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  1. We have close to 100 POWs all from PSF, PMPF and other melitias in Puntland including former members of Somalia National Army (Danab) forces. PMFP and PSF lost the biggest number of fighters in Laascaanood. You can glance through Guutaale's twitter handle for a list of who-is-who of the PSF/PMPF that were sent to the next world.
  2. In a recent speech in Burco city, President Muse Biihi said that his gov't and his political Party Kulmiye is committed to reaching the border.
  3. HAG melitia are currently rolling through Mudug country side clearing the area off Alshabab terror groups. HSM recently declared that he only needs 5 months to clear Central regions of Alshabab menace. '
  4. Beesha Cumar M. oo meleeshiyo beeleedkeedi dib ugu celisay Gaalkacyo. This comes after they became insignificant in the Laascaanood conflict and couldn't have any impact on front lines.
  5. The rough road which was improvised because of the SL Army blockaded at Maraaga crossing, has also been closed by the Somaliland Army. They call the rough road "Jidka Tahriibka" Because it is so rough and so unwelcoming. A 50 km driving from hell. That rough road is also closed. They will now need to look for another more rougher rough road.
  6. The number of Huwan melitia coming to terms with reality is increasing. The first Jaamac Siyaad melitia switched sides to Somaliland 2 weeks ago, this is the second group. 2 weeks ago 2 days ago.
  7. Reality vs fiction. Somaliland is on the side of reality. You are on the side of fiction.
  8. If that is your source for geniune war information, then best of wishes. The thing is, despite all your best efforts, you still cannot and will not be able to even have 1 single objective achieved. Our strategy is the same as it was in Feb. We will bomb the living daylights out of you and when you cannot take it anymore - you then start attacking us and we finish you off like herd of wildebeest hunted by a pack of Lions.
  9. In what seemed like their most desparate attempt at Maraaga crossing. They threw even the kitchen sink at it. But the Maraaga is not easy. Guutada 12aad iyo 17aad ee Ciidanka Qaranka repulsed the attackers and eventaully the attacker run like sissies back to Laascaanood. A lot of dead from attackers and many captured.
  10. There is a lot of benefit for Somaliland through this relationship. UAE is the largest investor in Somaliland and the success of its investment hinches on the Ethiopian market access. It was only recently, two ago, when Ethiopia's Minister for Transport came to Somaliland to ink the Cross Border agreement for trade between Somaliland and Ethiopia. A key agreement in the enablement of this trading corridor which includes among other things the quota for each country's truck drivers that will service this corridor.
  11. A ship load of Tuktuks destined for Ethiopian market arrive in Berbera Port.