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  1. If you hear a gun shot from your neighbours house, you don't go to the Police and inform about gangs fighting in your neighbourhood. Two completely different stories. Gangs fighting in your neighbourhood is very different from hearing a gunshot from your neighbours house. No, you tell what you know and that is "you only heard gunshots from the direction of your neighbours house". Nothing more and nothing less. Anything more and anything less is just falsifying the story. These so journos are on record of broadcasting unsubstantiated claims such as gun fight occurring in the prison. No. There was no gun fight. A gun fight is between two or more people each holding guns at each other and firing. That is not the case here. It was Prison guard using their guns to bring inmates to obey orders. These journos will be held in detention until they learn their mistakes and make sure they do not reach their own conclusions with any information to back up their claims.
  2. Some people are saying Somalia will hold 1p1v elections in 2026. I say, dream on!! 1p1v elections require a government/administration that has monopoly on power and violence. In the case of South Somalia, including Puntland, that is not the case and in 5 or 10 or even 30 years from today, it won't be the case.
  4. Apparently, their COVID19 vax is not as effective as the Western counterpart. Which is why they still want to enforce a zero tolerance approach, at a time when the rest of the world has moved on.
  5. Russia's flag ship warship of the Black Sea fleet has been sunk off the coast of Ukraine. Ukraine recently acquired from Britain deadly anti-warship missiles. This is probably the end of Russia's Black Sea fleet. They will be hunted one by one. Moskva or Moscow was able to carry up to 500 navy men.
  6. They will be released but the lock up is just to send a message that they should check and seek information before going live or assuming things that are not true.
  7. The Hargeisa journalists are too free. They are abusing their freedom to operate a free press. They sensationalise everything. A prison infighting between two prisoners and the custodial police open fire into the sky to disperse. All of a sudden they are Live on Social Media "Breaking news, there is fighting going on inside Hargeisa Prison... gun fire is being exchanged". Nope. Just warning shots were fired.
  8. African Village was given teachers and their families. Apparently, the great majority of the teachers were from the North.
  9. I don't really know what they are celebrating. Just because you got donations here and there doesn't mean you are worthy of celebrating anything.
  10. What you have failed to mention is that, these people were highly skilled and educated and each and everyone of them performed at best in his capacity from the management people to the ministerial people. They didn't get to these positions due to nepotism or cronyism. And the results speak for itself. The Kacaan did in the years between 1969-1975 what could have taken decades for other countries. This goes back to the pre-Union, the Northerners were free-minded, got their education from global universities like London school of economics and Oxford, Cambridge etc. Also the military in the north were highly trained and educated. Their South Somalia counterparts had their mindset already limited by their colonial experiences. The great majority of them were just "yes men" who were told what to do and couldn't do anything unless a superior spelled it out for them. Basically missing their colonial masters. With regards to the economy, the biggest hard currency earner for Somalia was and still is Livestock. Livestock trading is specialty of Somalilanders - the first market was opened in Burco back in 1890s. This market was exclusively used to send livestock to the British Army in the region. Later became the defacto livestock market for the whole region, which it still is. So when you control the economy (Hard currency), you also have more power in the local politics. With regards to Hargeisa, Burco booming in the 1970s, that is true. But what you failed to mention is that, the biggest Real Estate transfer was happening in Mogadishu. Thousands of highly well off families **creme la creme** of the North moved to Mogadishu during 1965 - 1975. They bought their houses with real $$$$. And they established businesses there. I will talk about what happened in 1980 and caused the downward spiral of the Somali State in another post.
  11. Somalia drought: 'Act now or 350,000 children will die' WWW.BBC.COM In what experts call Somalia's worst drought in a decade, children are facing severe malnutrition.
