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  1. Resilience, Self-reliance and most of all believing in your own abilities.
  2. The farce that is Somalia: Farmaajo who couldn't get rid of his own Prime Minister Deni who can't replace one of his army leaders Ahmed Madoobe who can't hold s/elections in Garbahaaray Prime Minister Rooble who can't dismiss one of his minister or head of Security Minister for Defence who can't dismiss of the Chief of the Police Minister for Foreign Affairs who can't replace an Ambassador. The Parliament who can't seem to agree on 32 MPs from Gedo.
  3. Somalia's Parliament is like a drug lord's meeting place, it is a very active place in its own way - if you know what I mean. The ultimate question before Somalia's people is, how much do you trust them? Do you really honestly trust them to do the best for your country? Coming to your comments about Somaliland. Somaliland, could in a heartbeat hold an election of any sort be it parliamentary or presidential. No doubts. But holding elections is not the whole story. What are you gaining or losing, is equally important to consider when it comes to these sort of things. And that is the questions that Somalilanders ask themselves. Somaliland is a Republican system which means its President is elected by the people. Unlike Somalia which the parliament selects the president. So the parliament is not the centre of the universe in Somaliland. They are legislator branch only. So if today Faarah is sitting on the seat, there is no point in replacing that Faarax with another Faarax - just for the f*ck of it. Unless you are gaining a lot from that expensive exercise - in terms of improved system, in terms of lessing the fall out of an election like 1p1v which has a lot of potential to generate heated debated. So when you consider the whole process, and do Cost/Benefit analysis, then it is worthwhile to do the next step. And that is how we approach things in Somaliland. Elections itself doesn't mean anything unless it is improving the people, you are learning from it, and you are aiming for the best possible elections you are able to do.
  4. The issue of mistaken moon sightings is an age old problem. And it doesn't seem to go away. Saudi Government still uses human visual confirmation to determine this. The same goes for most other countries.
  5. Mohamed Haji Ibrahim Egal was not part of the SNM. In fact, like @Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaarmentioned, those years when the conflict in Somaliland was still fresh and Former Somaliland President Abdirahman Tuur and Aided Junior were in the progress of creating Sal-Balaadh. So it is completely understandable that Egal could have wanted to weaken the Tuur/Aided Alliance by supporting the RRA.
  6. Laa xawla walaa quwah. I see Habaar-qabe indho-cade is a Parliamentarian. God help Somalia. Kani waa one of the most ruthless warlord ever. He has his own armed gangs/******** that have Isbaarooyin in Shabelle Dhexe all the way to gates of Mogadishu. I was listening to a Radio program about how the poor farmers are struggling to make ends meet because they are not able to make any profit since the Isbaarooyinka along the key roads take all the money.
  7. The quality of the source matter. This is not a source that is known to cheap talk.
  8. The source of this information is from Dr Gees, a highly qualified indivitual who has served in many capacities both in Siyad Barre's regime and was a very close confidante of Mohamed Haji Ibrahim Egal. Dr Gees is from the same region as @maakhiri1and I don't think he is making this up. This is first person source - xaadir/present when this was happening. And yes, the times/years correspond about the same as you mentioned around the mid 1990s. In the mid 1990s, the Somaliland economy was in fact booming, the livestock market was completely open. The 2000 Carta Conference was the first time Livestock market was politicsed in order to hurt Somaliland and bring them to the Conference. But before that, Somaliland was exporting close to 4 million heads of livestock a year and bringing in lots of cash.
  9. This confirms exactly my comments above. Cash is King. Farmajo bought them out. Farmajo knows the drill.
  10. In South Somalia, Cash is King. There is no tribal affiliation or political or anything whatsoever. If you have the $$$, you can do whatever you want. If Qatar is willing to go hard, they can bring Farmaajo back the brink. Hands down. So don't count Farmaajo or Fahad Yassin out. Specialy considering the current indivituals who make up this parliament is the most corrupted and all know they came through in a questionable and highly unfair process. The people did not vote for them and they know they have only this chance in life to make $$$. The Speaker of Parliament is good to have him on your side but it is not the whole story. All Farmaajo needs is a mandate for another term and these so called Speakers and Deputies will be removed in heart beat.
  11. The world's longest running farce of an election is finally coming to close, even if Gedo region still has no representation. If there is anyone that should be thanked for getting the elections to this stage, it is the relentless "press releases" and behind the scenes line of communication by the Beesha Caalamka. They truly accomplished their "Parenting Role" - never giving up or giving into the childish behaviours or when South Somalia's politicians needed a nappy change. If It wasn't for their efforts, things could have been very different, armed confrontation is a real possibility. With regards to the results, it is as predicted a return of the old guards, in both Upper House and Lower House. But one good thing about the new leadership is that, they are both locals - neither of them left South Somalia for overseas. They know what has been through and understand what is left to do. Hopefully. By comparison, N&N's runner up is a Truck driver from America. If he ended up at the helm of the Parliament as Farmaajo wished, then that would have been disaster. Someone who cannot relate to the situation on the ground should not lead it. Former Truck driver, turned Minister.
  12. This is news to me, Somaliland's President Mohamed Haji Ibrahim Egal contributed financially for the establishment of the RRA group. This is coming from the former Somaliland Foreign Affairs Minister and a close confidante of President Egal, Dr. Mohamed Gees from Laas Qorey, East Sanaag.
  13. 1q1c - I don't see that possible any time soon for South Somalia. Because the ingredients are not there. If 1q1c is ever undertaken, then what took place in the recently farce elections would be a child's play when you consider what will take place in 1q1c setting. The following is required for a 1q1c elections 1. A government that has monopoly on power and can exercise that power in all regions where 1q1c is taking place 2. That 'monopoly' on power should be one that is bestowed on the government by the people not the other way round - i.e. a dictator has monopoly on power but if the people are unwilling, then it is a DOA. 3. There should a power that is opposed to that Government that is able to keep it accountable and make sure it delivers the promises. If you don't have the above, then it is will either become a farce like the one we just saw
  14. I remember this old fella from way back in the days of warlordism. What is he bringing to the table other than he has been through the "Rinse & Repeat" cycle previously?
  15. Latest news is that, he has been fired. The security of the Tent is very much under AMISom hands. But the biggest worry is if Farmaajo is going to level the tent with mortar rounds. Cornered and made irrelevant Farmaajo has become a very dangerous man willing to collude with Alshabab and other nasty underground actors.
  16. With incompetency like the one he showed within the span of hours, he surely is not fit to remain in his job.
  17. Reer Koonfurka wax walba waa qiimo tireen, halkaa waxa ka muuqda waa more than a dozen copies of The holy Quran.