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  1. ********* ******** ******** ******** _____________ Easy on caayda, duqa. [ May 10, 2007, 12:43 AM: Message edited by: Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar ]
  2. Violet... Please spare me the liberal drivel, I understand that the man must have had traumatic psychological issues, and that led him to kill. I still don't think ppl should memorialize him. He was still a killer and the fact that he had a few screws unhinged doenst change the fact.
  3. She's a dork, why is she getting so butt hurt about someone not memorializing a killer
  4. Look "Peacenow" i consider myself to be incredibly progressive,but there are limits. As someone had noted earlier, 30 homosexuality was illegal in the UK. So am i to expect child molestation and beastiality to be legal in 2037? As for the guy I saw at the function, I wont go outta my way to find him and spread his news, but if i do run into him, i will bring it up b/c this dude can marry a xalimo and spread aids.
  5. First off, let me start by saying that I know this story has been beaten to death on this forum. But this time I think it has a twist on it, b/c I found out about a Somali who is trying to live like a normal man but really is in the closet about his sexuality. Anyways, one of my co-workers convinced me to come over to her place for a dinner function. When I got there, I noticed there was a clearly gay man who was there at the function, he turned out to be my co-worker's roommate. I was trying to avoid him like the plague and also find a b-line out of this function. Then, he came up to me and asked whether I was Somali, and I said yes. Then he proceeded to tell me that his boyfriend was Somali, my jaw dropped with sheer shock. Then his faggotass boyfriend walked in to the function, and he was clearly shocked to see a fellow Somali there. The Somali guy is what you would call a manly man, in that he does not act like a girl the way some gay dudes act. And I have seen him in the Somali community before, but I don’t particularly know him. Anyways, within 15 minutes I was outta there, but it was CRAZY. What scares me is that this brother (if i can call him that) is obviously on the DL and could be with a Somali sister. My question is , should I blow his cover, or take the Clinton policy of don't ask don't tell?
  6. Jaylani or whatever your name is, have you looked at this bile faced baffoon's hair. He has no place to be talking about no one's hair. Oh but wait, his a white man talking about black women, and white men are higher beings in your eyes. YOU WORSHIP THEM (white people) DONT YOU? DISGUSTING
  7. Suicide is haram, and any1 that participates in suicide attacks is going to HELL. Its sad to see this type of tactic in our beloved Somalia.
  8. this is not a fair question. One can ask "Can Muslims build Prosperous Societies today?" and the answer would be a deafining NO. Im sure the obvious counter-point that Malaysia is a prosperous society will be brought up, and the easy answer to that position would be to point out that all the wealth in Malaysia is in the hands of the non-Muslim Chinese Malay. And please do not use Dubai as an example, what with there near slave labor building all those gaudy construction projects.
  9. I like to call these TFG clowns the Tigrey Fraud Gov't
  10. ^^^^I agree with you Castro. You see i have questioned the real intentions of the supporters of Meles' henchmen. Sadly im coming to the conclusion that they are nothing more than Collaborators
  11. ^^^^I agree with you Castro. You see i have questioned the real intentions of the supporters of Meles' henchmen. Sadly im coming to the conclusion that they are nothing more than Collaborators
  12. GD im afraid the only reason you support the Tigrey Fraud Gov't is based on your hardened qabilist tendencies, it is far from nationalism. You see a nationalist would never condone the violent take over of his homeland. Peace in Somalia
  13. Your right Castro, the healthcare situation in the US is a scandal. And all this talk about low unemployment rates in the US is a facade, because what ppl often dont mention is that millions of Americans are working 40hrs a week in dead end service jobs and cant afford to even buy medicine if they were to get sick. People that are on welfare in Canada and in european countries live way better lives than the much talked about "hard working American". Heck at least Somalis in Canada and the EU dont have to worry about the constent threat of a "wallet biopsy" everytime they go to the hospital.
  14. This is good news indeed. The reason Somalis are getting off welfare in the US (especially in MN) and not in Canada and even in the EU is because of public policy differences in the two countries and not just b/c of it being harder to find jobs in Canada. With the passage of the Welfare to Work Act under the Clinton administration it became exponentially harder to stay on welfare rolls. While this law has many serious flaws (forcing single mothers to leave their children to go to work, etc) it nonetheless had far reaching positive effects on the populace that is often on Welfare. Something that needs to be understood is that there has been a strong paradigm shift to the far-right in the US, and the godfathers of the right, people like Ronald Reagan made it their mission to gut services that helped the poor. At the same time a shift to the far-right especially vis-à-vis social programs has not been witnessed in Canada and EU(especially in Scandinavian countries). Therefore, it is easier for a Somali to get by on hand-outs in the EU and Canada, as opposed to a Somali welfare recipient in the US. Sadly, the tide that has gotten rid of Welfare for the most part in the United States is more menacing than just wanting people to be self-reliant. This same right wing tide is attacking workers rights in the US, especially when it comes to organizing their own unions. Paradoxically, I would argue it makes more sense for Somalis in the EU and Canada to get off their collective tushes and get a job, because your protections and benefits are much grader in the non-American western world.