secession are from a long family line of British loyalists (i.e. house slaves) while in the eastern regions of the ideal Somaliland, the British Empire met one of its greatest anti-colonial challenges in modern history. You'll find that history in the blood of the Somalis, the British, the Indians, and other Africans who lost their lives during the gallant struggle for freedom led by Somali nationalist, poet and warrior Sayyid Maxamed Cabdulle Xasan. The British know this history and that's why they won't interfere in any of this so-called "secession" business. And Prof Lewis also knows this - but he's one of the last remaining elements from the Colonial Era who want to see his version of British honor (read: neo-colonialism) restored in northern Somalia. The old Professor can write a billion scholarly articles, but in reality, the same guns (and the offspring of the same boys) that militarily defeated British forces (and their collaborators, i.e. "house slaves") time and again are still there, waiting. Colonialism is over, old man! Give it up. That's my advice to the Prof.
  9. Does the Sharif care? Does Col Yeey care? None of these men who hold such fancy titles like 'president' and 'speaker' know or care for anything regarding the very constitution they signed. Secondly, Sharif represents a group of Somalis. Its beyond obvious to anyone who's been watching Somali politics in recent months that the Sharif and his Muqdisho wing have lost plenty of ground and momentum to Jowhar. They failed to make use of the anti-Ethiopia europhia following the Parliament fiasco in Nairobi. They failed to fulfill their 30-point peace plan for Muqdisho. They even failed in maintaining the MPs they had in Xamar - and the biggest blow was Boqorre's desertion. What I'm saying is that what we have here are two opposing rebel groups: Jowhar v. Muqdisho. If we get into technical debates about the laws they signed, then they've all done wrong - one way or another, starting with the sudden relocation of Somali capital to Jowhar (for plausible reason, of course). So, in a real democratic system, the TFG's top leaders would be found guilty of treason and breaking the law. But, once again, must I repeat the reality in Somalia: man with the bigger gun wins. And Sharifka has guns from Baydhabo to Marka to Muqdisho. Puntlandpost, HorseedNet and the rest can type fancy articles about technicalities but the reality is there: Jowhar calls Qanyare "security minister." But he flat-out says "I don't recognize Geedi or Yeey." So where's this gov't? It only exists online and in Jowhar offices.
  10. Originally posted by Xoogsade: The mentality of many somalis is that of Bush moron Junior when he said: "You are either with us or against us". Waryee, our beloved President George W(hat?) Bush is not a moron. I actually like him. In one of his fiercest anti-Islamic speeches, he recently said: "The murderous ideology of the Islamic radicals is the great challenge of our new century." So, to him, combatting global pandemics such as poverty, HIV/AIDS and corruption are not great challenges. Ninkaa nin rag ah waaye, sxb. These so-called Muslim leaders are scared to death, not of Bush, but of the same people he fears: real, Saxabah-like Muslims. Because of Bush's policies, the Muslim Ummah - a sleeping giant - is gradually awakening to the global conspiracy against Allah's Holy Religion. And being Somali is only hard on SOL Politics Forum where people constantly try to match your opinions to what they think is your tribal background. But that's just Somali nature. They rarely think outside the box. A Canadian doctor I had a good chat with once told me that he was a true believer in Christianity. I asked him how come so many scientists don't believe in any religion. He said something like "the more you study science, the more you believe that God exists." Science isn't enough to explain all the things that happen in the world, he said. I use the same equation with clan politics. The more you know about clan politics (their origins, various uses, etc.) the more you know how ambiguous and disorganized it really is at the core. It has no foundation that can pass the test of logic. i.e. If "some" Somalis came from Arabia and the rest were imported from Cameroon or whereever, how come we look alike? Kibir iyo faan aan micno leheen daradii baa Soomaali qaarkood waxay isugu sheekeeyaan anagu asal-ahaan Reer Quraysh baanu nahay. LOL Negro please, dheh! Also, does the clan structure have a core base? i.e. There's Reer Puntland, then there's Reer Bari, then there's Reer Caluula, then even those folks break down into sub-sub-sub-sub-clans. WTF? Where's it going then? First, its my clan-family is better than yours. Then its my clan is better than yours. Then its my sub-clan is better than yours. Then its my sub-sub-clan is better than yours. At the end its my father is better than yours. Buncha nonsensical crap! Can only make sense to a punch of ignorant nomads who chew khat and have no jobs. Dhibka Soomaali haysata waxaa sal u ah isfaham-la'aan iyo shaqo la'aan. Dadkaa hadii shaqo loo yeeli lahaa oo mashquul laga dhigi lahaa, maba isu muuqdeen. Intii an ku jirno cidaan baa cidaas dhaanta waligeen meel ma gaareyno. But we're in this hellhole to begin with because we've constantly overlooked the primary foundation of our unity: Islam. Diintu waa sharaf. Hadaadan sharafteeda dhowrin, adaa sharafta lagaa qaadaa. As long as we keep chasing after government models based on man-made (i.e. non-Muslim) strucutures and putting Islam into second-hand position, we'll continue to suffer. Let's not forget the massacres against al-Itixad al-Islaami members in Somalia, esp. in Gedo and Bari regions in the 1990s. Some of the same men who murdered those Muslim activists are now positioned into power in Somalia. And down deeper we go into Hell. 4.5 Formula is a message directly from Hell. I think Amin Camir did an excellent cartoon whereby Somalia's seat in the African Union is reduced to a .5 (tiny seat) and the Somali delegate is told: "idinka bilaabay sheekadaan" or something like that.
