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  1. XX, First of all I don't give a flying fig who they choose. Like I said previously, I have no dog in the fight. My opinion here is just purely based on logic. I asked myself what can Deni bring to Mogadishu? I mean, he cannot claim to be good in security or fighting terrorism. He cannot claim he is good economic manager. He cannot claim to be a good negotiator or deal maker. He comes across as "my-way or the highway" kind of man. Which is basically the last thing South Somalia needs at this point in time. I am not saying that the others are better than him. But all I am saying is, he has proven track record of failure.
  2. Absolutely, and they have the audacity to blame us. We lock them up, they all cry *FREE FREE FREE*. We free them, and they all cry *WHY DO THEY LET THEM FREE*. You can't win against them. The simple answer is, they want these rats to cause us problems - not them. But they don't know our rats are too smart for that.
  3. Like all the other Frauds who claim to misrepesent Somaliland in South Somalia, their terrorist cousins are also welcome to South Somalia by South Somalians. If these rats cause you problems, blame yourselves. Btw, since you asked for it, **FREE COLDOON** crew, he is coming to a town near you and may probably become a top Alshabab leader. All your dreams are coming true, I guess.
  4. Alshabab is cashed up and they are on the offensive on many different fronts.
  5. Puntland oo ka warbixisay khasaaraha dagaalka ka dhacay Af-urur Axad, Maarso, 27, 2022 (HOL) - Puntland ayaa sheegtay inay 12 ka mid ah dagaalamayaasha kooxda Al-shabab ay ku dileen weerar ay saaka waaberigii ku soo qaadeen deegaanka Af-urur oo ka tirsan Gobolka Bari. Saraakiil katirsan ciidamada Puntland ayaa warbaahinta u sheegay in khasaaraha dhinacooda uu gaarayo dhimashada shan askari iyo dhaawaca ku dhawaad 10 askari oo ciiddanka Daraawiishta ah. Dhinaca kale, kooxda Alshabab ayaa sheegtay inay 25 askari iyo saraakiil ciiddan ay ku dileen weerarka ay kusoo qaadeen deegaanka Af-urur. Waxay baraha bulshada soo dhigeen sawiradda iyo magacyada qaar kamid ah askarta iyo saraakiisha ay dileen. Alshabaab waxay sheegtay inay cagta mariyeen saldhigga Af-urur, islamarkaana ay la wareegeen gaadiid dagaal, balse ma jiraan warar madax bannaan oo arrintaas xaqiijiyay. Inkastoo mid kamid ah madaafiicda ay kusoo tuureen saldhigga Af-urur uu haleelay mid kamid ah gaadiidka dagaalka. Waa markii labaad oo Alshabaab ay weerar toos ah kusoo qaadaan deegaanka Af-urur oo 70km u jira magaalada Bosaso. Alshabaab ayaa sanadkii hore weerar xooggan ku qaaday xabsiga Bosaso, halkaas oo ay kula baxday maxaabiis uga xirnaa. Hiiraan Online News Disk Puntland oo ka warbixisay khasaaraha dagaalka ka dhacay Af-urur HIIRAAN.COM Axad, Maarso, 27, 2022 (HOL) - Puntland ayaa sheegtay inay 12 ka mid ah dagaalamayaasha kooxda Al-shabab ay ku dileen weerar ay saaka waaberigii ku soo qaadeen deegaanka Af-urur oo ka tirsan Gobolka...
  6. I have no dog in this dog fight. Simply put, I wouldn't even take it if offered for free. One man's trash is another man's treasure, good luck! Sheekada dhamaadkeedi ku dar.
  7. Alxamdulilah. Our rains are not stolen. A South Somalia Professor was getting the run arounds in Social Media saying Somali rains have been stolen. Well our rains have come earlier than normally scheduled for. It seems everything is stolen from South Somalia, their rains, their Fish, Their waters in Shebelle/Juba rivers, their Seas and lands. Oh God, what there left that is not stolen? Heavy rains arrived in Ceerigaabo and CeelAfwayn districts of Sanaag region. In Burco and Odweyne districts in Togdheer and Sabawanaag district of Maroodijex region.
  8. Don't shoot the messenger. The root cause of South Somalia's problem are the foreign lackeys who all hail from the same clan. (No qabiil name posts allowed as per SOL rules.)
