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  1. Don't you think? I've lost count of the amount of times I've seen him review it or base one of his articles on it. One wonders why he places so much emphasis on what this foreigner writes as opposed to what the collective Somali population has gone through. Should the the injustices that have been inflicted on every clan by every clan go unheard if there is a book which looks at only one's family's suffering?
  2. Your responses show that you haven't read the article but still want to dismiss due to a choice quote I picked out, the funny thing is if you do happen to read it I think you'll look back see your error.
  3. Indeed. Why don't you read the article in full and maybe look at the bio of the author before dismissing it.
  4. A very informative piece on what's taking place in Turkey - But – and this is what it is never in the interest of Western politicians to understand – Government bad does not equal protestors good. A very high proportion – more than the British public realise by a very long way – of those protesting in the streets are off the scale far right nationalists of a kind that make the BNP look cuddly and Nigel Farage look like Tony Benn. Kemalism – the worship of Ataturk and a very unpleasant form of military dominated nationalism – remains very strong indeed in Istanbul. Ataturk has a very strong claim, ahead of Mussolini, to be viewed as the inventor of modern fascism
  5. I was surprised al-Jazeera made this the first news they reported when the 11am news began 15 minutes ago.
  6. SL cannot ban them from the air, they can only refuse to let them land.
  7. This statement by the SL Ministry for Telecommunications -
  8. To put it into context - By way of comparison, 3,096 U.N. peacekeepers have died since 1948, according to the website of the U.N. Department of Peacekeeping Operations.
  9. A_Khadar;943447 wrote: Beautiful and very nationalistic asnwer.. The man has a principle.. True, however he provides a good distinction to the nationalism practised by Cali Khilaaf Galaydh, which he points out. Samatar - "Labaatan sanno ayaan ku jiray inaan ka soo shaqeeyo Somaliweyn, imika anigoo taa iloowsanayn, bal Somalia ha ii yaro fadhidee, bal inaan isku dayo inaan Somaliland iyo intii taagtayda ahaa inaan soo ogaado halkay marayaan, dhibaatohooda, wanaaga, markaa inaan tamartayda iyo oodkayga kuu biiriyo..."
  10. When asked if you would take part in the SL govt if they asked him Samatar responds - Samatar - "Waxan rabaa in dadka ii dhegaysanaysa inay ogaato in umaddii somaliyeed ee baladnayd - kama tegayo, haddan ka tago'na waxan ahay ma ogi"
  11. Listening to the opening stages of the interview and I have to say what has been reported looks like it has been exaggerated. So far in the interview Samatar has said he was invited by the UK govt to write a paper on who he regards as the stakeholders of Somalia, resigned from the parliament, looking to go to his home town of Gabiley + go to Puntland as well as he doesn't want to confine himself to Xamar.....