  11. This news item raises the question: Who's more powerful between Xamar's notorious warlords and the Midowga Maxkamadaha Islaamiga? The answer to that question depends on how C/rashid Ilqeyte responds to the Courts' threat. The other question it raises for Xamar's warlords is: Who's more of a threat - the TFG-Jowhar or the Courts? :confused: Maxkamadaha Islaamiga oo xalay laga qabsaday gaari Tikniko ah ayaa sheegay in lix saacadood gudahood ay ku weerari doonaan hotelka Saxafi ee magaalada Muqdisho November 05, 2005. HornAfrik. Mogadishu, Somalia. Xiisada u dhaxeysa maxakamadaha Islaamiga ee ka dhisan magaalada Muqdisho iyo ganacsade C/rashiid Ilqeyte ayaa sii xoogeysatay kaddib markii goor dhow maxkamadaha Islaamiga shir Jaraa’id oo ay qabteen ku sheegeen haddii aan la soo celin gaari Tikniko ah oo xalay maxkamadaha laga qabsaday in lix saacadood gudahood ay ku weerari doonaan hotelka Saxafi oo xilligan hoy u ah qaar ka mid ah xildhibaanada baarlamaanka. Xiisadan ka dhalatay Shineemo ku taala Isgoyska No. 4 ee magaalada Muqdisho ayaa sababtay in maxkamadaha islaamiga la kala wareego gacan ku heyntii isgoysakaas oo saldhig u ahaa maxakamada Alfurqaan iyadoo saaka isgoyskaas lagu arkayey maleeshiyooyin si weyn u hubeysan iyo gaadiidka tiknikada ah. Goobaha ganacsiga ee deegaankaas ayaa waxaa ka jiray cabsi iyo welwel la xiriira xiisada dagaal oo halkaas ka dhacda. Guddoomiyaha maxkamada Alfurqaan ee magaalada Muqdisho oo maanta shir jaraa’id ku qabtay xarunta maxkamadaas ayaa qiray in xalay maxkamadaha laga qabsaday gaari Tikniko ah, sidoo kalena laga dhaawacay dhowr Nin waxa uuna weerarkaas ku eedeeyey ganacsade C/rashiid Shire Ilqeyte. HornAfrik mar ay isku dayday inay la xiriirto ganacsade C/rashiid Ilqeyte ayeysan u suurtagalin iyadoo siyaasiin iyo waxgarad ay ka mid ahaayeen Prof Maxamed Faarax Jimcaale, Cabdi Xasan Cawaale Qeybdiid, iyo mas’uuliyiin kale ay dadaal ugu jireen sidii xiisada loo qaboojin lahaa. Maxkamaduhu ayaa u muuqanaya kuwa awood adeegsanaya kaddib markii muddo Lix saac gudahood u qabteen haddii lagu soo celin waayo gaariga Tiknikada ah ee laga qabsaday inay weerari doonaan hotel Saxafi oo hoy u ah xildhibaanada baarlamaanka ee ku sugan magaalada Muqdisho, iyadoo xilliga uu guddoomiyaha maxkamada Alfurqaan uu shirkaa Jaraa’id ku qabanayey xarunta maxkamadaas ay goob joog ka ahaayeen mas’uuliyiin sare oo ka tirsan midowga maxakamadaha islaamiga ee magaalada Muqdisho.
  12. ^^ You know Somalia has many Cabdi Guleeds, sxb. Its just that they're constantly overshadowed by militia leaders, mercenary-ministers and illegal business profiteers. But, sooner or later, peace and social justice will triumph over conflict and hate. HORN - Thanks for the post. Once in a while, someone will post an article on SOL Politics with a positive twist that I hope we can all agree to. Like the writer said, I'm one of the folks who've never heard of Cabdi Guleed before now. But rest assured, with such a track record, his reputation will speak for itself.
