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  1. Wadani;981913 wrote: And your point is? Just mentioning where she's originally from.
  2. Safferz;981903 wrote: South is relative, and you separated Somaliland from "the rest of the pack," which implies everyone else. Why can't you celebrate a Somalilander's accomplishment without insulting other Somalis? Why does he have to conform with your way? Doesn't he has the right to degrade who he wants based on his merits?
  3. Che -Guevara;981663 wrote: So, you are justifying centuries of Habesha aggression and subjugation? As for Oromos, well half of them are Muslims, so I am classified won't hate them:D I'm not justifying anything. Just pointing out how Somalis generalize.
  4. Mad_Mullah;981629 wrote: 1. Ethiopian Muslims themselves are oppressed by the largely Christian Tigray government. 2. Hatred between Somalis and their neighbors was never against 'Ethiopians' but against The orthodox Habashis. Not the Hararis/Anfars/Oromos etc. 3. You should know they are our rivals and that they will always work to keep Somalia down, that's a fact. Ethiopia is working to become a power house and they have to make sure that Somalia is never too weak or too strong, they want us to keep like Somaliland/Puntland and be satisfied with it. 4. This would not be the case if the peasant Oromos manned up, and did what needed to be done and revolt. This is complete bullsh*t. lol You do realize if Oromo came into power in Ethiopia, that would mean the end of Somalis, right? Somalia's biggest threat is Oromo domination. The Amhara and Tigre don't border Somalis, yet their aggression has shown over the centuries. What do you think will happen when a larger ethnic group that borders Somalis becomes politically and militarily dominant? Go figure!
  5. Muslimahs from different Ethnic groups (Amhara, Tigre, Somali, Oromo, Harari, Anfar, etc).
  6. There are more Muslims in Ethiopia than Somalia.
  7. Lol, an epic interview. The wariiye did an awesome job.
  8. This calaacal song is perfect for this thread. LOL
  9. Between duration 1:03 - 1:05 sitting in the middle wearing white shirt. He will turn his head from the camera. Can anyone confirm it?
  10. Nin-Yaaban;979809 wrote: Classified is either Somali or that other N.acas Mad Mullah, yaasan wakhti kaaga lumin. Labaduba, have been reported to the Admin and Libaax. Reported? What have I said or done to be reported? lol
  11. Paying 22,000 dollars per month to a lobbying firm in the West, while the kids are starving, sleeping out in the streets, sniffing glue. Calool xumo! Few got rich over shacabka masaakinta ah ee laga waalay.
  12. kickz;979595 wrote: Horta 1991 to 2021 is 30 years Lol, I didn't even notice that.
  13. Next stage of Somalia's continuous war: The battle for Resources.
  14. Mad_Mullah;979485 wrote: This is exactly what keeps Somalia backwards, other countries compete against OTHER COUNTRIES - so Pakistan wants to develop more so they can brag to India. Same story between Korea and Japan etc. Here we have people within the same country bragging about shanty towns. Yes, that's what you're bragging about. Instead of us working together so we can do the same to Kenyans/Ethiopians etc. No ambitions what so ever. Puntites brag about meeting the Yemeni president as if that's something to brag about, HAG brags about Turkish orphanages, Landers brag about the first library and Jubbalanders follow suit, while the "president" can't leave without telling the Kenyans about it. Have some shame. Why can't we divide Somalia into Mini-States (countries) and THEN compete against one another.
  15. I like GAROODI. Wa nin rag ah! Ninku hadu qadiyad leeyahay, he deserves respect.
  16. Wadani;979469 wrote: ^ Aar ninyahow qolomaad tahay. Is caddee baan ku idhi. . You know a lot about northern politics and clans. Ur anti SNM and anti Khaatumo, so I can't put my finger on u. R u an Awdalite? Reer Awdal qudhowdu are confused. Considering how SNM has fully defeated reer Borama in 1991, I don't think they exist anymore. Alpha, I don't know anything about that. Was Dr. Ganad an Oromo or an Amhara?
  17. I'm surprised the Library wasn't named properly like, "Mujahid Koodbur Library" or "Mujahid Maxamed Mooge Library" or "Muhajid Lixle Library". Ganad baa layidhiyee, maxaa la ganay tallow?
  18. xiinfaniin;979339 wrote: ^^ :D The thing is , your online bravado is out of touch with the realities on the ground. The robbery in Erigavo shall not stand Erigavo has been in the hands of SNM since 1991. Garoodi and his kin sometimes say since 1989. Forget Erigavo, we're going into 6 years of SNM rule in Lasanod. Garoodi, what I'm curious about is, why haven't ciidamada Somaliland move beyond Tukaraq for the past 6 years towards the Sool-Nugaal border? Boocame is still free, the last town before you reach Yoocda.
  19. Taleexi;978838 wrote: Classified - Las Anod calls more tactical move than Kalashnikov. Never mind, I forgot you are dealing with the symptoms of the problem. Please, indulge so long you get satisfied. Yeah, sure. Las Anod need F-16s to liberate it.
  20. General Duke Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar Che-Guevara Xinfanin Xaji_Xunjuf
  21. Safferz;979176 wrote: Your comparison doesn't work here -- Obama is a head of state, condemning an attack is part of his job as president and a leader in the international community. On the other hand, a community like ours (and Muslims more generally) is expected to condemn terrorism because it's assumed that terrorism is *our* collective problem and every Muslim is a latent supporter of terrorism that must publicly disavow their connections and (assumed) support in order to be trusted. We don't have the privilege of being individuals in this society because islamophobia and xenophobia treats us as a monolith, one where the acts of a few become the acts of an entire community. I'm not being defensive, I'm just frustrated with Somalis (and Muslims) for falling into this racist trap. Interesting perspective.