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  1. Not only is Goods and merchandise burning, but also real hard currency like these US Dollars. He is holding no less than 50,000 dollars in his hands right there.
  2. 24 hours later, fire still going inside the warehouses and shops. This is devastation max. When you consider the month of Ramadan is their busiest month where they do their biggest trade. Every vendor has his/her shop filled to the rafters with goods, the warehouses the same. This explains why the fire still going 24 hours after it first started. Ethiopia's Somali regional government has send its fire fighting teams to help with the overworked Hargeisa's fire service. This is one of those things that will be remembered long after Hargeisa recovers from this tragedy. Ethiopia's Prime Minister has dispatched a ministerial delegation to Hargeisa to convey their support. Also thanks to the UK Government who is mobilising international support to help the business people recover faster from this fires. Specially thanks to Prime Minister Boris Johnson and MP Gavin Williams Thanks also for the UAE and Taiwanese Government for their support. Local Hargeisawis are mobilising to clean up the city and rebuild a better, vibrant and safer city. In times of crisis, there is also an opportunity - we need to maximise the opportunities that this tragedy presents us.
  3. Very unfortunate that this tragedy could have been averted if those stakeholders heeded the calls and at least made the emergency exit/entry points clear. These are the heroes who have averted the fire from spreading to other parts of the city centre and also to the suburbs.
  4. A huge fire engulfed the Waaheen market in center of the city of Hargeisa. It took firefighters 7 hours to bring it undercontrol. What spread the fire so fast is due to windy weather and the Waaheen market which is highly dense market with all the roads occupied by vendors. This tragic even will herald an opportunity to remake the market into a more vibrant and safe environment.
  5. Ukrainians are going beyond their border now. The confidence is unmatched. Russia by all purposes is a spent force. I bet you that they will not even hold on to Eastern regions of Ukraine.
  6. Looks like Rooble wants to convene the incomplete parliament. Also, interesting Fahad Yassin has been removed from the final list.
  7. As we approach the business end of the corrupt s/election process. The opposing forces behind the closet have daggers drawn. It is no longer if but when will the proverbial hit the fan. According to Roobleh, he received threatening messages hours after the death of former MP Amina in Beledwein by politically motivated bombing.
  8. Somalia misses yet another self-imposed deadline.
  9. "97% referendum" is of those who voted. Obviously if the ones that are against also voted, that number could be lower but since they didn't vote - they are not taken into the statistics. hopefully that explanation puts an end to this for you. With regards to your assertion "didn't get enough attention for recognition", that is actually very wrong. A number of high ranking former diplomats including USA's Africa top Diplomat Tibor Naggy have all said that Somaliland issue had a lot of sympathy but other more priority issues always take precedence. A case of the squeaky hinge getting the oil. If you have any other burning questions regarding what you term as "fabrication", please let me know. I am happy to quell your intrigue.
  10. First of all, the war in the Donbas is conventional war where the two sides have a frontline where they each defend. This type of war used to be deadly for the soldiers in the old days. In the old days, a full infantry fight would take place where soldiers even would go as far as using swords or daggers to kill each other if they run out of bullets. These days, nothing like that happens. If a side thinks they are not able to hold a certain area, they just retreat back. So it is more slow more considerate wars. Besides, the Donbas is a fight between rebels who are backed by Russia's military and Air cover vs Ukraine which is also a modern military. There is no desperation from either side. Which explains why the civilian casualty from both sides. In the case of what took place in Northern Somalia, it was a case of a Government that trying to save face and avoid defeat at whatever the cost. Vs a group that had nothing left to go back to accept win or die. It was the ultimate challenge. Somalia Government indiscriminately used whatever weapons under its control to try to win the war. Including moving 80% of Somalia Armed forces to Waqooyi Galbeed and Togdheer. Probably the only way you could believe what took place is if General Morgan or other high ranking Siyad Barre men come out and spill the beans. There is a reason why they are keeping quiet b/c they still hurt by how they bite the dust.
  11. I was only interested in the video clips. I don't know how to just get the video and not the content. If you know, please share.
  12. Before it was only government officials that were allowed to get Visa on their Somaliland Passport. Now, everyone can get a visa on their passport.
  13. Two things forces the SNM to come home. 1. The Afwayne + Mingistu peace deal which was signed in Djibout in early 1988, which states that all guarilla movements from both sides will be disarmed. 2. General Morgan sensing victory after the Deal, went after the civilians in what was later described as one of the uglies pogroms conducted by any dictator. Summary executions, mass arrests and indiscriminate confiscation of properties, vehicles, and private business. It was not uncommon for refugee belonging to the O-clan knock on your door and tell you to leave your own home, so they could move in themselves. Laying down arms and becoming civilians was just not an option for the SNM. A whole clan's survival was in the hands of a few key individuals. A secret meeting held in Aware town in April 1988, the SNM reached the decision that will upend the Horn of Africa. An all out war was declared on Siyad Barre's regime. As the old saying goes: The rest is history. Morgan, Afwayne and his minions ended up in Refugee camps. The SNM gallantly removed the dictator from power while the ink in the Djibouti Agreement was not even dry yet.
