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  1. You have no idea about Sool. Sool is an integral part of Somaliland. It is not going anywhere. Take that to the bank!!! Yes, we understand some of the locals have their own wishes, but those wishes cannot be fulfilled by any other except from Hargeisa.
  2. South Somalia's people thought-train: 1. Villa Somalia getting shelled is normal. Yea, who cares! 2. Women and Kids waving Somalia flag in Laas Caanood is not normal. Lets focus on this.
  3. Three wounded in mortar attack near Somali presidential palace Tuesday January 24, 2023 Mogadishu (HOL) - At least two students and a woman were wounded in mortar attack near the Presidential palace in the Somali capital on Tuesday. According to eyewitnesses, six mortar shells were fired toward the palace, one mortar hit inside the Presidential palace, and others landed near the SYL hotel, the Ministry of Information, and Ex-Fiyore village. No group has yet claimed responsibility for the attack, but the al-Qaeda-linked al-Shabaab terror group has claimed responsibility for recent attacks in Somalia. Since the Somali government-led operation began in the summer, the group has increased its attacks in major cities, including the capital. The group attacked the compound housing the Mogadishu mayor’s office and other local government facilities, killing five civilians on Sunday. The Somali government said the al-Shabab attackers arrived at the compound on foot, masquerading as government soldiers. The attack started with an explosion, followed by the gunmen storming the building.
  4. Sooner or later, they will face FAFO reality check. That will be a sight to behold.
  5. We don't want to disturb the happiness while it lasts. But when the dust settles and reality becomes apparent to everyone, that is when we come in and talk about facts. What really counts is that the Garaads are obeying the rules set by Somaliland. Yes, they can say whatever they want through the microphone, but the deeds and actions is what counts. All the Garaads are hosed by Somaliland Gov't and are housed at Somaliland Administrative buildings and newly built Gov't guest houses. The security detail of each Garaad is guaranteed by the Somaliland National Army.
  6. Waa la doogi yaan la dacaroon. Never bet against Somaliland. When the dust settles and reality sinks in, there is and will be one winner and that will be Somaliland. Waxan kale waa iska Social media driven hype and false hope. Reality and facts always win.
  7. Hassan or anyone before him or after him will not touch this issue. These people will hit the same brick wall as did Professor Ali Khaliif Galaydh and others. Once they hit that brick wall, they will realise they are not going anywhere but Hargeisa. Dadka la hiyi kiciyay, dhul u dhacooda ayaynu sugaynaa.
  8. The World Economic Forum has taken Berbera Port and Berbera Economic Zone (BEZ) as key examples of 'ways to unlock the enormous economic potential of Africa'. Somaliland is positioning itself as a corner stone in the new era of African Continental Free Trade Agreement
  9. The latest Shipping Lines to establish a footing in Berbera is JYS, a Taiwanese/Japanese shipping company. And India's Global Feeder Shipping.
  10. You'll never know. It is possible. He is skilled orator and comes across as one of the most reasonable when he speaks in how he accounts his side of the story. Unlike Deni whose hatred for Farmaajo was more personal than political, Madoobe kept it as a Political dispute rather than a personal one. Which is why he came out unscathed from the ugly tussle, unlike Deni who is came out feeling like a sore loser.
  11. So long that there is no real alternative to his rule. I don't see any challenger on the horizon that has the muscle and political power to unseat him. Gedo folks couldn't do it even while they held Villa Somalia. I don't think they can do it while they are in the wilderness. Gedonese cannot finance an army big enough to threaten Madoobe's. Madoobe gets almost 1/2 of Puntland's revenue per month, around $3-4 million dollars. He doesn't control Buaale, Jilib, Baardheere, Garbaharay, Bulo-Xaawo etc. All the major towns in Jubaland. His administration is only functioning in Kismaayo. He spends peanuts on provision of gov't services. This means, He keeps the majority of the revenue for strengthening his administration and clan melitia. And the fact that he has positioned himself very well in HSM's Administration, he is guaranteed to survive the next 4 years, at least. So from that assessment, if Madoobe has to go, it will only come from his own choosing, not from pressure from his opposition. And his replacement will be someone who he will personally groom.
  12. @Che -Guevara I don't think TPLF has been tamed. It is a tactical move. The TPLF's end game has always been to cast bigger shadow on National Politics than they actually deserve. And that is what they got in the ongoing political peace deal. The TPLF have enormous economic power which they accumulated for the last 30 years. We are talking about at least $200+ billion dollars in foreign investments. For Abiy to continue the war, he could have removed TPLF from urban areas but he would get bogged down in a guerrilla warfare. The mountainous terrain is best for guerrilla warfare than conventional war.
  13. He is possibly the only man who has mastered South Somalia's shifting sands politics. From Alshabab - to - Warlord - Regional Leader - to now the self-styled "Dear Leader" of Jubaland - who dances on the heads of so many snakes. He keeps his cards close to his chess and plays them right at the right time.
  14. Bahrain's biggest biggest supply-chain company BMMI has inked agreement to setup base in Berbera's BEZ Free Zone..