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  1. well they say in islam when two people are in private place together shatan is the third party. ever heard of that one sis? well maybe its time you should do a bit more research as to what your religion says about this matter? iam confused as it looks like it you haven't mach of a problem with this guy because sis if you really were you would have dealt with him long time ago. common you better then that so get straight with him. you shouldnt look that weak that you need advice and help, if he still isn't leaving you alone hit him at the ***** seriously. good luck.
  2. lucky sis walahi i have the same problem, well this time ima try to really stay awya from the fatty typical somali aftur that every somali family has na'mean? well i think you should start getting serious and start drinking more water after aftur(not drink or milkshakes)so that it will make you full and take space so you haven't much for food and desert! well thats my trick but make sure you do eat alot of fruits and veges, wholemeal breads and salads (greeny stuff) have a balanced diet. good luck and ramadan kaarim!
  3. salamz how cum you guys already started fasting? with us were starting tommorrow- monday Nwayz ramadan karam to all and thanx for the post zakariya that was nice of you...
  4. people, you guys are making me confused. ARE THEY SOMALIS OR NOT? damn you all are making me weery! make up your minds. salamz.
  5. salamu calaikum dhamaan, Although i knew iam not supposed to be here, and this question is just for the brothers,,, but i can't help and just can't believe the way you (somali men) think. :mad: ok if a girl has already been married fefore does it mean she is bad and like some say waxa loo soo furay bay qabtaa, but this of-course isn't always the case. What you guys are missing out on is waxaad laa kulantaan waa waxuu ilaahay kuu qooray. haadii aad la kulamto qof aan wanaagsanayn what are you going to do? be stuck with them suffering for the rest of your life? would you as a man to so? i don't think so so why recommend it for the sisters? she is also naflay and want the best. what bout your sisters? so waxaan waa naasib. Waxa ayku xiran tahay qofkaad laa kulamtoo, and you should always pray, unfortunately for some girls naasibku wuu ka xumaada so brothers don't go hard on them, because as i said she too would like a caring and trustworthy husband it just that maybe ilaahay baana u qoorin (nuune). salamz...
  6. bari nomad if you will look back at what i said you will see the word ISSUE, and not topic. how many times have you actually come across the same things said about SOMALILAND and ppl won't leave it alone it's like they are so in need of them that they continouesly keep commenting about thier affairs. Imean if you don't really care why brag on about somalilands independence and try to find out what its about now etc. Well what does that really prove? you really are jealous or somehow aad baad uga xumtahay it's independence. i think you are missing out on the fact that s/land was always by itself. when it got its independance it didnt get it from the italians like the south, it got it from the british and was a different nation.i know you gonna try to twist what i say but thats the truth. The teens section? yeah maybe should i say how more civilized the teens are than the ppl that come to the political side of the sol. Atleast their ain't anything thats got to do with qabyalad. so brother don't think you sound so mature that you can tell me facts about sol and where to go. YOUR SHOCKED? yeah i see your nick says Bari nomad and i ain't got a problem with it. i respect who ever regardless of where they come from. So sorry if i shocked you, hope you didnt actually go in a coma. And by the way, Iam from djibouti, i put it as my sol website for a while. SEE iam multicultural, i ain't rational making a big deal outa everything,,, it doesn't really matter what you have as a name or webpage or whatever,,, at the end of the day,,, u r what u r,,,salamz.
  7. BLAH,,, BLAAH,,,BLAH BLAH,,BLA BLAH GET SUMTHING WORTH READING POSTER!i have encountered this same issue probably for doznes of times and it's making the political section of sol bloody BORING
  8. also rayaana the older the sister gets the more likely men don't want her. just keep that in mind too. Qaa Qac, brother i believe it all depends on the individual. if you go for a girl and u look at her age before her personal/moral being then you got it wrong. plus someone who truelly loves you wouldn't look at that would he? and one more thing, don't tell me somali men are actually young when they want to marry. because they are not. they are 38-40 and they marry a girl back in somalia who's 17-18. that's child abuse since these men could be old enough to be their fathers. So why is it important that the girl must be young and the man its a different story? and let me tell you a girls body doesnt change even in her thirties if she never marries so don't give me that crap about "oh her body just ain't the same and she gets ugly" salamz.
  9. flying stil dee hada ball yarra suug waxa maxad uga aqbalysaa? just kidding Do you remember that time we stumbled onto the bridge in Georgia overlooking a moonlit river, and we just held each other close, watching the waves gently lap on the shore? What about all the Sundays we lay in bed together until early afternoon? firstly astagfurallah shame on you you shouldnt sleep with her, hold her, or even come near here b4 marraige. :eek: Did you know that most of my friends are amazed that a woman of your caliber would even be going out with me, much less be interested in marrying me? They're always talking about how smart, funny, and drop-dead gorgeous you are. I have no choice but to agree. When I take a step back and look at things, I mean at your curves, your booty and thighs, there's no reason someone so luminous should be interested in a guy like me. Of course, I always point out to them that your looks will be pretty well faded by 2008. But when I think how stunning you are now, I can only shake my head in disbelief. another QAT addict, first you wont even afford the wedding, luxury furniture, my jwellerry-diamonds(girls best friend) etc unless u get it all on loan which by the way won't be going under my account-name. Without you, my life is incomplete. At least, until I meet another gorgeous xaawo. So, please,Xaliimo ... Say you'll grow early middle-aged with me. middle aged aa? ka kac warra! your probably already middle aged so whats the fuss? lets say by 45 years of age your still playing salamz.