  14. Galbeedi reminds me Afweyne's propagandist in Somalia Embassy in London. The poker face she puts up is just unbelievable. Her name is Sureer Abshir Muse sister of Mohamed Abshir. The same professional lair now is going around preaching "reconciliation" B.S. You mentioned that you don't take a non-SNM sources like Yusuf Garaad's personal eyewitness accounts seriously. You don't take any other accounts. So what is the point in even responding to you? Come on. Iska raaxayso sxb. That is all I am going to say.
  15. Galbeedi, you have only just disclosed to us how you are far from reality. I can bet that you have not been in that part of the world since before the 1988 wars. Runta sheeg. Here is Yusuf Garaad's accounts in 1989-90 visit. Yusuf Garaad: Hargeysa - Taxnaha 89 - 90 - Qaybta Toddobaad YUSUF-GARAAD.BLOGSPOT.COM Wacyi-wadaag & Falanqeyn Soomaaliya: Diblomaasiyadda, Xuquuqda Aadanaha, nabadda, horumarka, isdhexgalka bulshada, Cayaaraha, Afka & Fanka.
  16. In a nutshell this is what is wrong with South Somalia. They are normalising what is not normal and quiet frankly immoral. If it wasn't for the American Company following its processes and procedures and releasing the news item to the Press. No body would have known that Somalia signed 7 of its blocks and got millions of dollars in kickbacks. The very least they could have done is to suspend the Minister from any further activity. Farmaajo or Roobleh or both are in this together with the Minister.
  17. The Russians are now resorting to "Battle-wagons" or in Somali lingua "Teknicals" The Ukrainian Army is much stronger today than before the war started. They have a lot more anti-tank weapons, anti-aircraft weapons, and surprisingly a lot more tanks - thanks to Russians. Russia needs to cut its loss and leave before it is too late.
  18. Hargeisa is breaking all the glass ceilings that used to prevent it from dealing with the outside world. As Hargeisa plugs itself into the regional geopolitics and economy, Mogadishu will be left to the dust and will not have any role to play. As you can see from below, Hargeisa is now talks to gain access to the AfCTA (African Continental Free Trade Agreement.). The people pushing this access are non other than those who designed the Economic world order that you know it. Namely UK and USA. So essentially, Mogadishu will have a diminishing role to play here. It is in her own interest to save face and come to the table seriously and settle the issue once and for all.
  19. When I say there is work available in Somaliland and the MBA holding kids embarking on a risky journey to Europe are better off in Somaliland. This is exactly what I meant. This kid started his business with just $3 dollars and huge will to Win. Today, he employs 1500 other youth and he is the Boss.
  20. I fail to understand what you are talking about here. This post is from US Embassy Cable sent from Mogadishu to Washington DC, indicting that Somali Airlines took part in Siyad Barre's genocidal war in what was then called Somalia's Northern Regions. This is a very important historic piece. Somali Airlines was 51% owned by Air Italy. Somaliland Gov't when the time is right, should bring law suit against Air Italy.
  21. First stop getting animated. Read my post again. You will find the questions and the answers. In my opinion, there are few things a man in Villa Somalia must bring to the table: (I am sure South Somalians have other priorities and look for other things) 1. Must have a plan to fight Alshabab 2. Must have a plan to bring security to the main urban centres (other than Alshabab) 3. Has a plan for the economy 4. Must be someone who has thick skinned and cannot run away from criticism. 5. Must be someone who is seen as just, fair and accommodating other opinions. If I start with the last two, we know where Deni falls here. He is neither thick skinned nor has any tolerance for other's opinions. That is unless you stand your ground like the Diano brothers and force Deni to do a U-turn. The district of Hodan in Mogadishu is probably 5 times bigger both in land-size and population than the whole of Garowe. Deni failed to bring security to Garowe where drunkards and thieves openly roam the streets and cause havoc at times. The news item below is from Jan 2022. The Deputy Police commissioner and drug kingpin both arrive in the building of Golis Telecom. The Deputy Police man and the drug kingpin have a fist-fight in the middle of the building while their security details have a open shoot out in the streets. End of story. I mean, the drug Kingpin is hiding in plain sight in Garowe which is 1km by 1km big. No arrests, no charges, nothing. Is Deni exporting that in-action plan to Mogadishu? In terms of economic management, Deni couldn't save the Somali Shillings from collapsing under his watch, leaving many of the poorest citizens worse off. There are many businesses who have said that they truck loads of Somali Shillings that are worthless today. This is money that was worth $$$ that is now going to the landfill. If I were a resident in Mogadishu, I would be worried about losing my Shillings. The rest of the pact is no better. But I am picking on Deni b/c at least he has been through a test and he has failed in my opinion. I just don't see how Deni is going to fair when the issues are 100x bigger and the security problem is 1000x harder. Maxaa ka dhacay xarunta shirkadda Golis ee caasimadda Garoowe? – Puntland Post PUNTLANDPOST.NET Xarunta weyn ee Shirkadda Golis ku leedahay Caasimadda Garoowe waxa saaka laga maqlay Raasaas dhexmartay Ciidanka Booliiska iyo dabley hubaysan.… Sii akhri
  22. The dictator didn't differentiate civilian aircraft from military uses. In this document, it is clear that the dictator left no stone in as far as using every facility and arm of the Somali Republic to try to salvage a victory from the jaws of defeat in the hands of the gallant forces of the SNM.