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  1. There's no avatar that I particularly like. So I just picked the screaming anime guy. better than Snoopy anyways Admin, can I link to another site for my avatar, or do I have only those choices in the gallery?
  2. Hey, this is pretty cool! And I got to be the first one to "like" this
  3. Are you by any chance learning Chinese, Libaax? If so, care to translate? I didn't actually realize that the shell-looking thing the cars were driving underneath was actually the bus until near the end of the video LOL but yeah it looks cool.
  4. I don't understand why they don't have a machine doing this work, maybe they're too cheap to buy one. These guys are gonna end up with arthritis by the age of 40 and are probably making the equivalent of $0.25/hr. Alxamdulillah for living in Canada!!
  5. Baluug

    Ebay Q's

    I've never used Ebay before but I've heard about enough scams that I would never use it, especially to buy a $1400 engine. Besides, if you're rich enough to afford a Sequoia, you're rich enough to just buy a new car
  6. LOL that guy's got some moves, especially when he almost jumps into the girl
  7. I'm not much of an environmentalist but at least I'm not leaving much of a carbon footprint because I live really close to my work so it's not far to drive, plus I'm a cheapo so I don't idle my car for very long. And I do occasionally recycle.
  8. Baluug


    Here's a few examples of sampling by rap artists. All versions are good songs. Example #1 Michael McDonald-I Keep Forgettin'(1982) Example #2 Glenn Frey-You Belong to the City(1985) Jay-Z feat. Blackstreet-City is Mine(1998) Example #3 Kraftwerk-The Man-Machine(1978) MC Lyte-Cha Cha Cha(1989) BONUS:Jay-Z feat. Foxy Brown-Sunshine(1997)
  9. Originally posted by rudy-Diiriye: find some skirts for the E so I can get some funk. Yeah I remember that song......
  10. Baluug


    Driving and flying are the only good ways to get around in Canada.
  11. Yeah nigga, I gon' apply fo' dis muh-f**ka an' get myself a J-O-bizzle fo' shizzle!
  12. 1 box of Kraft Dinner 1 pot of water Boil pasta until soft Drain water Add cheese powder and 1 tbsp margarine Mix until orange
  13. I remember about 10 yrs ago when i worked in the slaughterhouse, someone had written in one of the bathroom stalls, "RAMADON IS FOR A$$HOLES" That was the first time I had ever heard about ramadan, and if that statement is true, then may Allah SWT make me the biggest a$$hole ever
  14. Ramadan kareem to all my abaayos and aboowes
  15. The mosques in Calgary have all said we're starting on Wednesday.