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  1. A lot of Somali women will eventually have some sort of illness from all these lightening creams they use. I'm only afraid that the illness might transform into their genetic codings, thus pass it down to their kids and their kids to their kids and so forth. Edit: Okay, I admit, I sound stubid, but still, xaalku ma wanaagsana.
  2. MoonLight1;983970 wrote: These Garaads are whole heartedly with PL, but for them to dis-mental and disband what is left of Ali Khaliif's failed khaatumo project they don't want to see the status-quo, an Abdiwali or Awaare win will definitely justify mass defection to PL. Exactly! Indhahaad ka riday!
  3. MoonLight1;983957 wrote: Maya xajiga ma aha qolyaha Gabiley, Xaajigu waa qolyihii Xaqsoor ee ciidda la cunsiiyay ee shabaabka wada noqday;) Faroole seedi fiican buu nimanka u ahaa weyna ku naalloodeen, khaatumo MPs might not be duped this time like 2009. Bring back Faroole. We don't want to see another "Qamadi wars" ka dhex qarxa walalaha Burco iyo Hargeisa wada deega.
  4. Xaaji Xunjuf;983944 wrote: Waligay gabiley ma tegin mana arkin gaadhi uun baan ku dhaafay anigu wajaale ku socday kamana iman yaa ku yidhi xaajiga gabiley ka yimi, saaxib mala qof kalaad igu qaldaysa eeh xaajigu asaliyan wuxu ka so jeeda hawd Toon , You said "Waligay gabiley ma tegin mana arkin", yet you're confirming that you've been there saying, "gaadhi uun baan ku dhaafay". lol You don't fool me, mister.
  5. Reer Kismaayo has played their cards well. Lol @ In normal circumstances, we would have displayed Niiko, and Lumbi dances , not this time awoowe. Bal waynu eegi how far this goes. I am not very optimistic, until the IC takes a firm stand on spreading the Federal Government's legitimacy to all over Somalia, from Looyacade to Raskambooni. Until then, all I see is a bad theater.
  6. Xaaji Xunjuf;983937 wrote: Faroole meelahanu isku diidanahay waxa weye siyasada xamar eeh u rabo inu qolyaha caga dhadheer eeh dhagaxbuur iyo goday ka yimi, eeh shanqadha markay lugeynayaan inu ka waalo oo ku akhriyo jubbaland iyo waxyalo jirin. Dad caanahooda iska maalanaya mar mar na iska dhaanteynaya bu yidhi state iyo waxlyaalo la mid ah baad noqon kartan.Oo kiiniya baad la xidhan kartan , hada sheekadi wa iska so dha dhamanaysa. Ninki Madoobe gudoomiye gobol wa aqbalay dekadi iyo airpoodhki na wa wareejinaya dhawaan. Faroole meelaha aan iskaga mid nahay xuduudaha Somaliland iyo mamuulkisa , qolyaha socodka badan eeh airboodhyada ku xafladeya eeh raba inay meel dhex dhexe ka qadeyaan wuxu u qabtay ultimaitum ama Somaliland baad raacaysan ama anigaad ii raacaysan. Laakin inad dhexda wareegtan ma ogoli , marka faroole ma xuma. Madaxweynaha xaaskisa nabad geli dumarku wa dhaxdin midad qabtid iyo hooyada ba laga masala. Sxb, isla yaab. Miyaadan ahen nin ka soojeda Gabiley iyo Galbeedka Hargeisa? It's an insult to our intelligence, when the likes of you speak about things he has no knowledge or relevance in, such as Jubbaland. Bal soo yara dag. Come back to reality.
  7. Xaaji Xunjuf;983924 wrote: Classified Faroole nin xun maha meel yar yar uun baanu isku diidanahay Halkaad iska diidantihin waxa weeye Hotelka lagu soo dejindoono ee Hargeisa kuyaala when he looses the election. Ma Ambassadorbu uu hooyan doona misa Mansoor misa Crown Hotel? Bal inoo sheeg, kolay his wife will make the reservations ee.
  8. Xaji Xunjuf is always so passionate about Puntland's Presidential elections. Faroole wins again and Xaji Xunjuf will be given Badhan, Buuhoodle and Boocame as a gift. Faroole looses and a die-hard Puntlander-Unionist wins, and Xaji Xunjuf will be confined to Gabiley.
