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  1. * Always looking out for one another Not true, what ab total lie. :rolleyes:
  2. Jawahiir you are right, I shouldn't be saying that to a brother. :rolleyes: Whatever!
  3. I personally reckon that those ladies derserve what they got and I am not trying to be/sound evil or anything like that. Good for them~ They will be going to staright to hell and no where else but they. What was she thinking in the first place? :confused: I guess he out smarted her. Girls can be so foolish sometimes. Ignortant, bi!ches
  4. Some people are so sad that they would do anything to get attention from others. Where is the self-confidences?
  5. ^ How can you not agree with me. The funny thing is that you are a turk when everyone is your cousin, seriously~
  6. a double quarter pounder with cheese and biggie size fries and one mcchicken. Haram, I hope you choke on it, if you do eat that :rolleyes:
  7. Just look at everyone representing the country that they are living in...Come on guys, :rolleyes:
  8. I shell not bother with Nazra since she is below my level. :rolleyes: Uff, Uff My gosh, the wedding was so much fun...I really enjoyed myself...
  9. Thankz PrettyYoungThang, Lefty :rolleyes:
  10. Do you think a woman can have a career and still maintain her family? How? I believe a woman can have a career and still maintain a family and I am not saying this because it's my opinion but the fact that I know someone close to me that has a career and is maintaining a family of her own and of course with her husband there too. When I get married I am not planning to be a housewife but also to have a career. What is the point of been a housewife? When you don't have that much education? No point. At least if you are a housewife you must graduation from Uni. Life is not just been about having a family and knowing your tradition but also to practice your deen. What on earth happened to deen. The only thing that I think is impossible is... Deen + Career + Family = Impossible Now that is what I call impossible. I believe you can't have it all. It's either family and deen or career and family. Career and deen, that's a big N-O. I myself would say that I am a modern woman. And I also know where I stand with my tradition.
  11. Darman I hope I don't look like food to ya, Thankz Instinct-Poet Nazra no one asked you to come on and roll ya eyes at me, Tuff
  12. Hello Everyone You can tell us what your thinking about or feeling at the moment, or even a while back or something like that~ Or if you need to get somethig off your chest, no other better place then to do it here, Right NOW~ Shell we begin with me, I think we might~ At the moment, I am so tied I have to go to sleep and I can't wait for 2morrow it's my best friends wedding and I am going to be the bridesmaid and my ex is going to be the best man, can things get any worse? I can't seem to stand the bloody ******* now, I don't know what I saw in him in the beginning. All I can seem to think about is killing him, but I thought that was kind of evil. I think ama leave it to that~ If I end up having a good night I might come and tell you guys about it. As for now...It's good-night from Australia LOVE