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  1. Jacaylbaro;979087 wrote: I'm not a big fan of the guy but I'm glad he finally sees the light ... It took him 22 years to realize what we have been saying to him was right Who's "we"? Also, is there only one light/one direction?
  2. Taleexi;978822 wrote: War is inevitable but the incubators of the frozen conflict have to blossom first. Be mind, all the social ills of my kinfolk are not from the triangle tribe. The major ones are within, and their solutions are to be found from within; they better put their s-t together first before any tangible progress can be realized. How many shir (conferences) do you guys have to hold to "find a solution"? lol Boocame 1 Boocame 2 Boocame 3 Khaatumo 1 Khaatumo 2 Khaatumo 3 (in progress) Khaatumo 4 (coming soon in theaters near you) Also, the numerous sub-clan within the Garaad family holding separate conferences from Awrbogays to Buuhoodle. Diplomacy has failed to give you back your territory. Try something more orthodox. Pick up the Kalashnikov and fight back. Reer SNM aren't using Jets or Ballistic Missiles, they're using the same small arms that every other Somali tribe has access to. Wax iska dhiciya ama naga aamusa!
  3. Somalia;978808 wrote: If individuals signed a peace of paper without the consultation of their people, it is meaningless. Somaliland group says the 2001 " referendum " is proof of the people's will yet the triangle family has separate rules for other clans. Let's be honest. Puntland-Khaatumo-Maakhir have two choices. Either fight for what is yours or STFU and admit defeat.
  4. Garoodi, you're not making sense sxb. If the agreements that established the Somali Republic in 1960 can be nullified, don't you think any agreement in Somaliland can be nullified, not to mention the politicians, tribal elders of the Garaad clan who were alive in 1991 are today saying they have never signed any documents of joining Somaliland, but instead, signed agreements to end tribal animosity between the Northern tribes.
  5. In other words, Somaliland is on the path of South Sudan. It will be recognized as the Autonomous Government of Somaliland. Within few years, a referendum will be held resulting in the full recognition of Somaliland as a country. Xin, Nuune, Che-, and the rest of the "Somalia wa muqadas" crew, runta isku sheega for once nimayahow. Somaliland waxa dabada ka rixiiya the West. Djibouti, Bebera and Boosaaso will be three port cities on three different countries, inhabited by the same ethnic group. Good or Bad? You decide.
  6. Here is Hassan Shiekh clearly stating that the Federal Government has signed agreements with Puntland, Jubbaland and Ahulu Sunnah Wal Jama (Central States), pretty much one tribe has been fully incorporated and will be submitting their wills to the Federal Government, while the SNM (Somaliland) clans in Wagooyi Galbeed, Togdheer, Sool and Sanaag were treated as a separate entity that does not come under the Federal Government nor the Somali Federal Republic. For those of you that are blindly rejecting the notion that Somaliland's Independence (Referendum) will never happen, I have a bad news for you lol. Somaliland will become a Country within the next 4 years (Between 2013-2017). The agreements Puntland and Jubbaland and Ahulu Sunnah Wal Jama have signed will block any future calls for Independence by Puntlanders and Jubbalanders, once Somaliland is given it's recognition for Statehood. check out @ 3:30.
  7. Hobbesian_Brute;977761 wrote: Everyone, Mad Mullah is a bug eyed Xabashi disguising himself as Kilinka 5'aad native. He is only here to slander Somalia and cause mischief between somali clans. please beware. Why are you using the name of an ethnic group (Somalilander/Slander) as a verb?
  8. Mad_Mullah;977514 wrote: nah, bro, I'm learning Tigrey - reach for the stars. No lie, they've got some nice girls. If only AIDS didn't exist. That's more like it. Embrace our 'Ethiopiannimo'. How does it feel living as a second-class citizen in your own country [Ethiopia]?
  9. Mad_Mullah;977510 wrote: Ethiopia is still higher than Somalia Do Ethiopian groups go to Mogadishu to talk and sign agreements or is it the other way around You're still an Ethiopian. So, the official language of your native country being Amharic, are you fluent in it?
  10. Mad_Mullah;977498 wrote: Somali Galbeed. Where the guns are aimed at Habashis not defenseless men and women so that we can take their money and then brag about Turkish hospitals. Somali Galbeed is under Ethiopian control. You my friend is an Ethiopian.
  11. Odey;977331 wrote: It's classified?...........:-) Lol
  12. Dr. Osman, how many soldiers does Puntland have?
  13. Cambuulo iyo bun;977002 wrote: how is it haaram its not like people gonna worship the monouments it only symbolizes our culture.. Have you asked yourself, "Would Prophet Muhammad approve of it had he been alive?"
  14. Haaram! One step closer to Shirk.
  15. Carafaat;976996 wrote: You can either kick the neighbour out, confront or atleast talk to the neighbour. But running to and spending 6 years at the house of people in another neighbour (Nairobi, Addis, Mogadishu, Minnesota, Londen, ) clearly won't help and it hasn't helped. I agree. The Khaatumo camp has utterly failed at doing what it was created for or anything for that matter. No reconciliation was held with Puntland or Somaliland, although the latter's case is far more different than that of the former. They have not "liberated" Lasanod. Secondly, like Che said, your duplicity is just amazing. I suggest you change your profile picture, clearly you think Sool, Sanaag and "Cayn" have nothing in common with Muqdisho. Perhaps, you can tell us what the 'Coat of Arms' you have as your profile picture represents.
  16. Carafaat;976994 wrote: It seems Khaatumo leaders have given up on the backing, funding and support of Mogadishu for their conflict with Somaliland. Hope that he soon realizes that his issues are with Somaliland and needs to sit down and talk with Siilanyo, rather then Xasan Sheikh. But, "Somaliland" is not a legitimate entity. :confused: If your neighbor came into your house, beaten up your kids, while he pushed you out onto the front yard of your house, would you go to his house to sit down and talk OR kick the neighbor out of your house first...THEN sit down to talk with your neighbor in regards to the animosity between the two of you?
  17. Wadani;976989 wrote: The above, even after i've explained 'Somalilander' and 'Somalian' aren't ethnciities but descriptors of national identity? Y engage in debate if ur brain is on a prolonged hiatus? Again, "Somalian" does not exist. The term has no meaning. Do you mean Somali? Yes, Somali is both classified as an ethnicity and a nationality. As regards to "Somalilander", I'm quite sure that any Somali/Bantu/Arabs that lived in French-Somaliland, Italian-Somaliland and British-Somaliland can classify themselves as "Somalilanders" as well, if they so choose to do so.
  18. Miyir;976985 wrote: Worst mumbo-jumbo explanation of anything I ever read:confused: Give me Garoodi any day he makes more sense:cool: Somalis not Somalian:mad: Somalis, Somalilanders and Somalians are three different ethnic groups. That's Hargaysa's education for you. Wadani, despite having a subjectively ironic username, thinks he speaks nothing but the truth. lol