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  1. Lovely images. It's hard to imagine the strides over these last few years. I hope that continues and grows, iA.
  2. Somalis need to do a better job, as a community, to integrate into the wider society of these disparate countries in which we find ourselves. If not, we will continue to do a disservice to ourselves and our new homes.
  3. Fee is now waived, but visa is still required.
  4. Re-establishing links with the world? This bothers me to no end. There are already many such links, by sea and air. Dubai is the old way of thinking.....see below for shipments/cargo flights to a number of ports including Berbera.
  5. *Ibtisam, thanks for the informative posts. Not often do you find that in this section..
  6. 'Undiscovered' is a tad stretch.
  7. Very nice. Much better than I was led to believe.
  8. This is how I know I'm getting old...
  9. Somali lands Canada (four provinces) US (two states) Iceland (round the island) UK (London) Ireland (Dublin) Netherlands (Amsterdam) Italy (Milan/Rome/Florence) Spain (Barcelona/Granada) China (Beijing/Hong Kong) Indonesia (Bali) India (Delhi/Agra/Goa) Hope for more!
  10. ^^I was wondering why the negative focus on the victims. Particularly from those who are living such comfortable lives.....
  11. Walee somaalidu yaab weeye. They don't even have the jobs secured and they are already making demands! But since we are the subject, I'll need a Villa overlooking Liido Beach.... Nin Yaaban, these are civilian roles but I'm sure you could take on some additional paid duties...'cleaning up remnants' of the recently departed, as they would say!
  12. Even in this tragedy of mass exodus, a sliver of hope and positivity can be retrieved. Just look at similar communities and how influential they have become globally, and how they have been able to contribute to re-development in their homelands. The Lebanese come to mind. The key will be timing and maintaining a connection with extended family. Perhaps a newly minted 'Lions of Africa' will emerge.
  13. For those contemplating a return to the homeland, here are a number of opportunities by the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM). Everything from administrative openings, chief of staff, civil engineers, logistics, communications, safety and security, medical, public affairs, and humanitarian affairs. Salaries seem to start around 70k USD for the "P2" classifications. Closes mid November. Best of luck!
  14. Clearly not Somali....Ethiopian or Eri I would wager.