  9. Deni is probably the worse of the "Rinse and repeat" options. All he wants is to depose Farmaajo. Is "Masayr" a kind of disease? because if it isn't, it should be included in that category.
  10. Lets just say that not every terrorist attack is the work of Alshabab. Farmaajo/Fahad duo are also engaged in subversive activities to take out opposition. It is a dog eat dog world. What you see is just the bubbling on the surface.
  11. A lot of South Somalia media as well as social media persons were supporting Adan Sunne's release. As recently as last week when his whereabouts was still unknown and some media reported that he was handed over to Ethiopia. A lot of South Somalia social media people were retweeting and trying to use the disappearance as a negative news on Somaliland. Now that Adan Sunne has emerged as an Alshabab sympathiser and moved to South Somalia, the same people who were just few days ago supporting Adan are now turning around 360 degrees. You cannot have it both ways. We will release Coldoon and he is going to end up the head of Harakaat Al Shabaab. Don't blame us when that happens.
  12. Actually Alshabab runs a shadow government and generates millions of dollars in plain sight of AMISom and Puppet government in Villa Somalia. The recently shutdown Bakaraha Market is a clear example of the power and reach of these groups. Don't try to rub your incompetence and inability on Somalilanders. Blaming others for your own failures is a losers' mindset.
  13. Imagine no more. We expelled the troublemakers from Laascaanood and Ceerigaabo. No more assassinations by unknown thugs. Do you the guts to remove all those who are originally from Somaliland from your regions? We are more than happy to receive them and resettle them back to their original roots. And at the same time bring to justice the big fish who have made a habit of fraudulent misrepresentations. President defends the expulsion of southern Somalis from Lasanod | Somaliland Standard SOMALILANDSTANDARD.COM The President of the republic of Somaliland H.E Musa Bihi Abdi has talked about the expulsion of thousands of people from Lasanod and hailing from southern Somalia by his administration. The…
  14. Turns out the so called Lobby firm the Unionists hired is a scumbag. He is originally from Nigeria and found guilty of fraud. He now uses his wife's madden name to scam unsuspecting victims. This is his latest work to justify the $30,000 he received from the his victims. Laughable to say the least.
  15. The Mid-term elections in November is going to be an interesting one. The Republicans are projected to win both houses. If that happens, it is going to be a huge win for Somaliland. Another big development is Kenya's Presidential Elections which is scheduled this August. The favourite is Raila Odinga, a long term supporter of Somaliland. Raila Odinga's dad was a personal friend of Late President Mohamed Haji Ibrahim Egal, they both attended London School of Economics in the 1940s. Raila is well informed about Somaliland and knows its history more than anyone in the region. He is on record for openly supporting Somaliland.
  16. I am no a fan of Amin Arts but I think he nailed it this time.
  17. B/c they will be smoked out. Simple. They need a habitat that they can survive and thrive. There is no habitat for these rats in Somaliland, whether they are pseudo Unionists Rat or Fundamentalist rat. They are all rats to us. If you guys are happy to welcome the so called Pseudo Unionists, you should also happily welcome their fundamentalists side kicks. After all, they have the same political views, of One Somalia. You cannot pick and choose and say you don't like some but you love others. No, that is not how it works. Reject all of them and deport them back to Somaliland so they can face justice.
  18. VOA Somali has an interview with President of Somaliland Muse Biihi.
  19. Somaliland Delegation led by President Muse Biihi held very fruitful talks with the Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations. Foreign Minister Dr. Kayd explains what was discussed.
  20. Heritage Explains why the US should Recognise Somaliland. Why the U.S. Should Recognize Somaliland | The Heritage Foundation WWW.HERITAGE.ORG Have you heard of Somaliland? It has been de facto independent for 30 years, and they have taken great strides to pursue democracy, free speech, and free market ideas. Because of this, the U.S. should...
  21. This is final nail in the coffin for some people. The Bill before the Senate is consistent with Somaliland's constitution and territorial integrity as inherited from Great Britain on 26th of June 1960.
  22. Somaliland's Representative to the USA beautfully paraphrased Somaliland's case. He said: "Consider you want to get funding for a Business, the banks will completely see it differently if you just present them a Business Plan vs Showing them an operating, income generating, functioning Business". Somaliland is that operating, income generating business, that just need extra support so it could achieve more and expand.