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  1. Two swearing in Ceremonies are taking place in Mogadishu tonight. One for Ceelwaaq MPs and the other Garbahaaray MPs. The swearing in ceremony of CeelWaaq MPs came under attack earlier in the night by unknown gun men who stormed the hotel. Luckily no one died just few who were wounded by the exchange of gun fire.
  2. Xaji, They have a 101 ways to deflect from addressing the sad reality they are in. The brutal reality is not going away.
  3. The Eastern front. The wreckage from Russia's military is overwhelming.
  4. Two parallel Selection processes took place in Gedo region, Somalia. They both selected 16 Member Parliamentarians. From the outset the Garbahaaray selection process looked and felt more genuine than the staged one that was held in Eel-Waaq. However, the staged one in Eel-Waaq will attend in the meeting to elect the Speaker of Parliament which is going to be held in Avisioni tent. Which is a be-fitting end to this farce of an election. For the 3rd Consecutive election cycle in a row, Somalia will seek refuge in the Halane Compound to host its elections of parliamentary speaker and Presidential elections. The message - Mogadishu is not safe. This is a testament to the utter failures of the make-believe government in Mogadishu.
  5. Deni did a reshuffle just few days ago, adding and removing few key people from his administration. If this announcement by Ahmed Karaash is true, then we will expect some changes to Deni's setup. Otherwise, it is just a make-believe announcement that has no bearing on the real running of Deni's administration.
  6. The whole system is just a farce not just this minister. One of things that I keep hearing these last few days is that, the Presidential candidates are all foreign stooges. Like honestly, they even pride themselves "Aree nooh aniga dal (country) hebel ayaan wataa nooh!!!" Waa ba lagu faanaya in sidi ayga lasoo dirsaday. I am sorry but that place has no future.
  7. Meanwhile, Mogadishu is asking the Oil company for a copy of the contract. Mar hore waxaan halkan ku sheegay in la kufsaday magaca "Parliament" Halkan waxan ka sheegaya in magaca "Dawladnimo" la kufsaday.
  8. Somali Government, US Company Dispute Legality of Oil Deal WWW.VOANEWS.COM President, prime minister declare contract with Coastline Exploration Ltd. 'null and void' alleging rules violations The Oil company defends the deal and says all is kosher.
  9. It depends on what is being highlighted. Not all highlights are beneficial, I agree. But when it comes to the very fundamentals of society - then if that is built on fake, fabricated, and non-existent foundations, then that will have a problem not just for today but for anything that is built on top of that foundation. We highlight those fundamentals. A lot of people come here and show nice pictures of Mogadishu. But they never ask themselves, Mogadishu was one of the best cities in Africa before. What has made it into becoming what is it today? They never address the root causes. If you never address the root causes, it will surely come to haunt you sooner or later. So my point here is, don't cry when the proverbial hits the fan again. You can call that, us hating you but it is more like warning you.
  10. We don't wish any il on your folks. We only wish you faced reality forget about keeping "Somalia's Unity" which is a mirage and day-dream, on the expense of addressing your immediate issues. That is all. When we highlight the fallacy and the farcicality of what is going in South Somalia, it is actually for your own benefit. Because the one who asks you to wake up to the facts and reality, is someone that you should be thanking.
  11. Somalia is entering a very dangerous chapter, normalisation of politically motivated killings.
  12. Mortar attack on Parliament building. Wararkii ugu dambeeyey ee hoobiyeyaasha maanta lagu garaacay baarlamaanka - Caasimada Online WWW.CAASIMADA.NET Muqdisho (Caasimada Online) – Wararka naga soo gaaraya magaalada Muqdisho ee caasimada Soomalaiya ayaa sheegaya in goordhow hoobiyeyaal lagu garaacay xarunta Baarlamaanka Soomaaliya ee Villa...
  13. Yes, this is from a few weeks back but still relevant. When Waare says that the Somalia Political clock has been set back to the stage it was at MBagathi. He says in MBaghathi, the International Community only wanted something to come out of it, they didn't give a flying fig about the war criminals, the warlords and all the other colourful bigwigs becoming Parliamentarians. That was all secondary to the main goal of establishing something, anything. The same sort of approach was applied in this case too. The International Community only wants something to come out of this. That is basically the lowest point in expectation of any process, when you just don't care and all you care about is to bring this nightmare to a conclusion whatever it is.
  14. UN Rep starts vetting process for the Speaker of Somalia's corruption laden parliament.
  15. This Sheekh speaks about the dangers of Too Free, Careless, Journalism. Exactly the reasons why these Journalists are now facing charges of false reporting, inventing their own facts and speaking about an issue they have very little knowledge or information about. In the process misleading their viewers and the world. Journalism should be one that is based on facts, seeking information from sources.
  16. Xaaji, that is not true. That is the angle where these journos were reporting but it is far from the actual event. It started as brawl between two inmates and few moments later a number of other inmates tried to join some trying to defuse and others trying to escalate. The prison security fearing it could become a bigger issue used their guns to try to disperse the crowd. That is hardy a definition of "upraising".
  17. I wonder what Muslim scholars would say about this sham farce so called "swearing in" ceremony? In my opinion, they should apologise to the Kitaabka Quranka ah. It doesn't deserve to witness the swearing of men who got into this Parliament through questionable and high unfair process. Quranka Kariimka xaal qaado.
  18. This is a news item. Prison upraising? you surely tuned to a different reality show. Keep watching. It is an election year in Somaliland. Everything is on the table. You will hear a lot of things. But as soon as the elections is done, things will go back to the normal rhythm.
  19. While Somaliland detains journos for disciplinary reasons, we do not kill a single journalist not for the last 31 years. Nada, Zero. While Somalia tops the world for killing journalists. 8 Journalists Killed in 3 Years: The Deplorable State of Press Freedom in Somalia - African Freedom of Expression Exchange WWW.AFRICAFEX.ORG Somalia remains one of the most dangerous places for journalists across the globe. For the fifth year in a row,...