  12. Today is 12th of April, so called Somalia National Army day. It also marks 39th anniversary of the rescue of Col. Abdilahi Askar from Somalia National Army's Hargeisa HQ - Birjeex military base. Col. Abdilahi Askar along with 9 other commandos from the SNM were on a mission to assassinate Col. Maxamed Xaashi Gaani during the 12th of April military parade in Hargeisa. The 10 member assassins arrived in Hargeisa one week before the 12th of April. However, on the 3rd day, someone who was working for Somalia Secret Services snitched Col. Askar's presence in the city. He was captured and taken to Birjeex for interrogation. He was subjected all kinds of methods of interrogation so they could squeeze every little information from the captured Colonel. The capture of Col. Askar was used by Siyad Barre's regime as a trophy with a lot of fanfare. The SNM's assassination mission turned into a recovery/rescue mission. So a grand plan for "Mission Impossible" was hatched. Col. Ibrahim Koodbuur who was a high ranking Colonel in the Somalia Army came up with a plan to go inside Birjeex, a highly fortified military garrison HQ, and kill everyone and rescue Askar.. Using his military pass, Col. Koodbuur got each of the 9 members a Somalia military Uniform and matching hats, boots, fake IDs etc. Also Col Koobduur got exact information about where in the garrison Askar is being held and the locations of the security setup of the garrison. On the 11th of April at 5pm - the SNM attacks Birjeex - kills everyone - rescues Col. Askar. All while only losing 1 mujaahid and another wounded. This is the stuff of Hollywood movies but in real life. It was the biggest egg on the face of Siyad Barre and his cronies that the SNM not only can it freely come in and out of major towns but also can go inside the most secure areas and do whatever it likes. A photo taken before leaving Jigjiga on a secret mission to assassinate the leadership of occupying Somalia Army in Somaliland. The one with the glasses is Col. Askar who was the head of the mission.
  13. You just confirmed what I just said, whether the nitty-gritty details are all true or not - is not the point. The overall picture remains the same. A Prime Minister and his foreign minister who cannot get along is a testament to the mockery of a government that is in Villa Somalia. Whether that is hore usocot or dib socot, is for anyone's own conclusions. But in my own opinion, this is textbook example of State failure.
  14. Making a mockery out of Mogadishu's phantom government. The leader of the African Union forces in Somalia will be coming back to Mogadishu, eventhough both the Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister have declared PnG and revoked his residency permit (whatever that means) and visa. Basically, if this takes place and Madeira arrives in Mogadishu, it will be like an egg in the face of the so called Government in Mogadishu.
  15. As we approach the business end of this farce, things are taking a turn for the worse. The AU, out of thin air, blocked the dates between 10th of April and 16th of April from anyone entering or exiting the Airport vicinity. These blockage dates - coincides with the date set for swearing in what number of so called MPs that remain in Mogadishu on the 14th of April.
  16. This is signal that Russia is defeated in its adventure in Ukraine.
  17. Time and again some folks here parrot and link Somaliland to Alshabab - totally unfounded of course, just a scapegoat for their incompetence. This shows how Alshabab is funded and why this group is not going anywhere anytime soon. It runs a state within a state. It is probably the only entity that collects taxation from Raas Kambooni to Raas Casayr near Xafuun.
