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  1. *Blessed;973749 wrote: ^Calm down love, it isn't a general statement about athiesm but an observation of the numerous population/birth control threads started mostly by the Somali atheists here . It's also a tongue in cheek-type of comment. Classified, LOL. It's crazy, right? Wait, what are you insinuating here? I'm not an Atheist dammit. :mad: Yes, it's crazy! December 2013 will be your 12th anniversary. You're 3 years younger than Puntland. lol
  2. Congratulations to Britain (Britannia).
  3. Enters Xaji_Xunjuf: somaliland has zero cases of polio. our neighbors somalia should not worry about polio cases because the amisom will help them defeat polio too just like the defeated emir godane and al shabab from mogadishu. i think what we need to do is send aid to somalia somaliland can actually help somalia in many ways as long as somalia recognizes and respects somaliland and it's people. now anti somaliland people will say dahabshil is responsible for the polio outbreak in somalia.
  4. Damn, *Blessed, you were on SOL since December 2001! :eek: How is that even possible? lol Back to the topic: can we discuss the never changing population status of Somalia? Always in the 9 or 10 million mark since the 1970s. :confused: Don't you guys think Somalis in total (Somalia, NFD, Somali Galbet, Djibouti) could actually be in the 50-60 million range? Somalis are nomadic, thus tend to move around within the Somali peninsula. When we're talking about Somalia, the regions of NFD iyo Somali Galbet are included (not politically), but in all other spheres.
  5. Check this out. Could Somalia's real population be 55 million instead of the never changing "10 million"?
  6. The Professor-isku-sheeg took a page right out of Xaglatoosiye's book. Both gentlemen know how to make money.
  7. kickz;973331 wrote: looks like the first colony on mars loool
  8. Waaxaan Xasuusanaa Alla ha u naxariistee Madaxweyne Cabdullahi yusuf markuu Xukuumadiisii ka raray Kenya wuxuu ka dajiyey Jowhar iyo Baydhabo, Waxaan ka dhaxalney Iftiin dowlad nimo, lakiin iftiinkaasi wuxuu damey Markii Muqdisho la geeyey Dowladii. Cabdullahi Yusuf was a 'madaxweyne'? For who?
  9. It's in Somaliland, Puntland, Jubaland, Awdalland and many more States with land as their suffix to come. Now, we all know "Land" isn't a Somali word. To claim that you're a Somali, upholding to the true essence of what being a Somali is and at the same time naming your entity/domain/country/identity with an English/German word, hence, "Lander or Länder is a German word for Federal States" defeats the purpose. :confused: Puntland for instance should change it's name to "Dhul Udug". Bal yaa uu diiday iinay isku bixiyan magac Somaliyadeesan? Somaliland could change it's name to "Dhul Somali" lol
  10. I heard this particular incident is the reason Siilaanyo left the Somali government and joined the SNM rebels in 1982. He wanted so badly to be the delegation to take part of Anwar Sadat's burial and tacsi, because apparently he has blood ties with the arabs (Duriyada Reer Shiekh Isxaaq Arab bay sheegtan). For Siilaanyo, being denied his request was an insult. Anwar Sadat was buried without the presence of any Hargeisawi, Buraowi, or Berberawi. lol
  11. Farhareri, did you know Coodanle, Qurulugud, Bali Dhig, Caynaba, Bohol and even Ceel-Afweyn were once settled by the Khaatumo/Garaad clan? GAROODI's actions can be justified. The guy's great grandfather lived in a 2km by 2km territory in a mountain near Berbera. Ever since the defeat of the Daraawish, GAROODI's tribe has expanded tremendously, quadrupling their territory. Caynaba was a Dhulos town in the 1950s. Oog and Ceel Dhab were a Dhulos towns in the 1980s. GAROODI has never lost a territory, but has gained it for at least 100 years straight. His latest attempt to "take over" was in Kalshaale and I'm sure it ain't over, yet. Kalshaale will be lost either thru peaceful means or thru bloodshed. lol
  12. Somalinimo died in 1991. Now we have Qabilnimo under Federal Statenimo. Puntlandernimo Somalilandernimo Jubbalandernimo Galmudugnimo Kilil Shanaadnimo Please add more of the Hijaab-wearing-Qabil names and by "Hijaab" I mean "Federal State"
  13. I have no idea why non-Puntlanders are even concern with what happens in the clan-enclave up North-Eastern Somalia. Also, to the Khaatumo fellows, I've been hearing all your Anti-Faroole rhetoric since 2009. Faroole lives within 5 miles from Yoocda, why can't ya'll just go enter Garowe and drag him out to justice. If that won't happen then please STFU! As for the incident. Faroole wanted to expand his muscles and get some attention and he did.