  9. guleed_ali;982630 wrote: Story of a sister who's maher was 25 cents to non-Somali and 25000 to her cousin! Wake up people! Wake up! We shouldn't generalize. This is really an isolated incident. The percentage of Somali women marrying foreigners is very minimal, compare to the majority of Somali women that married to Somali women and/or have plans of marrying Somali men.
  10. Rahima;983247 wrote: Sit down and drink some water. You boys are exhausting yourselves for nothing. No sister cares what you think. They will marry who they wish and their children will go back home and identify with it as their homeland. Personal ku lahaa- that ain't personal son, just making a point that you boys need to MOVE ON. Lol
  11. STOIC;983499 wrote: I'm not a Islamic scholar, but I'm sure all of us commit sins intentional or not. I'm just not following your arrogance of thinking that Allah is not going to forgive sins when he himself says in the next Aya "turn ye to your lord in repentance and bow to his will before the penalty comes" obviously he is asking us to turn to him in repentance. I just can't sit here and tell you that he meant a green light to commit sins, but obviously he meant to repent if we do fall to sins. The only thing he doesn't forgive according to my understanding is those who take others as his partners.I think it is arrogant to preach that he, the merciful, is out there to get you while all along he says he is just and merciful to his creation. STOIC, I apologize if I came off as arrogant. That was not my intention. One member named Haatu, beautifully said, "Yes Allah is the Most Merciful and The Forgiver, but he is also Shadiidul Ciqaab. A Muslim must be moderate between the two (fear and hope)." I think that's sufficient for a reply to your post.
  12. Bluelicious;983767 wrote: Today I got a spa treatment. Almost forgot how relaxation felt. Thankful for another blessed day. Should've invited me.
  13. AfricaOwn;983777 wrote: Exactly on point - people always have tendency to favor information that confirms their beliefs. This who thread is turn into a match of I'm smarter than you are lol, confirmation bias is an ego disease, you guys just need chill. Have you noticed that too? lol Someone apparently fell back on trying to "correct" grammar errors, when all else failed. lol
  14. Safferz;983741 wrote: It's "quit" and no, I just wasn't on SOL yesterday. But glad to see the quality of discussion has gone up when people like Khadafi come in with actual points for a conversation, and halfwits like you aren't able to derail the thread by trying to troll me with personal attacks. Carry on. Personal attacks? When did I ever attacked you? If anything, you're the one trying to insult me with your so-not-witty comments regarding my intellectual capability. Hawdian, *wink* lol
  15. Alpha Blondy;983399 wrote: somewhere on page 4, Saffz quits the discussion because her strong academic paradigm is impenetrable..... Sorry to inform you Alpha, but your prophecy was wrong. She quitted on page 2. lol
  16. Where is Jawaari? What will he say about this? lol
  17. spartacus;983698 wrote: when you saying they will be drinking finest mangoo and papaay.. i thought other way around if you know what i mean! haha What are you talking about? :confused: Xiin, First, allow me to introduce myself as one of your outmost supporters; a fan, if you will. Secondly, I think Maamulka Juba or Jubbaland should've made a precondition to Hassan Shiekh's arrival to Kismayo and that should've been that Hassan Shiekh should visit Hargeisa (first), then Garowe (second) and THEN to Kismayo.
  18. Haatu;983620 wrote: What on earth do you see in baseball? The base. Duh!
  19. Cadale;983701 wrote: You know why.. No, I really don't. If we're to put every Ex-kacaan official on trial, then that would include every SNM, SSDF, USC, SPM, USP, SSNM, SDM, etc Rebel fighters/officials as well. Pretty much around 8 to 9 million Somalis are all "criminals", so to speak.
  20. Cadale;983695 wrote: he needs to be brought to justice. Why is that?
  21. Red carpet welcome. Jubbaland is progressing indeed! Seems like Hassan Shiekh is very happy. Tonight, Vice President Fartaag, President Ahmed Madoobe and Federal Government's President Hassan Shiekh will all be drinking together Jubbaland's finest mangoes and papayas. The question is, will this sense of peace and cooperation last? Here is the video: