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  1. Rendez that was a little bit harsh. However, This lady is dying for fame' and i would assume we all can see that. So by talking about have helped her complete her mission!
  2. Friday, August 25, 2006 By: Abdirahman Aynte The Center for Independent Media Minneapolis, MN (HOL) A Minneapolis mosque was targeted with a suspected arson early Thursday morning while prayer was in session, the mosque director said. No one was hurt in the incident, but dozens of books and other equipments were destroyed. Sheikh Abdirashid Hassan, the director of Abubakar Assadique Islamic Center located in 2824 13th Avenue S., which was bought by Muslims a year ago for 1.7 million dollars, said he believes a hate crime is involved. Here’s the chronology of the account Hassan gave on Thursday’s event: 2:00 a.m. A member of the congregation reported that he has seen two suspicious-looking men in their car in the back parking lot of the mosque. 2:54 a.m. The mosque security cameras show that a man broke into a back window down stairs and wandered around the dark before exiting the building without doing anything else wrong. That part of the building is under construction. 5:15 a.m. The morning prayer was called upstairs. About 7 members of the congregation attended. 5:18 a.m. Security cameras show a second man getting into the mosque through the same window and quickly moving into an unused warehouse where hundreds of the Koran and other books were stored. Using a snowplow machine owned by the mosque, the man apparently started the fire, according to Hassan. 5:38 a.m. Cameras show members of the congregation heading to the back parking lot of the mosque on the tip of the two suspicious men reported earlier. Apparently, they spotted nothing. 5:39 a.m. Cameras show the suspected arsonist quietly exiting the same window he came through. Several minutes after that, a member of the congregation decided to check down stairs. Fumes of smoke struck him in the face. He dialed 911 immediately. Firefighters showed up three minutes after his call and successfully managed the blazing fire. By Thursday evening, half-burned books and an almost unrecognizable snowplow machine were still at the scene. The smell of the smoke could still be detected in the air. A fresh graffiti showing the Star of David and what looks like a Menorah, both Jewish symbols, have been painted on the wall facing the 13th street side of the building. Mosque officials are saying that they are not sure if the two separate men caught on camera or the Jewish symbols are connected. They are also not sure if the graffiti was the work of the two suspicious men or if they were painted last night. Other members of the mosque, however, say that they have never seen the graffiti before. “While we think this case has the fingertips of a hate crime, we’re not making any judgment on any particular people, community or faith,†said Hassan, the soft-spoken director of the mosque. Mosque leaders said that they have been receiving weekly – and sometimes daily- fax messages riddled with insults and “go back to your country†rhetoric since they bought the property. Police are still investigating the incident, which caused limited damage. It’s not the first time that a mosque in Minnesota is targeted with arson. Columbia Heights Islamic Center was also attacks last year, burning down a portion of the mosque. The Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) reported on its website that attacks against Muslim interests in America have increased “pointedly†since September 11 terrorist attacks. Mosque leaders are hoping to discuss the incident with city officials and neighborhood and community leaders Friday. SOURCE
  3. Haha- dont worry she will be in a safe place
  4. Why is somaliaonline the only website with proud single people***(oops sorry wrong train of thought) You know I think the world is unfair. what do you think?
  5. I want to be the first man to volunteer to be a stay home dad!... who is with me?
  6. OH :eek: in that case **which way is the door?**
  7. I am falling in love with someone at SOL. other than that...same old same old.
  8. What ever rocks your boat- as long as he is muslim. However i still think there is a misunderstanding between the ladies and the fellas' cuz i am sure the fellas are talking about NON-muslim or NON-practicing foreigners....correct me if iam wrong? :confused: Because i dont see why you would have a problem with a muslim brother no matter where he is from? ps- this is off the record' i know our somali sisters have us in the 1st option wether they like to admit it or not! go ahead sisters do ur suuro~ hehe
  9. Originally posted by me: Farax you are biased your SOL nickname is Farax so I am sorry your opinion does not count on this issue. That is discrimination based on name wasnt there a rule in SOL - no discrimination based on race, religion, Name , style and Yeah hatin on farax!
  10. Mums, MOM, Umii, Hooyo, Mama, Umaayey..whatever name you use, It doesnt matter as long as you say it with love. (Although i hate people who use "mother" when they call their hoyo macaan) But keep it real and tell your hoyo how much you love her. and for the young people who spend their time beefin' grillin' speakin dat ghetto language' Keep it real keep it gangsta show your moms some lov' and for the intelectual political debators spending their time talking about which organizaton will take over what' keep it rational and develop special breifing with your mother-last but not least for the wadads-itaqilaah and share your kheyr and dua with your umii. one love
  11. I have approached the manfolk of valen's family, How are you going to bump me out of the show? War ileen' aduunkan igawalee gogol baan dhigan! Ps. Farax that is educated is still farax because to begin with he never lost his value- think about it xalimos...think about it
  12. Mosques are setting up programs for that, I would definately check there. Especially the Halaqas or circle of would find few pious people there with the right mind and heart. other than that, dua is the best way i guess.