  14. GAROODI;973007 wrote: This is a SOMALILAND on SOMALILAND debate sejuis should focus on Kenya you are not part of Somalia or SOMALILAND Haatu is right. SNM was a clan-based movement. It's like USC claiming northern Galkaacyo, Caabudwaaq and Beledxaawo. No sane Somali, regardless of his clan background would agree with that. No, for you [GAROODI], you obviously don't hail beelaha H.a.r.t.i of Sool, Sanaag and southern Togdheer deega, so it blows my mind to see you calaacal and claim their territories as yours. lol When I say Sool and Sanaag, I'm talking about the areas within these two regions they, your 'enemy clan' inhabit. IN THE END OF THE DAY, I KNOW WHERE GAROODI IS COMING FROM. IT'S ALL ABOUT XOOG. DO YOU HAE THE STRENGTH TO STOP ME [GAROODI] FROM CLAIMING YOUR TERRITORIES? The answer is obviously, no. Taleexi iyo his kin are not that strong as of today to physically stop Somaliland. All they can do is type words on a forum from time to time.
  15. This is starting to look like a movie. lol Part 3 kulaha. What's next? Part 4, Part 5? The reality is, G-11, the conspirators of the Khaatumo fiasco are in it for 2 things. One, is to merge SSC with Somaliland and two, is to get a share of the money from the oil exploration and drilling that will take place soon.
  16. Cuqubadii Siad Barre Somaali ku dhacday ma istidhi.
  17. xiinfaniin;972594 wrote: Ras Casayr, Khaatumo and Maakhir have no problem with their kins. It is you who embarrass your self by not controlling your envy, Saalax. Ma huubta inaysan Khaatumo wax problem ah ka qabin siyaasada ilma ssdf?
  18. Carafaat;972530 wrote: There are hundreds of tribes, thousands of clans, 7 independent countries , dozens of Provinces/Regions and even 7 federal States on the Arab Peninsula. If they can live in peace, share the oil resources and even cooperate, why can't Somalis do the same? Marka naga joojiya markaa murankan, kala qeybsigan, kibirkan, baqaylnimadan iyo caadifadahan foosha xun. Are you suggesting, Somalia should be divided into serval independent countries?
  19. Somalia;972527 wrote: You are a secessionist sympathizer, that is worse than a secessionist itself, it's a sub-level support, very homosexual in its nature, either you are fully out of the closet or you stay there. LOL, thanks for the laugh.
  20. Somalia;972522 wrote: Raaaaarrh' lions of secessionists talking big on the internet! Me? A Secessionist?
  21. Okay, whatever floats your boat my good friend. Back to the map. Do you agree with it? If no (which I know you'll say), then what's the correct map of Puntland?
  22. Saalax;972516 wrote: Sool belongs to SNM folks whether it is Caynabo district - western Sool or Bohol -northern Sool and they will drill it. There is nothing disgruntled pirates can do about it. I know 100% Somaliland can drill for oil in HolHol and nothing will happen. Puntland will hold a press conference at most and reer Shirshoore will of course hold another conference in Boocame or Taleex whining. lol
  23. Saalax;972515 wrote: The keyword is their 'brothers' but not them lol. It is one of the reasons the khatuumo project failed, they can't generate much revenue as they are landlocked and no actual airports. It is the bitter reality. Sxb, let's not get ahead of ourselves. You can't pick and choose like the Jews and Christians did to Torah and Injil, where they denied some verses and accepted others. Either reject the entire Torah/Injil or accept it's entirety. You can't be against the larger D-block tribe and at the same time claim that two sub-clan of it are part of "Somaliland". It's like saying reer Gaashaamo are landlocked. Yes, the village is nowhere near any shore, but that doesn't mean they don't have access to their brother's port in Berbera or where ever other location you have in mind.
  24. Saalax;972512 wrote: Ho It is an eye for eye. Just reminding the khatuumo at the end of the day they are a minor landlocked group that settles mainly in eastern Sool. How are they landlocked? Xaasidnima kugu dheer. Don't you know qolyahan "Khaatumo" have access to their brother's shores in Sanaag to Bari, to Nugaal to Mudug, all the way to Jubaland iyo NFD?