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  1. Che -Guevara;976984 wrote: ^Click on the link. WOW! I'm shocked how her reasoning is very similar to mine, "Somali is both an ethnicity and a nationality for Somalis". I said that before I saw her argument. Kudos! Thanks for the link, Che.
  2. Wadani;976979 wrote: Ah, therein lies your problem.So according to your warped logic Austrians aren't German since they aren't from Germany. How do u manage to write about such abstractions as subjective reasoning, yet not grasp the obvious and glaring differences between ethnicity and nationality. Pay close attention: A Somali from Somalia is both a 'Somali' (ethnic identity) and a ' Somalian ' (National identity). A Bantu, Reer Xamar or Baajuun and various other minorities are not 'Somali' but are definitely 'Somalian' A Somali from Somaliland is a 'Somali' but not a ' Somalian ', but instead a 'Somalilander'. A Somali from Djibouti is a 'Somali' but not a ' Somalian ', but instead a 'Djiboutian'. Same with folks from *Og@dania and NFD, they are 'Somali's' but aren't ' Somalians ', since they aren't citizens of Somalia. What I don't get is why people like you dont cast doubts and aspersions on the Soomaalinimo of NFD'ers, Djiboutians and Og@danians but strip Somalilanders of this same identity though they aren't unique in not being citizens of Somalia. Somalian? LOL That's not a word, mate. Epic Fail. A Somali citizen of Somalia is both a Somali as an ethnicity and a Somali as a nationality. A Russian, American or a Turkish that becomes a Neutralized citizen of Somalia (If the Constitution allows it), will become an "American-Somali" or a "Russian-Somali" or a "Turkish-Somali". Get it. Che-, What did Safferz say concerning the debunking of the new attempts in redefining Somali national identity?
  3. Wadani;976937 wrote: War illeen tanoo kale. Bro, I was born in the capital of Somaliland. How can my Somalilandnimo be considered subjective? Also, how can being being Somali and a Somalilander be mutually exclusive indentities when the very name ' Somali land' would suggest othwerwise. Plx explain. Saying "I am a Somali and a Somalilander simultaneously" is like saying "I am a man and a woman simultaneously". It's contradicting. "Somalilandernimo" is an identity created in 1991 thru subjective reasoning. Somali is an ethnic group. British-Somaliland was a colonial region that came under the British empire. Two different things. If Somalilander is an ethnic group, then by all means, Somalis from Hiiraan, Baidoba, Mogadishu, Kismayu, Boosaaso, Djibouti are all Somalilanders since there were three entities called French-Somaliland, British-Somaliland, Italian-Somaliland.
  4. North (Somaliland) and North East (Puntland)? How many "Norths" does Somalia have? lol
  5. Wadani;976871 wrote: You're clearly being purposely obtuse. No, I'm not. You claimed that your statement was objective, while you claimed to be a "Somalilander" subjectively. lol
  6. Wadani;976810 wrote: Lmao!!! I'm not Somali, and on top of that I'm anti-Somali? What your saying is utterly Bizarre. How so? You said you're a "Somalilander" and not Somali. I hardly see any non-Somalis in this forum criticizing Somalia and the Somalis. You and your fellow non-Somali "Somalilanders" are on this forum called SomaliaOnline, whining 24/7 about issues regarding Somalia and the Somalida (Not Somalilanders) .
  7. Wadani;976767 wrote: No. That I am a Somalilander is a veriable and undeniable fact. I was born in Hargaysa. I don't understand your point. Maybe if I was a Khaatumite, then yes it would be open to debate. I see. So, you're not Somali. Knowing that you're Anti-Somali and Anti-Khaatumo, wouldn't any statement you make regarding the two be purely subjective?
  8. Saalax;976718 wrote: Somaliland armed police doing their job. Yes, indeed they are. This further solidifies Siad Barre's regime's actions against the SNM. They too were doing their job.
  9. Wadani;976746 wrote: This guy, and the whole Khaatumo camp are anti-somaliland, anti-punland and anti Somali Federal Gov. They have no allies. Way ku fashilmeen siyaasadda Somalia. And im saying this objectively, not because i'm a Somalilander . Isn't that in itself subjective? lol
  10. The son of Oliver Stone speaks.
  11. I'm confused. Weren't these folks welcoming Cabdisamad, the same folks that were supporting Khaatumo?
  12. I'd appreciate if you edit out your post and delete where you quoted me. I shouldn't have even said anything. Sorry for intruding.
  13. Apophis;974686 wrote: How silly of me, I didn't realise this days dhaanto is done with bikinis and a pole, afterall: “cultures are not static". Lol, go easy on her. Her role model Salman Rushdie is not here to defend her at the time being.
  14. Classified


    Mad_Mullah;974405 wrote: This is the most ****** thread in SOL history. This is proof enough that Classified doesn't even follow the most basic of news and that he should not be taken serious. Who do we support? The Sunnis of Syria of course. They are our brothers. We have to understand the situation in Syria. Assad is being backed by Russia/China/Hezbollah and Iran. The Syrian opposition by almost no one. The west isn't supplying military support because they are afraid that it will fall in the hands of ISIS and JAN (the Shabab of Syria). They also prefer a secular Syria under Assad over a Jihadist state like Southern Somalia. I never asked who supports who in SOL. I made a simple known estimations and asked a logical question. Either answer it or not, just don't derail the subject.
  15. Jacpher;974392 wrote: SL is better than JL because SL is brought to you by foreign entities since 1990 miyaa argument-gaaga? YES. Not only since 1990s. But, you get the point.
  16. No Kacaan-era official, regardless of his/her clan background will ever be charged with war crimes because they simply have not done any crimes. When a rebel movement, funded by foreign enemy attacks the military barracks and cities of your country, the government of that country has the duty and right to defend itself and civilians against ANY rebels at all costs.
  17. Classified


    Total Population of Syria: 23 million Estimated death: 100,000 Estimated displaced: 5 million It seems to me that the overwhelming majority (18 million) of the Syrian people are living in a normal life and are satisfied with their government. Why aren't the 18 million Syrians getting any attention/focus? :confused: The death toll includes the fighters of both sides and civilians.
  18. Miyir;974274 wrote: one thing stands out is over eagerness to accommodate the separatist movements in the north and desire to crash Kismaayo group whatever it takes. The Separatist movement in Hargeisa is perhaps supported by the very foreign entities that finances the SFG in Mogadishu. British and EU support the Hargeisa-based Administration called Somaliland. It has been supporting it since the 1990s. I don't think you can compare Somaliland with Jubbaland, an idea that isn't entirely formed nor has the backing of any Western government.