  18. “Walaaltinimo,Ixtiraam Iyo Ganacsi Xalaal Ah Ayaa Naga Dhexeeya Somaliland” PM Abiy Axmed Posted on April 8, 2022 EBS TV,Silver Spring,April 8,2022(Haatufonline)- Raiisalwasaaraha Itoobiya Abiy Axmed ayaa waraysi uu siiyey telefishanka EBS ee Af Axmaariga wax ku tabiya waxa uu kaga hadlay xidhiidhka u dhaxeeya dalkiisa iyo Somaliland,gubashadi Suuqa Waaheen iyo dekadda Saylac. Ugu horayn hogaamiyaha Itoobiya isagoo ka hadlaya xidhiidhka dalkiisu la leeyahay Somaliland waxa uu yidhi”Somaliland waxa naga dhexeeya walaaltinimo,ixtiraam iyo ganacsi xalaal ah”. Waxa kale oo uu sheegay inuu wasiiradiisa ugu sareeya u diray Hargeysa si ay usoo eegaan khasaaraha suuqa Waaheen ee gubtay isla markaana ay Itoobiya qayb weyn ka qaadan doonto dibu dhiska Waaheen kharash ahaan iyo dhinaca dhisidda suuqaba. Mar uu telefishanku wax ka weydiiyey warar dhawaan lagu baahiyey baraha bulshada oo sheegayey in Itoobiya ay danaynayso dekadda Saylac waxa uu ku jawaabay oo uu yidhi: “Waxa January 18, sanadkan 2022 aanu ku kulanay Addis Ababa madaxweynaha Somaliland H.E Muse Bihi, waxa aan u sheegay in cadawgeenu uu doonayo in aan colowno, oo aan kala xidhanno xadka, laakiin taasi ma dhacayso.Saylacl waa magaalo ku taala Somaliland, waxa ay ahayd Somaliland, waxa ay tahay Somaliland, waxana ay ahaan doontaa Somaliland”. Abiy Axmed waxa uu intaas ku daray oo uu yidhi: “Waxa aan doonayna in aan hindisno tareen u kala goosha Berbera iyo magaalooyinka Itoobiya oo ay ugu horayso Addis Ababa, si aan uga faa’iidaysano ganacsiga ay abuuri doonto dekeda Berbera” Madaxweynaha Somaliland Muse Bihi, oo ay waraysatay Idaacadda VOA Somali isaga oo jooga Washington D.C bishii March ayaa sheegay in Ra’iisal Wasaaraha Itoobiya Abiy Ahmed uu la yaabay qoraalo lagu baahiyey baraha bulshada kuwaas oo sheegayey in ciidamada Itoobiya ay doonayaan in ay xoog ku qabsadaan magaalo- xeebeedka Saylac.
  19. This piece was posted by Ex-SSDF ranking member and also former PL minister. It is a timeline of events. You can imagine how happy the Siyad Barre and his cronies were at the time of signing a peace deal with Ethiopia's Mengistu. But that over-joyous moment was short lived. In fact, according to Dr. Gaboose who was the personal doctor of Siyad Barre at the time, General Morgan who was the defacto military ruler of Somaliland at the time was in Hawasa city in Ethiopia making friends with his newly found Amhara friends and drinking Ethiopian beer. This was a moment of great joy for the Afwayne regime. Little did they know that the SNM was about to drain the swarm. ------------------------ WQ: Ex. Wasiir Cabdi Faarax Siciid (Juxaa). 6dii April 1988, 34 Sano ka hor maxaa dhacay? 1). Galabnimadii 6dii Bishii Abril 1988, waxaa Magaalada Muqdisho heshiis ku kala saxiixday Talisyadii Militari ee Somaliya iyo Itoobiya ka jiray ee madaxda ka ahaayeen General Siyad Barre iyo Col. Mingiste Xayle Maryam. Wafdiga Itoobiya waxaa hogaaminayey Wasiirkii Arimaha Dibadda Mr. Burhane Baye, dhanka Somaliyana Wasiir Mr. Cabdirahman Jamac Barre. Labadaas xukun ee askartu horseedka ka aheyd oo kacdoon badan kasoo horjeedeen waxay isla garteen in ay isnabad geliyaan kana bilaabaan joojinta taageerada mucaaradka ka dhanka ah labadooda maamul ee saldhigyada ku lahaa labada dal. 2). 8dii Abril 1988, waxaa Taliskii Militari ee Somaliya albaabada u xidheen idaacadihii iyo xafiisyadii mucaaradkii Taliskii Militari ee Itoobiya, sida Jabhadii EPLF ee Eriterya ka dagaaleysay iyo Jabhadii TPLF ee ka jirtay Gobolka Tigraay. 