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  1. Most useless teams/departments IT and Finace - and yet without them the ship sinks.....they r like a bunch of weirdos that cannot stand anyone but IT and Finance. You ask for a spreadsheet or help with Excel...you get a reply which usually consists of explanation of how u you do it urself and nothing on why they wont do it for u!!! ME: My pc is playing up IT: Switch it off and turn on again ME: That has not worked IT: Have you tried to switch it off and switiching it on again... (saying this as if this is a different sugesstion to the first) ME: Whats the underspend of the budget Finance: Work it out yourself ME: Okay but ofcourse in my head I am really saying ''I hope you fall over your feet and lose your ability to add things up I mean it aint ma fault ur single right now.....and they know u rely on them the useless things Big time solution: email your needs and copy the director into it....usually works..they come running Sorry I am letting out steam ...lol
  2. helooo What do you do when your an assistant is using the damn photocopying machine..... Would you.. 1. Wait politely and let him finish the work 2. Inform him of the donuts and chocolates that has just come in as a diversion 3. Tell him that you have to do very manager/officer things and so need it asap 4. Threaten to leave your job and give up on life altogether if he does not leave. 5. Cry
  3. How did my inncoent question of career prospects for a future mom turn into a burning discussion on stamina, men and cleaning of all things lol Hmmmmm...............................
  4. I like the idea of being a housewife...i think it is nice but after a while a girl needs to get back her independance lol
  5. I am not really keen on children related careers lol It seems that the need for flexibilty would mean low pay - often does right Valenteenah - id like to know examples of companies with family friendly policies. You dont really often know just 'how' friendly they are until its too late. And they usually would boast it for diversity/equality reasons but boasting and implementing is two different things maybe...i dont know
  6. Hey girls It seems to me in the time taht I have been a silent reader that ladies at SOL are very smart and are doing well for themselves career wise and it is so nice to see ma sisters making it for themselves. Girl Power!! lol any ideas on what careers are really good for mothers. I am 23 and one day I will get married and have kids. I want and thinking of getting into a career that is flexible to a mother's needs and pays well at the same time before i get married so transition is easier . I dont want to just sit in the house and abandon my work aspirations. Something that will allow me to be independant and a good mother at the same time. What kind of jobs are good for that. Needs to be good dosh LOL
  7. I think I will do an e-petition. All Somali guys must WEAR A SUIT AT ALL SOCIAL OCCASIONS!! Or half a suit / smart dressed. No trainers I think a suit can make the most unattractive guy look attractive (or do my eyez need testing) lol. I love a man in a suit! Any supporters for this e-petition. Sophist - u might wana mention this at your next man gathering LOL. I am serious about this people.
  8. See thats the thing I also think your personal style is to some etxent determined by which sector you are in!! How many private sector people do you know that walk in to Primark. I work in the not for profit sector and its all about dry elegance, less serious and more fluffy and light hearted in fashion.But thats not because we cant afford it tho.....voluntarty sector jobs are comparable to public ones. Good dosh lol. It is the environment you are in which has an impact on your fashion choice. So next time I see a brother who is wearing a dashing suit...i know which sector he is at!! lol A sweeping generalization? Prejudice even?
  9. See thats the thing - we all dress differently. And I am gald that is the case! To be honest. Yes i think it is about confidence in the end, confidence to try something new, defy the morm and be unique. In our culture, there is little space for individual expression i suppose, and its ironic how it is fashion which really defines who you are!!
  10. Thanks hayam and it is an issue....but not the biggest lol But avoiding the mirror is an interesting suggestion..... Is a woman really capable of doing that?
  11. Girls I think there is something wrong with me. No seriously. Am I the only one that changes her personal (fashion) style every six months???? Six months a go I was dressing like I was forty (Ya that bland), now I am wearing the sixties. I dont get it. I don't have a signature style or a comfort style like alot of Somali gals who dress so elegantly do. I am 24 and like I dont have any identity issues either - for those of you who are inclined to explain things from a psychologoical perspective. I also had a good and nourishing childhood. So no issues there. So how come I change my fashion so often? And i cant seem to stick with a partciular style. I see this as a negative. Ideas? U been thru this? As a woman what is your personal style / fashion. What inspires you when choose your clothing? Favourite shops? Ps: Currently I like Zara and Laura Ashely. Pricy tho.
  12. Hi all I dont know why but recently i have been really engaged in the language issue and its capacity to wooo and romance. Within the lines of religion ofcousre, i think the somali language is really romantic - more so than french right? Am i crazy or it is that the softer the language, the more romantic? Please tell me which language do u think i should be encouraging my future husband to learn / or already know?I would be really interested. lol Now i thaught long and hard. I say somali. crazy huh? lol
  13. hiba

    what men want

    Some of you have seen that movie about what women want by Mel gibson. What i cant figure out is what MEN WANT From women they would like to get to know and spend their lives wit???? I know all guys are different but there must be something that most guys would want. Like a good girl or a streaky one, educated or not so educated, submissive or independant - u know what i mean? So can u guys (and girls from experience) set the records straight.......
  14. HEy gurl word of advice walaal just bring up a conversation wit ur ex and since u said u guyz r friendz then it should go smoothly.im sure yall would get to the point of gettin back together again and if u do dont act foolish as you said before and cherish every moment sweetie cuz u never know wat tomorow may bring.and as for ur mom talk to her bout how u feel and that if ure not ready ure not ready and u arent doin anythin to be selfish.im sure she'll understand abaayo.hope everythin works out for u babygurl and all da best!!hope i helped u!