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  1. Is there a split within the Maxkamadaha? If this is true, then the story gets even more complex, more dangerous. p.s. C/rashid Ilqeyte - who's renown for his anti-Maxkamadaha stance - wasn't physically present at the Dayniile meet today. I wonder why.
  2. Why do I sense the role of the Invisible Hand in this entire affair? Max'd Dheere returns from Nairobi, reportedly after talking with American intelligence officials, and immediately arrives in Dayniile - his first-ever visit - to join the anti-Maxkamadaha camp. Nonetheless, another meaningless clan war that'll cause more death and destruction.
  3. ^^ "Assimilate" what parts of democracy? And when you say "democracy," from who's perspective are you coming from: Western-style "democracy" or a "democracy" that fits into Islamic doctrine? You see, its all relative. I don't think Islam goes against electing a government. After all, Abu Bark (rc) was elected by the Companions because of the level of his piety and experience. Isn't that democracy or does having pink ink on one's figures represent "democracy"? The biggest point Islam has against "democracy" - as preached by the West - is that in Islam, the law of Allah SWT must always be above that of mankind (the Shariah is the law of Allah). With Western-style "democracy," its the exact opposite. Why else would they tramp on their own Scriptures? :confused: p.s. Blessed two thumbs up! Bashi, excellent article.
  4. Q: What's worse than a proxy leader? A: Those who cheer him on! Smile kids, you're on camera. In my humble opinion he is deeply clannish person. You don't have to be so humble about it, sxb: after all, Cadde is the same guy who left a peaceful home in Canada to lead his sub-clan militia to war! Of course, the irony is that the same people he fought against are still in power (Gaagaab, any one? ).
  5. Matt Bryden ...And when in doubt, refer to the seedi's "professional" opinion. Brilliant!
  6. ^^ Still defending the imaginary Boqortooyo at any cost, I see. I suppose Puntland has two curses: Beerlaawe iyo Kelyolaawe. Let's see where they take us.
  7. Yeah, the much-anticipated announcement finally came. But the question is: What changed? SBC Online also reported it. Gaagaab, Xaabsade and Faroole (Col Yeey's men) are back to head finance, interior and planning ministries, respectively. Cadde: Once a maqaarsaar politician, always a maqaarsaar politician. He should resign and return to Toronto, I say!
  8. If they passed such a bill, it wouldn't surprise me in the least. Mr Livingstone had asked the reporter if he was a German war criminal and then, after learning that he was Jewish and had been offended by the question, compared him to a concentration camp guard. Back to the main topic, many ME countries are in the process of changing school text books by extracting anything showing Isreal and Isrealis in a bad light after a push from the US. That's just depressing! Meanwhile, in some U.S. states, Arabs are made the villians in a campaign for stricter license laws.
  9. So there is no room for discussion or preference in the law of Allah (swt), Allah (swt) said: "Allah is the one who legislates and judges, and nobody dares to comment on it" [EMQ Ra’d: 41] I suppose this is the fundamental tenet of Islam that's not compatible with the "democracy" envisioned by Western powers. Indeed, the law of Allah SWT must be supreme to that of mankind - when its not, immoral debates, such as the "homosexuality in the priesthood" debate that's currently burning within the Roman Catholic faith, will become formulaic and acceptable throughout the world. If this is what Western-style "democracy" brings, then its most certainly not compatible with the teachings of Islam.
  10. LOL @ the comments. Y'all clownin'. Waxaan taaganahay whas good with the Ethiopian flag colors on his handband?
  11. Originally posted by Kashanre: Fact is the fight in the beginning was a war between the Islamic Courts and the warlords including their south Muqdisho financers. This was not a tribal war nor was it a tribally motivated war. Pardon my interruption, sxb, but are you sure about that? "Ilaa 30 baabuur oo kuwa dagaalka ah oo soo gaaray magaalada Baraawe" - Shabelle News (Feb 22, 2006) ^ Explain that, fadlan, taking into full account the timing.
  12. ^^ How the hell can you compare poor Somalis to the filthy-rich Arab nations? Granted, Somalia's failures are the resultant of its own people, and we do criticize our failures on a daily basis right here on SOL. But give me breathing space so I can bash these maryoweyn suckas! Abdullah flays idea of clash of civilisations What will it take for these maryoweyn Bedouins-turned-rulers to understand that the war is already at their doors? Afghanistan, first. Then, Iraq. And now, talk of Iran. What other sign do they need? I suppose, however, that its necessary to be "diplomatic" at the moment. p.s. I don't blame Israel for anything. They're following their national interests. Time to stop playing the blame game and take responsiblity for our collective faults: Muslim disunity is caused by the Muslims' lack of cooperation and consultation. How does Israel fit into that equation? :confused:
  13. Good take! These people are over-paranoid. Anything Arab is considered a "national security threat." For such a "superpower," the Americans are acting cowardly in most of their national affairs.
  14. Brief biography of one of Black America's finest sons, al-Haji Malik al Shabazz (aka Malcolm X). He was shot to death by three gunmen while giving a speech at Manhattan's Audubon Ballroom on February 21, 1965. He died at the tender age of 39 - but his legacy lives on. Favorite Malcolm X quote: "Power never takes a step back - only in the face of more power." What's yours?