3). 9kii Abril 1988, waxaa sidoo kale maamulkii Addis Ababa ee Itoobiya albaabada u xidheen Idaacadii Codka Mucaaradka Somaliyeed ee Radiyow Halgan/Kulmis Ismarkaana u sheegeen Hogaamiyaashii SNM iyo SSDF in ay joojiyaan waxkasta oo dhaqdhaqaaqa ee ay Itoobiya ka wadeen. 4). Gudoomiyihii Ururka SNM, Mr. Axmed Maxamed Silaanyo wuxuu la tashi la sameeyey deg deg ah hogaamintii SNM ee siyaasadda iyo ciidamada, waxyar dabadeedna wuxuu u duulay London, UK. 5). Gudoomiyihii Ururkii SSDF Dr. Xasan Cali Mire wuxuu isna wargeliyey hogaankii Siyaasadeed iyo kii Milatari ee joogay Itoobiya intii horey Itoobiya u xidhxidhay mooyee sida Cabdullahi Yusuf, Gudoomiyihii SSDF. Dr. Xasan Cali Mire isna wuxuu u baqoolay Nairobi si uu ula tashado ruugcadaayadii iyo dadkii talada ku lahaa asaaska Mucaaradka ee u baxsadey Kenya bilawgii sanadadii 1970-dii sida asaasataashii xisbigii SODAF iyo SSDF oo Afrikada bari ku xooganaa. 7). 27kii May 1988, waa Ururkii SNM weerar qorsheeysan ku qaadeen Saldhigyadii Ciidamadii Taliskii Militari ee Somaliya ay ku lahaayeen Gobolada Waqooyi, waxayna si yaab leh uga gacan sareeyeen ciidamadii Taliska Muqdisho kadib kolkii gudaha ay u galeen magaalooyinka waaweyn sida Burco, Hargeysa, Berbera, Gebiley iyo meelo kaleeto. Taliskii Somaliya xooga ku haystay waxay markaleeto door bideen in ay awood ciidan kaga hortagaan ururka SNM. Waxaa taa ka dhashay iyadoon loo meel dayin in Taliska Muqdisho uu adeegsado goobaha shacabka nooc kasta oo hub ah sida Madaafiicda kala duwan ee wax gumaada iyo diyaaradaha dagaalka. Waxaa halkaas ka dhashay burbur, baaba iyo gumaad dadkii Somaliyeed ee ku noolaa Gobolada Waqooyi 8). 1989, waxaa bilaabay dhaqdhaqaayo kaleeto oo Xisbiyo mucaarado kale lagu sameeynayo. Rag siyaasiyiin ahaa oo beelaha gobolada dhexe iyo Banaadir kasoo jeedaa horeyna ka mid ahaa SSDF iyo SNM iyo qaar kaloo cusub ayaa asaas u noqday Urur cusub, Golaha Midnimada Somaliyeed (United Somali Congress -USC). Ragaas waxaa ka mid ahaa Xuseen Cali Shido, Maxamed Farax Jimcaale, Cumar Salaad Cilmi, Col. Abdisalam Diini Gorgor, Col. Cabdullahi Ugas Daanbuur, Capt. Sigane, Cali Hagarey, Maxamed Warsame Kiimiko, Cali Osoble Wardhiigley, General Maxamed Farax Caydiid iyo rag kaleeto. 9). 1989/1990, waxaa kale oo bilaamay kacdoono kaleeto, sida Dhaqdhaqaaqa Wadani Somaliyeed ( Somali Patriotic Movement -(SPM) oo hawlgalo ka bilaabay Goboladda Jubooyinka. 10). 1990, waxaa soo baxay in Siyaasiyin hore iyo aqoonyahano waxayna sameeyeen Gole loo dhan yahay oo la magac baxay Manifesto kuwaas oo isku dayey in ay nabad Wadanka ku badbaadiyaan. Laakinse waxaa Taliskii Militari ula dhaqmay si foolxun, qaarkoodna jeelasha ayaa loo taxaabay, taas oo iyana ka sii dartay oo kordhisay kacdoonkii aakhirkiina galaaftay Kacaankii iyo Taliskii Militari ee Madaxda uu u ahaa General Maxamed Siyaad Bare kaasi oo Muqdisho ka huleelay 26kii Janaayo 1991. Jamhuuriyaddii 2aad ee Somaliya, askartuna maamulayeen mudada 21 Sanadood ah ayaa halkaas ku burburtay, waxaana wadanku galey xili adag, dagaalo sokeeye iyo qeybsanaan Jamhuuriyadii Somaliya ku timid 1990kii. -Keydka/Amb. Abdirashid Aden Seed.“Qoor”
  20. He left a high paying job in City of London, the financial hub of the world. Dr. Abdisalam Yassin is the one standing and announced the establishment of a political/military movement with the goal of removing the dictator in Mogadishu from Power. Exactly 10 years later, the movement's goals were achieved through the barrel of the gun.