  10. lexus, AUSTRALIA, AUSTRALIA and no other place than AUSTRALIA seriously after living in australia for quiet a while now i think its got a better living than places like london, USA. Well firstly we are covered even whne we are unemployed and we live in better accomodations than YOU guys. we live in the typical, stretched, one story beautiful houses while you guys in london or usa, canada are most of the time living in rigid, densed, stacked apartments. its also more peaceful, well sydney isnt that peacfull esp eastern suburbs where there are many asian, somali and arab gangs, but states like perth( beautiful) and adelaide . Especially if you are a person that dosent like overpopulated areas, a peice of mind. Move over to aussieland and you will get a the real taste of world paradise not to mention the many canadians moving to mel and sydney because toronto is getting over populated with somalis and is getting dangerous. well downunder is the place to be!
  11. dawaco, sister don't forget an educated sister will educate her children when they cum from scool and her first expression won't be "ahh why don't u wait for your father to cum home and he will help". plus ur children will look up to you and have greator respect for you when your in a higher state and position than the average housewife. well thats what i truely believe. Sistahs shouldn't rush into marriage like they will never get married. They should first finish their studies because they older you get, the harder it will be to actually still carry the book and pen especially when your a female, because you have children that depend on you 24/7. But ofcourse sum sistahs might disagree with me. salamz... :cool:
  12. To wear the Hijaab is certainly NOT an Islamic obligatory on women. It is an innovation (Bid'ah) of men suffering from a piety complex who are so weak spiritually that they just cannot trust themselves! somebody pinch me i must be seeing things or perhaps iam halusinating? :rolleyes: i guess i have to go back to age 6-7 and learn that the hijab wasn't compulsory after all and i could grow up and not worry about it. What i want to know is what source this article was derived from Rudy, becuase whoever wrote it has no knowledge of islam what so ever. assalmu alikum
  13. assalamu aliakum i just read this from jamiatul ulama transvaal and thought i should share it wit my islamic sistahs and brothers here in sol, well if u read it from sum place before try to read it again because it is all true and a thing we should remind ourselves to be closer to Allah shw. The Paradox Of Our life The paradox of our time in history is that we have taller buildings, but shorter tempers; wider freeways, but narrower viewpoints; we spend more, but have less; we buy more, but enjoy it less. We have bigger houses and smaller families; more conveniences, but less time; we have more expert, but more problems; more medicine but less wellness. We have multiplied our possessions, but reduced our values. We talk too much, love too seldom, and lie too often. We have learnt how to make a living, but not a life; we have conquered outer space but not inner space, we have added years to life, but not life to our years. We have been all the way to the moon and back, but have trouble crossing the street to meet the new neighbour. We have cleaned up the air, but polluted the soul; we have split the atom, but not our prejudice. We have higher incomes, but lower morals; we’ve learnt to rush but not to wait; we have become long on quantity, but short on quality. These are the times of fast foods and slow digestion, the times of tall men and short character; steep profits and shallow relationships. These are the times of world peace but domestic warfare; more leisure, but less fun; more kinds of food but less nutrition. These are the days of quick trips, Disposable diapers, throw away morality, one night stands, overweight bodies, and pills that do everything from cheer, to quiet, to KILL. These are the days of two incomes, and more divorce; of fancier houses but broken homes. It is a time when there is too much in the show window and nothing in the stockroom; a time when technology can bring this letter to you, and a time when you can choose either to make a difference or delete it. Indeed, it’s all true.
  14. Nawal sis welcome and salaan qimobadan, thanx for all that nice info, i agree wit QAC QAAC its good to see sumthin new though i didnt manage to read all of it coz i got class nad my bus is due in 5 mins sh*$#t gotta run. well keep em commin nawal (nice name by the way. ) salams.
  15. ali somali YOU are so lucky, man i'd die to finish my studies right now and go travel and work back home. Brother it doesnt matter where you are from you are welcomed as long as you have a degree, coz beleive me no qabilist no matter how much hatred he has for you will stop you coz the country is so in need of it. See people can steal your wealth, assests etc but they will never take your knowledge away from you. That is a really important saying i was given by an old teacher of mine. so go for it. Just ask Yourself: whats in it for me not my qabil members because they aint the ones supporting u financially. well i have years left till my post graduate degree and cant wait till i finish studies and go relax and work back home so u should see what you have is highly valued. good luck.
