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  1. Xaaji Xunjuf;984309 wrote: Thats a tribal name you cannot call a country after a tribe , adeer we are not like haatu's kin. Somaliland is much more than the middle clan of SL. Somaliand is fine , we are Somali and thats our land. Saudi Arabia is named after a single family. The family of Saud. They're doing considerably well. What's wrong with magaca beeshada? Are you ashamed of it?
  2. Xaaji Xunjuf;984303 wrote: Non of the Hargeisa districts have a foreign name , i am not sure about hotels , hudheeladi wabay naga batteen they need to be reduces and if you see English names on hotels than that's just for international purposes. People must keep their uniqueness. Jamhuuriyadda would be a good name. That's unique and has no foreign influence, compare to keeping the 'Somaliland' from "British-Somaliland" colonial name.
  3. Xaaji Xunjuf;984292 wrote: False nation? there is nothing false about the Somaliland state its unique the state its self and the history testifies on that. Somaliland is the least influenced country. It has no foreign cultural influences it has no Foreign architecture it has its own home grown traditional democracy. These are all facts , and you call it false but than again you are just one of those Big foot haters:D Is it me or does that crown look like the Queen's crown? Xaaji, if there are no "foreign cultural influences", what's up with the English names in the Hotels and other areas? Even the "Land" in Somaliland is English.
  4. Haatu;984289 wrote: So? The Somalis in my region have a history separate from other Somalis but you don't see us stressing it and using it to justify a false nation. And the problem with you guys is that your booto is ridiculous, like the midget who gets rude to the 6'6" guys Why are you so rude? Xaaji just incorporated your cousins iyo Reer Maakhiri into his history. Back off!
  5. STOIC;984275 wrote: So he was equal opportunity offender? Haha When I read those lines directed at duriyadha I was laughing... He was basically saying duriyadha was with the British ...Same as we still hold them dear till today..I just thought he was a very keen observer and good poet...I wanted to read his poetry, but at my elementary rate of reading it is a bit taxing Something to be proud of indeed. Masha'Allah.
  6. *Ibtisam;984267 wrote: Salaax out of 21288 criminal acts in 2013 only 3 cases were terrorist related (involving 21 people)- Classified history is based on memory- therefore by default it is always somewhat distorted- however the ones you need to worry about are those who purposefully distort it. I very much doubt you had a nanny- unless you mean your relative who looked after you from time to time. In any case, I hate kids, so definitely not me. And yes utilize your pen and paper ayeeyo- my first wisdom waan kuu sheegey- write it down. Ayeeyo, if you noticed, I quote you a lot. In a sense, I'm keeping what you're saying for reference, in other words, I am recording you as I promised. Your hatred for kids could only mean one of two things. You're either madalees (barren) or you're child/ren couldn't give you the grandchildren you were hoping to see before you hit the bucket. What makes you think I didn't had a nanny?
  7. Dalmar1;984255 wrote: The Xuus of Sayid Abdullah airport held in Taleex is that of Khatumo not triangle state of Somaliland, why is it that it's always the people of the triangle-state that like to distort history to their liking???,...... Do you guys like living the life of lie! But, Khaatumo is part of Somaliland, no?
  8. *Ibtisam;984258 wrote: Classified- anigu I dont think old age is an insult- markaas waxaba 1970s iyo mid 30s cay ha moodiin. Although your maths is a little rusty, you are probably not too far off. Well since you insist, we will agree you was playing with your kaadii in the 1990s- no wonder you think history started with Sayid ayeeyo. Oh God! No, I have no intentions of ever insulting you. I have nothing, but respect and admiration for you, to say the least. What makes you think old age is an insult? You've reached an age where the rest of us could only pray to Allah to give us such life span. Ayeeyo, I want to be by your side with a book and a pencil. You are full of history (distorted as it may be) and wisdom and that has to be recorded. Something about you makes me wonder if you were my nanny.
  9. *Ibtisam;984251 wrote: See that was not so hard, was it I am glad it gave you happy? memories too - no point reinventing the wheel if it was spinning. Ayeeyo, I know this gave you 'good' memories, after all you were in your mid 30's in the 1970s, but why are you assuming I'm on the same boat as you?