  13. Oil exploration in Nigeria - which intially promised "economic development" - has long ago turned into an all-out war between the federal gov't (working for the interests of foreign oil companies) and the local populace. Just like the people of Nigeria, the people of a part of Somalia are now being promised "economic development" by a few hungry cats who want to profit from Somalia's war ruins. I'd rather have a dirt poor Somalia led by a just and able leader than a Somalia ruled through proxy leaders who represent foreign interests (government or company). Take note people. The truth is out there. Security Forces Kill Unarmed Civilians While Protecting Oil Majors, Amnesty Alleges Vanguard (Lagos) November 3, 2005 NIGERIAN security forces often gun down unarmed civilians while protecting foreign oil majors in the Niger Delta, rights group Amnesty International said in a just released report, calling on US and British firms to investigate two recent violent incidents. The pressure group's report comes one week before the anniversary of the execution of minority rights activist Ken Saro-Wiwa, who was hanged in 1995 along with eight of his comrades following a controversial show trial conducted by the Abacha regime. Saro-Wiwa had campaigned against the Anglo-Dutch oil major Shell, which he said had brought pollution to the land of the Ogoni minority without contributing to local development. "Ten years after... new evidence shows that the people of Nigeria's oil producing Niger Delta continue to face death and devastation at the hands of the security forces," Kolawole Olaniyan, director of Amnesty International's Africa programme, said in a statement. Amnesty's report focuses on two recent incidents in which deadly force was used by troops after local communities had challenged the rights of two oil majors -- Shell and the US giant Chevron -- to operate in their area. On February 4, soldiers shot one protester dead and injured 30 more when villagers from the Ugborodo community invaded Chevron's Escravos oil terminal, the report alleges. Two weeks later, on February 19, at least 17 people were killed when soldiers from the same Joint Task Force -- which has been deployed to protect the oil industry -- raided Odioma, burning much of the town to the ground in a fruitless search for an armed vigilante group, the report says. " Amnesty International is calling on the Nigerian Federal Government to conduct thorough and independent inquiries into allegations that the security forces killed, injured and raped civilians, and destroyed their property," the statement said. Amnesty "also demands Chevron commission an independent and impartial investigation into the company's role during the incidents at Escravos terminal ... and Shell investigates allegations of a security arrangement between a Shell Nigeria subcontractor and a criminal group in Odioma." Following the February's incidents, spokesmen for both oil firms said that they had no control over the soldiers and sailors of the Joint Task Force (JTF), which is largely housed in oil plants and receives logistical and communications support from the oil companies. The Nigerian government deployed the force in response to the threat to oil production -- the source of 95 of the country's foreign revenue -- from pirates and separatist ethnic groups in the delta, a Scotland-sized swathe of wetlands and mangrove forest on the Atlantic coast. In the case of the Odioma raid, which was launched after a local gang was accused of killing councillors from a nearby community, JTF commander Brigadier-General Elias Zamani told AFP that the town had caught fire after stray rounds hit jerry cans of fuel stored among the houses. But a reporter who visited Odioma saw evidence of more systematic and widespread destruction, with scores of homes and shops burned to the ground and most of the town destroyed. The once busy fishing port was almost deserted following the attack, while local chiefs said that 16 people had been killed and that town leaders had been trussed-up on the beach and beaten. Earlier hostility had broken out between Odioma and nearby Obiaku after Shell sent a survey team to prospect for a new oil well without realising that the land in question was in dispute between the two communities. Shell has shelved plans to develop the well, the company said.
  14. Originally posted by Camel Mlik: Mogadishu warlords who claim to control the city never acknowledged their failures. Does Cadde Muuse - who claims control of Boosaaso - claim his failure in not training his police force? A few days ago, I posted a topic about police ethics in Boosaaso - a city where police officers killed 2 innocent Somali civilians within 24 hours. Did Cadde Muuse admit his wrong in that case? How do you expect Muqdisho warlords to admit their failure every time something goes wrong in a city of 2 million+ people? Give me break. Let me remind you what you wrote in the thread about Boosaaso police behavior: Originally posted by Camel Mlik: [QB] Waryaa since the Puntland Administration is so bad Do you want C/Y back to Puntland or some thing. waryaa nothing is perfect Puntland is not going to be perfect as you want. waryaa such things happen right here in our city in Seattle every single day war slow your roll.;f=9;t=004982 Okay then. Because no place on earth is perfect, Xamar isn't perfect either. Four people getting killed in Xamar is a rampage and it deserves an admittance of failure from Xamar's warlords - but 2 innocent Somalis getting murdered by so-called police in Boosaaso can be simply explained by the fact that Puntland isn't perfect. A very intelligent line of thought, indeed! Does anyone else see the blatant hypocrisy or am I once again talking to the wind? :confused:
  15. Originally posted by Camel Mlik: Don't bring bullshit to the table without prove kidd. (Slaughtered reer Qardho) Don't tell me that is some bullshit you read on some news websit. I don't need a newsite to tell me when Qardho gets attacked by Col Yeey's militias. I have enough eye-witnesses who'll call and tell me. Col Yeey slaughtered hundreds of people in Qardho (his most recent ethnic-cleansing practice). As HORN said, he's done the same in Galdogob and Balanbale districts in the past. These facts are only hidden from the pro-Col Yeey folks. Jamac Cali Jamac has always been a coward. Before and after. I never changed my mind about him. It seems Abduallhi Yusuf is 3 steps ahead of most Puntlanders like yourself huh. Yeah. Thank Allah SWT I'm not a Puntlander. Aside from being a Muslim Somali, I'm an American.