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  1. Wow, beautiful poems Simple_Sista and BOB. I haven't been on here for a while but I had to post a little something of my own (an inspiration from you guys). I Miss You I can feel it through my veins, Taste the absence of what remains, Prediction at it’s best, Yet you haven’t even left, I remain to disclose, I can feel it my bones, I’m missing you… A piece of me has fallen, Trailing right behind you, Waiting for you to pick it up, And return what you threw, You’re not even half way out the door, And it seems impossible, That I’m missing you… Is this what it’s like? The tension, the suspense, That you’d walk back, And come back to your sense, But you never left, you stayed, You never really was gone, I must be insane, Because I’m missing you… .:love and peace:.
  2. 1- When a man has a birthday, he takes a year off, why does a woman take 10 years off? Is that a trick question? 2- Should you never run after buses and women, as you will always be left behind? If you keep running, eventually she will notice that because of your loud gasps of breath...she will slow down only to let you catch up but then will continue whether you stay behind is your choice. 3- Is there such a thing called "Little Lie"? It's niether the truth nor a complete lie, but it satisfies both ends which justifies the means. So yes, there is. 4- Do women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition? I don't think so. 5- How is it that a two-pound box of chocolates can make a woman gain 10 pounds? Who said this? Where? How? I never had gone fat over chocolate maybe icecream but never chocolate! Wait...this has nothing to do with me. But none the less, I think the chocolate had hidden ingrediants. 6- Why is it that if you grab the remote control and flip the channels, it is Ok, but if a man does it, it's Annoying? Because it is! 7- What would you send to a sick florist? Give her the 2 pound chocolate with the secret ingrediants. 8- Is it true that women will never be equal to men until they can walk down the streets boldly and still think they are attractive? ... 9- Does vacuuming count as aerobic exercise? Vacuuming, dishes, cooking, sweeping and moping...Yes then thats aerobics. 10- Don't you think that beauty is only a light switch away? Not if your mugly. That might take a plastic surgeon and a lot of help. Why is man the only creature that goes to sleep when he is not sleepy and gets up when he is sleepy? Dude! Not only men, women too...seriously! If I said anything that offended you, the post will self-destruct in thirty seconds! .:peace n luv:.
  3. Have you ever tried rolling your eyes to the back of your head? It's fun, try it. But don't stay that way to long, it might get stuck! :eek: And thanks for noticing I'm back Wilo! What's popping man? .:peace n luv:.
  4. Interesting, weird, cool, bizzare, original story! I like the whole plot but the lines are cheesy...Please don't hurt me for saying that and if you feel offended the post will self-destruct in thirty seconds. P.S. Did I mention I'm back? Oh yeah, I did. Ignore this as well. .:peace n luv:.
  5. Ahaha! Thanks for the warm welcome Nuune. You still have your witty remarks I see. Maac Maac .:peace n luv:.
  6. What? Did you say another year has gone by? I thought we were in 2003. Seriously! Lions, tigers and bears oh my! Lions, tigers and bears oh my! Okay On the real though, I want to save money for the first time in my life instead of wasting it on trivial things. Damn me and my shoes and purses and anything else I wasted money on. I don't even wear them any more! I think I'm getting carried away. I will leave now. P.S. I'm back! .:peace n luv:.
  7. Hey peeps! Guess who's back? Back again? I am back Tell your friends! (Not that most of you care but anywho...) I notice this thread and it got me cracking up. Am I the only one who finds these postings funny? What we should all do is relax. Take deep breaths and raise your voice!!! I think our capability to scream is amazing, it might even help us in situations where a mass murderer is attacking you. So the next time your friends get loud, join. P.S. I missed this wonderful site! P.S.S. If anything above offended you, ignore it. It will self destruct in thirty seconds. .:peace n luv:.
  8. Well since you guyz are on this topic...I am not and I repeat I am not the next Trina wannabe. I like that title cause it soundz fresh and classy. yea...thatz all...bye bye. .:peace n luv:.
  9. ^^Ur being sarcastic, right? LOL Anywayz Pearl what happened happened, just thank Allah nothing happened and next time be careful and don't let anyone in. Who knows it could be a pakistani next at your door (kidding). p.s. I usually act like I'm not in the house when someone knocks on the door that arent my friends or my mom's girlfriends. They end up walking away, it works like magic . .:peace n luv:.
  10. I like any subject that allows me to piss off the teachers. Make them work for their money!!! LOL. I'm evil eh. Okay seriously, I love World Issues N International Law Studies. Interesting stuff. .:peace n luv:.
  11. I like any subject that allows me to piss off the teachers. Make them work for their money!!! LOL. I'm evil eh. Okay seriously, I love World Issues N International Law Studies. Interesting stuff. .:peace n luv:.
  12. Thats A Joke Yo! Lol. Steam. Ahah. Well I think what makes a women beautiful is when she knows she beautiful. I'm not talking about being concieded or snobby. .:peace n luv:.
  13. I understand how fusterating it is to see sisters and brothers change over night from better to worse. But there is no point in telling them they getting dumber or they're losing culture/religion. We've tried many times, now we just gotta let Allah take care of it. "Only God could judge them". .:peace n luv:.
  14. You tell'em Girl! .:peace n luv:.