  10. Xaaji Xunjuf;984244 wrote: Xaglatoosiye said what i said before hal qawmiyad baynu nahay telling the world that we are one Ethnic Nation . Second he also said 26 June 1960 is essential i believe those few days that Somaliland was an independent state were crucial. And thats when we became an independent state, and its 18 may is not Somalilands independence day its when Somaliland reclaimed its statehood. So Xaglo is right on this. I think Xaglatoosiye reads SOL. What ethnicity is that? lol
  11. I am far from being xaasid ayeeyo, I'm just feeling a sense of Déjà vu. Congratulations to Somaliland's 20th Police Force, nonetheless.
  12. Mintid Farayar;984241 wrote: Ibtisam, What you don't understand is that 'for some people, their family history started with M. Siyad Barre!' Lol, have you noticed that too. Cajib!
  13. Xaaji Xunjuf;984234 wrote: Are you inferior to Europeans or scared of them the first picture is Sultan Nur at the dervish camp and the European guy is a doctor who flew from Adan with a medical team i think the picture was taken just before the ilig treaty between the dervishes and italians. We are lucky we have those pictures the nomadic Somalis would not take pictures or were not able to do so. They couldn't even paint thats why till this day we have so little history. The other guy with the SNM is a German journalist who wanted to do a report on the SNM. Dadkan qaar reer yurub way ka baqaan , But no my friend Sultan Xassan tarabi said cadaankanu wada loolana madaw ciiseyn meyno. Lol
  14. ^ Since 2005, with 16,000 posts and that's the best you can do? I'm still not convinced Ayeeyo.
  15. Xaaji Xunjuf;984229 wrote: There is a white guy sitting with those men holding the spears. You can see his hat on his lap. That's like 100 years ago, almost. THEN, you see another white man sitting in the middle (third from right) wearing a white shirt with the SNM. Some people never change!
  16. I asked for recent Ceremonies held in Hargeisa, Somaliland's capital, BUT you posted some distorted pictures that have nothing to do with the Daraawiish. Kafad kudi!
  17. Xaaji Xunjuf;984225 wrote: There are many Xuus held for the dervishes in Somaliland there is even an airport named after Sayid Muhamamd abdulla hassan in Taleex Really? Can you please show us videos/pictures of Xuus held for the Daraawiish in Hargeisa, the capital of Somaliland?
  18. We've seen multiple xuus/commemorations held for SNM, but none for the Daraawish. Why is that buddy?
  19. "Pedophilia now Classified as Sexual Orientation"? Whoa! Hold up! I am NOT a Pedophile nor is my sexual orientation Pedophilia. :confused:
  20. Xaaji Xunjuf, will Somaliland erect a statue of Sayyid Muhammad Abdulle Hassan in Hargeisa and recognize the Daraawiish as heroes?
  21. Safferz;984142 wrote: What do you mean by "original"? It still looks and sounds a lot like this, only now there are some dhaanto songs that sound more like pop music ( was the big hit this year). But traditional dhaanto songs are still popular. There are different types of Dhaanto, namely the Guuxa, which came into existence in the mid 1970s. Today, the Guuxa is the most performed Dhaanto, despite it being not the original type of Dhaanto that was played for centuries. The two Dhaanto that I posted is how the "real" or original Dhaanto was and should be played. Ali Dhaanto iyo these other folks doing Dhaanto in the diaspora or in Jigjiga are just playing the Guuxa Dhaanto in different ways mixed with beautiful musical rhythms.
  22. Horta, what's up with Somaliland and copying Siad Barre's regime forces' uniforms and style? lol
  23. Here is the original Dhaanto from Galbeed. Starts at 1:09
  24. Is it expensive to acquire "Tuute"? It seems to me no Somali Administration within the Somali Republic has succeed in having a well dressed militia/ciidaan. The closest administration is Somaliland which has put high percentage of it's revenue/International aid into building it's armed forces and acquiring the right uniforms.