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  1. You could have a claim to that assertion if it wasn't for foreign forces enforcing their will on all sides to conclude the process peacefully. Remove the AMISom factor from the picture and you will have a completely different story. In fact, there would not have been a Tent at all. Either Alshabab or some clan melitia would have taken over the venue just like what happened in Eel region in Puntland where clan melitia took over the voting venue.
  2. Reer Somaliland 26 Jun 1960 ayaa ugu danbaysay qof aan Soomaali ahayn oo ka amar qaataan. Let that sink in.
  3. Nope. The only time when Somalia will claim to actually stand on its feet is when there is no more foreign forces baby-sitting them and changing their nappy/diaper every time they have disagreements. But when you cannot hold elections on your own without being humiliated like the below, then you cannot claim any progress. This is how Farmaajo, HSM, Deni and other were strip searched by Burundi soldiers in your own country.
  4. Farmaajo played hardball with Somaliland. He tried to block Somaliland from the region, he bendover for Abiy Ahmed to try to achieve it. Farmaajo started trying to isolate Somaliland but in the end isolated himself. Case in point, in 2021 Djibouti's President invited Ethiopia's Prime Minister, Kenya's President, South Sudan's President, many representatives from the IC. And also invited Somaliland's President. Farmaajo was not invited. In the end, Somaliland has the strongest relationship with its neighbours from Djibouti, Kenya and Ethiopia, than ever before.
  5. It is now mathematically impossible for Farmaajo. HSM is winner.
  6. Deni is first on the list, Farmaajo very close And then HSM and Khaire 3rd and 4th place.
  7. Farmaajo and Deni neck and neck
  8. Farmaajo seems extremely relaxed. Fahad is in the building too. They seem to know that they got this in the bag. Sh. Sherif and Hassan Sheekh are being typical reer Magaal. They seem to also be confident in making the final rounds. The odd one out is Deni. He seems very uncomfortable, unease, tired from missed sleep.
  9. This is not an election. It is vote market, the highest bidder will win the race. Fahad Yassin has been preparing for today for the last few years and in fact he knows the art of vote buying better than many others. He has done it before back in 2017. So, if I were a betting man today, I will say Farmaajo will make it to the second round handsdown. And has 60% chance of re-election. It all comes down to the Fahad Yassin factor today.
  10. This November it is widely expected that the GOP will control both houses in Washington.
  11. South Somalia can't save themselves and certainly have nothing to offer to Somaliland at all. Not today, not in the next 50 years.
  12. Our plan is to change America's Foreign Policy towards Somaliland. It is really a very easy task which I don't know why it took for us this long. Probably we tried for too long to do it from the outside - as we refused to deal with the Americans not even with Terrorism. Somaliland is the only entity in the region that gets funding from the UK as far as fighting terrorism and counter-terrorism trainings. This time, Somaliland will change the US Policy from the inside by showing them exactly for what it is, just empty hollow rhetoric that has no real meaning or relevance to the reality on the ground.