  16. ameenah good one u r the first to say sumthin sooooooooo true. moti, alla i wish i new what that meant, maybe moti stands for lonliness, fear, lust because brother u seem to be deeply hurt Let me guess... ur sweetheart didnt give it to u, or maybe she refused ur hand in marriage or etc and u come here taking all ur anger on us somali females no matter who and u dont even know all of us individually, assalting us, verbally abusing us,degrading our loyalty and dignity to the lowest degree, comparing us to i dont want to say but u know what. So who's to blame? What goes around, comes around and i wonder why so many somali men marry around 2 TO 3 WIFES WHEN THEY HAVE EVERYTHING WIT JUST ONE BUT YET THEY ARE NEVA SATISFIED AND WANT MORE. Yet you nomad males say we are fussy and nver satisfied. Allah knows all and is well aquianted with all things, i feel sorry for some of my fellow married somali sistahs especially in the west.Allah will surely ask u all with how u served ur family esp ur wife and what will u all say? OHH which one the fisrt or the third? i wonder :rolleyes:
  17. jamaal! i don't get it, :confused: first when i read ur post i was like mansh allah where is this youth org until i reached the last few lines. MARRIAGE? is that the whole aim of this so called " islamic youth Org"? i think thats a bit wrong coz the ppl dont actually know each otha but anywaz everybody is different and esp sistahs and brothas that convert to islam here in Australia are getting linked and married in that way and its mansha allah excellent coz it's hard when u have just entered a new religion and u kind of think every person is neglecting u, so it's useful in that sense. bit iam sure hardly any somalis marry that way. WAYBA KA FAANAN EH and they will be like hoogtay na amba waar maad iska quusatay?
  18. f_still sister those furnitures are nice, Exotique, beautiful, breathtaking etc. but theres one problem " they are to damn white and wont last long" commin you know us somali'? couples straight away have kinds after thier first or second year coz they get bored of just seein each other and waking up with no-one else every morning. how bout if you mix and match? like with the bedroom set you can get the nice brown and light brown, rich in colour italian suite. Believe me they are really nice. The texture is very nice and with the couches try getting creamy, light brownish coulur and get a different colour for the carpet, coz once stained it leaves the mark for the rest of its usage years. ANd the dining set is just perfect but you've done a great job, they are really nice. well good luck and congradulates 4 ur Abti
  19. d_princess that was sumthin girl i love ur poem Caged. I actually read it so much by know i know it of by heart, its strange but that really banged me on the head and i keep on readingit and knowing each time it hurts more than the last ime but i read it again coz i know how it feels. I'am caged and need to get out. insh-allah i will not soon thats all i know. well keep them commin sis coz iam becoming a fan. well heres sum of mine, sumtin close to urs. DARK CHILD She sits in a gloomy room, Shrivelling with cold and doom She utters with weeps as thoughts recede, And destined to nothing less than sorrow and deceive. Lost in her own mind She’s too weak to fight back and only flows with the tide The pain with each breath seems to be much stronger, And fate assures this pain to prolong much longer. Ever since she could remember, She was a child of bliss and tender, Her face so delicate, sweet as the doves, Always smiling, its aim was to spread love. Her attacker couldn’t care less of her Taking the blame she’s left to bear, “ Who will listen after all?” she cries, The earlier I tell, the earlier I die. “ It’s only for the best”, they will say Believing their way is going to repay All that’s been possessed and taken away Expecting her to just forget like it’s some childs play. Too hard to forgive the tears shed, Too hard to forget how much she bled She doesn’t know how to deal with all the fear And the man whose voice so crystal clear. Meanwhile on the other side of the city Her friend too is experiencing the same misery Once like precious stones, living in vain, They both now share and endure the same pain.
  20. waaq, if s/land was getting financial help from abroad countries it would have been rich and very rich by now. But it's not and people esp the authority are struggling prosper s/land and meet the demands for a still developing nation. so i disagree with you in this matter.
  21. r_v agree 100%, guys are always untrue to u nowadays and girls u should know betta shaqsi i read that joke from somewhere in sol but totally it was diferrent. Anyways ur point is? u guys just make those up to use it against us, as some weapon or proof or sumthin but commin at the end of the day, how would u guys manage without us in this world?
  22. when i fisrt heard of that hadith i kind of was disaprovinng of it but when i found out why, i asked for taubah. sistahs i know it is hard for u *** to accept it but it's what cums down form the almighty, and as muslims we hear and obey. Yacuub, brother i dont think even if the woman would want it back in return, she will not sat it or think of actually asking for it. And plus why shoulld she, theres more respect if the guy does. slamz
  23. Aight saectioner ur fogettin sumthin. let me remind u: where's my Diraac? :mad: i love those shoes though, those brown boots were sexy but the mini dresses and skirts ain't my thing. And those Sunnies in your first post were hot and i mean so so hot. Well dont forget bout my diraac
  24. African, thanx for sharing that article but i think i know all bout it from two months back. well i know u disagree wit what Djibouti's doing because baisically your not in control of it. What its doing is merely protecting their security. i think thats what every country does? even the most developed ones. You cannot stay in any country without a visa or citizenship. There are laws, to protect every person. If you want to stay in a particular country, you do not smuggle in, you stay with a visa. IF you dont have one, you baisically can get away with anything that might harm others. So you do not look at things only from your perspective.and those people had enough time to leave. its not like they were thrown out on the spot and the government entered their homes. There were no destructions. It was publically announced. salamz.