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  1. Anaga already aduunka ayaa nagala nacay. they should not do this to us. :mad: :confused:
  2. Oh my God why or why are they talking about holly war we have been in war for 16yrs, what do Somalia have to go to holly war? :mad: Here is the link to read the news from CNN.
  3. All I can say is Allah ha soo hanuniyo this people, I just don’t get it how can Somali born person chose any religion then Muslim we were raised 100% Islam
  4. Ok I don’t know if I’m going crazy or not but is this true, are there Somali Christians someone please tell me I’m dreaming oh my Allah please help this people. Here is the web side I found it @ forum.
  5. I don’t know the ladies you’re talking about but listen, :mad: we Somali ladies are not as your saying ok Me and my husband get up 6am everyday and go to work we take our kids to day care I get home earlier pick the kids make dinner feed the kids put them to sleep wear my night dress make uunsi for the house get his dinner on the table and I don’t remember one night not him saying thank you baby or macaan. So I don’t know who you been around but we’re not the way you think. :eek:
  6. What in the world did you say, use ice and what is that going to do? Who in the world doesn’t want to get marry and have kids man. :eek: :confused:
  7. You got that right once kids come on the way there is no going out romance. :eek:
  8. Cambarro walaal I agree with you we have a lot of men that are good and we have some that are lazy Here in the united state we have women depending on welfare and their husbands stay up all night eating Qaad and sleeping during the day and we have those who work hard to support their family so every society have bad men and bad women so it does not matter if have good men or bad men we still LOVE them.
  9. Oh no, no one hates Somali men we love them I love them there is nothing in the world I would trade for Somali man walaal. Even thou they got some issues they need to work on we still love them so don’t think we hate you.
  10. All Justice is trying to do is show you the problem and all of you dudes are defending your self’s and not seeing what you doing wrong. If your work and support your family good and if you don’t maybe you should consider working and supporting your family. Oh by the way Yo-Yo Ma I don’t have any think against you it’s just that you defending Somali men and your ignoring what they do wrong that’s all.
  11. Well done RendezVous I hope Yo-Yo Ma can read your post and use it some day.
  12. Gambar soo jiido Welcom
  13. Look man if you want short relationship go for it if not give it up Because when two people work together the relationship never works. When you’re training someone she be saying “why where you too close to her or why were you laughing with her†:mad: