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  1. This design was submitted by a Sudanese architect
  2. No. It was a natural disaster of epic scale. The fire just grew and grew and engulfed the whole market within minutes - not even hours. Within the first 10 minutes, a whole street was on fire, the next 30 minutes the whole market was on fire. But yes, this has cut the long and tiresome process of otherwise revitalising the market through negotiations. It is a golden opportunity for any local government to get a blank-canvas in a prized real-estate like the central market district.
  3. I don't think it is politacally motivated but I know it is clearly running on clan lines. The man that is murdered now is from the clan who were accused of murdering a man and his newly wedd-wife just about 4 months ago. It is a tit for tat clan war.
  4. I was just about to make a comment along those lines but I got busy with some other things.
  5. Puntland cannot afford another 4 years of opposition. They have to find a way to work with HSM's government. If Puntland chooses to become an opposition, the only card available to them is one of the "nuclear option". Which is, if anything, laughable to say the least. The facts are that Puntland doesn't wield as much political or economic weight as it used to. It is a whole different ball game these days when compared to even just 10 years ago. HSM has inherited an army that is now can be seen as the best army Ex-Italian Somalia ever hard since Afwayne's ouster. Thanks in many ways to the leadership of the army which are graduates of TurkSom. Coupled with cash coming from friendly institutions, HSM wields a lot of power to pressure Puntland to tow the line.
  6. Banadir is not represented so is HirSheebele. So what is the fuzz about?
  7. Jamal Osman explains what he saw on the ground in Alshabab territory. From what he is describing, if it is true as he is saying. Then we can all agree that Alshabab actually runs the most "Government' like entity in what was formerly Ex-Italian Somalia. They have free education, free health care, they grow their own foods and run their own factories. What Jamal is describing here totally runs in the face of what many thought Alshabab to be. My previous idea of them was some id*0ts who are brainwashed and just doing thuggery under the banner of Islam. I am very sure the system that they have is due to the Northerners who are said to constitute the top leadership of the group.
  8. This had me laughing honestly. The only reason why South Somalia wants to include fake MPs to represent Somaliland in Mogadishu - eventhough everyone including themselves know that these fake MPs represent no one but their back pockets, is to annoy Somaliland. So now when the same fake MPs turn around speak reality, it is all broahaha from South Somalia.
  9. Waaheen Market finalist designs.
  10. Two facts support HSM's decision. 1. The fact that Deni became a Presidential candidate makes him a foe rather than a friend. If Deni's desire was all along to help HAG candidates reach Presidency and prepare himself for Prime MInisterial role, then HSM would have been the one at fault here. But that is not the case. 2. The fact that Farmaajo brought Hassan Ali Khaire who is not from the traditional branches that assumed the Prime Minister, then that gives HSM the freedom to also bring someone who is not from the traditional recipients of the Prime Minister's role. All said and done, HSM is not the first to break the tradition but rather just following the lead by the D-clan's.
  11. I think you can't blame HSM for throwing Deni under the bus. Deni's behaviour during the farce s/election process speak volumes. In fact, his tailor-made selectioneering of Puntland's MPs was probably the worse aspect of the whole farce process. Additionally, the fact that Deni kept his candidacy a close secret up until the last minute may have angered Mogadishu Hopefuls. They would have preferred if he was forthcoming with his plans. That said, where does another 4 years in the wilderness from Somalia's Politics leave Puntland?
  12. XOG: Madaxweyne Deni oo eedeeyay Xasan Sheekh, & Xildhibaanada uu la kulmay June 19, 2022 Xuseen 25 Madaxweynaha dawladda Puntland Siciid Deni ayaa maanta, si cad ugu sheegay Xildhibaanada Puntland oo uu kulan albaabadu u xiran yihiin layeeshay in uu ku khasaaray 3-dii sanno ee lasoo dhaafay dagaal siyaasadeedkii Dawladda Federaalka. Madaxweynaha ayaa sheegay in 3-dii sanno ee lasoo dhaafay uu galay dagaal adag, uuna ka shaqeynayay sidi Farmaajo loo ridi lahaa, Puntlandna u heli lahayd faa’iido siyaasadeed oo ah tagida Villa Soomaaliya, taas oo uu sheegay in ay kooxo badan jilaafeeyeen. Wuxuu dhaliilay balan-daradana ku eedeeyey Madaxweyne Xasan Sheekh, isagoo kusifeeyey mid aan waxba dhaqaajin karin. Niyad-darro ayuu kamuujiyey magacaabida Raysalwasaarah cusub, isagoo sheegay in 120 cisho latijaabin doono, isagoo duray kalsoonida lagu qabi karro Xukuumad uu dhiso doono, oo uu madax banaani la’aan dareen ah qabay.
  13. Madaxweyne Deni oo sheegay in aan waxba laga weydiin magacaabidda Ra'iisul wasaaraha cusub – Puntland Post PUNTLANDPOST.NET Madaxweynaha Puntland Siciid Deni ayaa markii u horraysay maanta ka hadlay Ra’yigiisa ku aaddan magacaabidda Ra’iisul wasaaraha cusub ee Soomaaliya.… Sii akhri
  14. Somaliland Minister for Information in Tukaraq. He has been welcomed to the town by longtime anti-Somaliland poet Abwaan Jaamac Kediye. It was only recently that Jaamac Kadiye's son was brutally wounded in the face by Clan melitia from Garowe during the Saax-Maygaag clan conflict. He was travelling alone to Garowe when he was stopped and shot in the face. They left him for dead but managed to drive himself to Garowe's hospital. It seems that experience has made the Poet switch sides. News on Jamac Kadiye's son earlier this year. Log into Facebook | Facebook M.FACEBOOK.COM Log into Facebook to start sharing and connecting with your friends, family, and people you know.
  15. Both Galmudug and Hirshabelle are economically not viable as they stand today. These two regions should be joined up together and form a singular entity. However, if economic/security environments change, there should be an option in the future to split them as they are today, lets say after 15-20 years time.
  16. Prof Samatar is charismatic figure and a good orator. Two things that will captivate the voters. Wish him good luck.
  17. Not too sure if he was born across the border but Qamar is Hargeisa local. He is from the same family as late actor/poet Huuryo. Famous for acting the old woman in many Ruwaayado.
  18. Thats SDF2 which is for 2018 - 2022. I already took that into account in my post earlier
  19. Before you make any claims you need to backup your claims with real facts. You don't just pull numbers from the *proverbial* end. These are the last Somaliland Budgets (you can download the PDF): 2022 2021 2022: JPLG+WB+SDF = $23.5m 2021: JPLG+WB+SDF = $20.9m There is no other foreign source of income other than that. Btw the official gov't SLSH to USD rate is 7000SL/USD. Budget 2022 Budget 2021
  20. Jamal Osman goes into Alshabab territory - They collect more tax than any other FMS in Ex-Italian Somalia.
  21. Somaliland expects to export over 1 million of Berberawi Blackheads over the next 3 weeks. Al-Jaabiri Livestock company alone will buy 1/2 million. The other livestock traders like indho-Deero and Baxsane and other smaller traders will make up the difference. A lot of hard-currency injected into the local economy in the next few weeks.
  22. That is just a pipe-dream. Prof. Ali Khaliif Galaydh reached the bottom of that pipe-dream and eventually came to the conclusion that there is no other viable option other than Somaliland. For starters, any interference into Somaliland's internal affairs by Mogadishu will be regarded as a hostile intent and will basically bring to a complete stop the talks between Hargeisa and Mogadishu. Full stop. "The Powers That Be" have special interest in the success of the talks between Hargeisa and Mogadishu. Specially as China flexes its muscles in the region and Ethiopia sleep walks into "failed state" status. Hargeisa is ever becoming more attractive to the West, specially UK and Uncle Sam. The fact is, these regions will remain within Somaliland - Hargeisa has time on its side. There is no rush at all. Eventually the leaders of these region will read the sign and the writing on the wall - which I think is starting to sink in now.
  23. Please don't bring Somliland to these discussions. The whole world knows where Somaliland and Somalia stand. However, with regards to Puntland - I think they have been neutralised. Naming Hamze as PM has effectively ended Puntland's reliance on Jubaland to play as a second-fiddle to pressure Mogadishu. Now Puntland is alone and in decline. Gedo boys are also found themselves sandwiched Kenyan and Ahmed Madoobe's forces. The biggest winner here is Ahmed Madoobe who will certainly stick around until at least by 2026.
  24. Somaliland Government led by President Muse Biihi and Chairman of Guuri Suleeman Adan (Suleeman Nuur) as well as Chairman of House of Parliament Mudane Abdirizaaq Khaliif. And the Warsangali Clan led by Grand Suldaan Saeed and Suldan Maxamad Suldaan Xassan, signed a comprehensive agreement. One of the major points in the agreement is the Warsangali Clan's resolve to bring their terroritory under the Somaliland Administration. From the Somaliland side, the Warsangali clan will be given key roles and development projects will be fast tracked. The agreement is effective from today and it is finalisation will be reviewed within the next 6 months.