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  1. He knows it is a lost cause. I just don't know what they will be doing after Banadir Regional Administration is formed and they get ignored. Like you mentioned, the idea of breaking up Somaliland by so called "unionist" is if anything just self-defeating. But even more crazier is that, they think a South Somalia politician will help them achieve that crazy idea. Just shows how much out of touch they are with reality. Anyway, want to read Galbeedi's comments about this impeding realisation of the long coming defeat of the pseudo unionists.
  2. I have little doubt that all the bombings, the killings are the work of Mogadishu politicians. Alshabab is just a subcontractor for both sides. And some people think Somalia has a government. It is a Mafia. There are those who think they will be able to hold peaceful 1 person 1 vote elections. Give me a break.
  3. Reality is dawning on the pseudo Unionists. If Farmaajo couldn't help them - there is next to zero chance that HSM is going to do any better.
  4. Fahad's assessment of Ahmed Madoobe is spot on. This man is the definition of a foreign agent. He exists b/c of Kenya and for Kenya. So long Kenyans have any use of him, he will stick around and find a way to stay in power. There is absolutely nothing neither Gedo nor Mogadishu or anyone else can do about it. Like Fahad predicted, the Kenyans will use Ahmed to twist the arms of HSM. They will try to force HSM to negotiate on the Maritime issue and if not they will employ their Agent to make troubles for him. All in all, Fahad Yasin comes around as an honest person whose attempted to reshape South Somalia away from its current foreign install configurations to a more locally led, locally owned one. Obviously the foreign agents and lackeys have won the day.
  5. The US Senate Foreign Relation Committee unanimously pass the Somaliland Partnership Act. A strong bipartisan support from both Democrats and Republican Senators.
  6. President Muse Biihi is expected to address the Conference in the next few days.
  7. I think a lot of HAG politicians understand how naked they were in the face of Farmaajo's onslaught without solid regional entities that they can use as a fall back. I think HSM understands this more than anyone else. In fact, these are the sort of issues that had to talk about during their days holed up inside Jazeera Hotel. With a 1 Billion dollar budget (70% of which is foreign donations) under his control and the 5,000 soldiers that are trained in Eritrea that he could use which ever way he likes. I think he can put in place an effective administration in the HAG regions that could sustain themselves.
  8. Having few lost souls shouting your name in Laascaanood or Boorama couldn't save Farmaajo's sinking ship. A life lesson for any cunning politician, invest your effort in places that can lend you a life line in your day of need. HSM only needs to consolidate Mogadishu and surrounding regions. As Mogadishu alone can sustain his gov't expenses including army pay roll. Also If he manages to consolidate other HAG regions like GalMudug and HirShabeele, he will be in a much more powerful position come 2026. JL's Ahmed Madoobe is the weakest link, not only is he in his 10th year in power, and has a lot of opposition inside his own region. But also Kenya will not be as the solid foreign power that was sustaining him as it where during Farmaajo's days. Ahmed Madoobe himself understands that fact and will try to keep a low profile as much as he can. All these leaves Said Deni in a very difficult position.
  9. The majority are still in Holiday mood enjoying the riches from vote trading day. In fact, there are rumours that some MPs may not be going back to Mogadishu anytime soon as they have gotten money from mulitple competing Presidential hopefuls who are all in pursuit of refund of their money. Deni went for broke in the competition and he is one of those who is fuming that he got short changed.
  10. Like I said previously, Karaash was playing pranks. But seriously, If I was him, meesha fadhi iima ooli lahayn.
  11. Eye witness recalls the horror he witness in Hargeisa, a once bustling city, that was bombed beyond recognition and mined to the teeth.
  12. Deni is approaching his expiry date within the next year or so. He won't be any use to anyone after that. I think HSM is better off going for Diano guy from Bosaso. That guy at least is linked to the Isims in Qardho and will weild relevance in Puntland even when Garowe folks take over the leadership next year. In my opinion has been a useful id*ot thus far and in politics there is no permanent friendship just permanent interest.
  13. This is just nonsense. Somaliland's politics is all verbal. This issue will be resolved and as usual a beautiful election will take place that will make the naysayers crawl back to their hole.
  14. HSM has appointed Sh.Sh.Sh. Ahmed as the envoy for Somalia and Somaliland talks.
  15. At least iskuma qarxino marqaanka. By the way, we have zero dead MPs over the last 30 years. Can someone remind me how many MPs that were killed in Ex-Italian Somalia over that same period. Laa cadad walaa xisaab. These Somaliland MPs who are having a go at each other, after the Parliament sessions ends, they will go to the same Coffee shop and share a laughter.
  16. So Farmaajo is leaving with Alshabab embolden, entrenched, cashed up and strongest militarily. Well done Farmaajo.
  17. That is the prognosis in 3.5 years time. This time, going to back to Xalane will be like up sugar creek without a paddles. Very ugly.
  18. Somalia has used all of its life lines, apparently. It is now approaching the end of the line for the marking-around politicking. In the not too distant future, HSM will face the following realities. The so called Regional States will unravel. The first to do so is Jubaland where Ahmed Madoobe will face tough times ahead. Also to follow is Hirshabelle and Galmudug. Even South West State is not standing on strong legs. The 4.5 system that kept Somalia afloat is also all but died in the latest cycle of s/election processes which everyone agrees was the most corrupted ever. And going forward there is nothing else in place to replace it. A lot of people talk about 1p1v - these people have no idea what they are talking about. Puntland's experiment in trying to hold 1p1v elections has hit a huge rock. The politics and the clans are not ready for it. They will have to resort to the 4.5 clan system for their next Presidential elections which is scheduled next year. As with tradition, the Qori-isu-dhiib will go to Garowe next year. Anyway, Somalia's chickens are coming home to roost.