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  1. Originally posted by Rahima: I hope they finish him off- I'A another one will bite the dust. Likewise the courts should finish off those who support him. Cuqda iyo Corada! Xasiidaad oo Illah waxan ka barshey in aad cadabta ku gubato.Maxaa xasinama ka buuxa Rahiima...finally you are showing your true colours. Wake up to reality dear ...the fake Sheikkhs of Hassan Dahir & Indhacadde could not and cannot do anything to 'warlord' qeydiid anything at all , infact he has caused more damage to them and the tide is turning on 'Tuugadi; magaca diin adegsanayay...unles you believe ofcourse kuwa naceybka ku jira sidada oo kale Shabele, Hornafrik and BBc Yusf Garad. And one more thing huuno those you wished for their eradication the supporters of Qeybdiid namely his tribe will for once bring you down to earth and kick your buut something they should have done long time ago. This is the end of an era of a short lived Fake Islamic Courts rule. Huuno you dont mess with Qeybdiid and live to tell the story.Ask many other before you who more powerful than the Oromos you recruited and dying by the dozens in Talex and Ex-control Afgooye. Waxa yab mesha iyo sida aad uu carari doontan idinku, ila meel idin qada oo idin dabooli karta maleh. Look out for the next chapter huuno...Qeybdiid gaining ground of the fake Islamic courts and galant Hussein Aideed leading TFG forces into Mogadishu. Mar kale Rahiima waxaad tahey xasiidaad lafaha ka gubatey oo naceyb ka buuxo, lakiin waxaad ogaata wala kala baxaa hada ee dharerka iska duuw.
  2. The irony is every news wire is talking about the video , but there is none showing it.
  3. ^^Walalo where did you see the clip, I have been looking for it all day...all I could come up with was a clip of if from Washington Post, and those poor children are not Arabs, at least to my understanding. This image taken from an Islamic militant recruitment video obtained by the Associated Press Wednesday, July 5, 2006 purports to show young Arab fighters on the back of a truck as they prepare for battle in Mogadishu, Somalia. The video provides the first hard evidence that despite the repeated denials made by the leaders of the Supreme Islamic Courts Council, non-Somalis have joined with Islamic extremists in Somalia. The Islamic courts' militia defeated U.S.-backed warlords on June 5 and united the city under one authority for the first time in 15 years. (AP Photo)
  4. The guy works like a propoganda machine and as a marker for next US target. Anywhere he mentions you can sure bet the marines will be going.
  5. Originally posted by Alle-ubaahne: Why can't you say rather, "anaga oo ku hadleyna magaceena iyo kan beesha dagta Gobolka Waqooyi Galbeed, waxaan u dabaal dageynaa maalinta qabiilkeena uu xornimada aanan wali qaadan oo baadigoobkeeda ku jirno....." That would confess the truth in full precision, but you really confussed yourself as well as others. Utter gibberish..!
  6. Originally posted by Alle-ubaahne: There are reports from here that indicate KEYNAN22 is not a Muslim! I am not sure how valid is that, but it is according to one account news. Why do we need to talk about this? Who gives you the authority to judge whether an individual is a muslim or not. I bet you will continue to inform us that he will rot in hell. It is this sort of proclomations that damage the reputation of Islam. Only Allah SWT should be left to judge and only HE knows what will happen of a person.
  7. Islamists claim authority over all of Somalia MOGADISHU, Somalia (Reuters) -- Mogadishu's Islamist leaders said on Thursday they were expanding the authority of their sharia courts across the whole of Somalia in a move likely to create further tensions with the weak interim government. They also confirmed that hardline Muslim cleric, Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys -- whom the United Nations has linked to al Qaeda -- would be the overall leader of their new 91-member Council of Somali Courts. "From today, the Council will change from the Council of Islamic Courts of Mogadishu to the Council of Islamic Courts of Somalia," Sheikh Sharif Ahmed, a moderate face and former leader of the Mogadishu courts' body, said. Ahmed, who was seen as the leader of the Islamists when its militia took the Somali capital and some other southern towns from U.S.-backed warlords, said he had been named as chairman of the Islamic courts executive committee with 15 members. But it is now clear real power among the Islamists will reside with Aweys, who has said he wants Islamic sharia law to be the basis for any future Somali constitution. Thursday's moves will alarm the government of President Abdullahi Yusuf, which was formed in neighboring Kenya in 2004, has the endorsement of the international community, but has little authority on the ground and is based in the provincial town of Baidoa. Yusuf is close to Ethiopia, which has massed troops on the border. Analysts believe Addis Ababa would intervene to prevent a complete Islamist takeover of Somalia. Somalia has been without central rule since the 1991 toppling of dictator Mohamed Siad Barre by warlords. Thursday, June 29, 2006 Posted: 1332 GMT (2132 HKT)
  8. Originally posted by General Duke: A/qaybdeed, should hand over his guns to the courts to spare any blood shed. Whats the point of fighting? His clan has a court it is Alfurqan... Why should he do that? In his time he refused to hand it over to Aydeed Sr. and I dont think he is willing to hand it over to the Courts either. The Al-Furqaan Court is only a diversion just like those in Dayniile, Balaad, Jowhaar. The core of command of the courts is with Goobale, Delaf, Indha-Caade, Awys et al. The relations between this individuals is sub-clan of which Qeybdiid is not a member thus reluctant to hand over his weapons to a court (Al-Furqaan) which they superficialy created to expand their dominance. On the other hand it is emerging that Abukar Cadani a financial backer of the ICU is infuriarated by the attack on Qeybdiid questioining its motive. ICU or even its core fighters that derive from the same clan as Qeybdiid who were powerful and skilful enough to chase out Qanyare, Caalin, Sudi et al are not really capable of military confronting Qeybdiid. They fear if that was to happen they will loose over 50% of its gains. Now it is up to them whether to handle this diplomatically or risk the consequneces. On the other hand Qeybdiid could be skillful enough and declare himself and his troops part of the Natinal Army of Somalia who take instructions from the TFG. Thus making him nominally the TFG force in Mogadishu which will give him the immunity of the cease-fire deal reached in Khartoum between the TFG and ICU, I pressume. The face value if ICU miltary power will diminish if they put Qeybdiid in a position to merge with the TFG.
  9. ^^Do me a favour, infact do yourself a favour. Read and learn what you believe in before you come in here quoting Oprah Winferey.
  10. Originally posted by Naxar Nugaaleed: todays date: tuesday, june 27, 2006. would some people please step out of the dark ages? You are in the dark Wallahi.!
  11. The gradual decline of warlodism era....when will the wind oif change reach Bay and Bakool?
  12. Thee day itself is historical and should be aleways honoured and remembered, but what is trajic is the events that followed it five days after. We should have never made that diversion and just may be things would have been different....!
  13. Originally posted by General Duke: As for Inda Cade, Aways and Co,, they present no real threat.. Somaaliida waxay ku maahmaahda 'habadh fadhida legden la fudada'.....