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  1. Tillamook, what grave consequences left for the Somalis of horn?. Millions starved to death, thousands died in the high seas, others are refugees in the neighboring countries and Al-shabaab is murdering people daily. What is left for you to worry about Ethiopian strive. In Zone five there is economic stagnation. There is no more train from Djibouti to Dire Dawa, no business in that part. The trade between Berbera-Jigjiga is almost dead, there are checkpoints to confiscate any goods even for local use. You may have seen few buildings in Jigjiga but Zone five is a big jail. Please spare us your crocodile tears. The only thing is some Somalis may lose their protector. well, the chicken may have come home to roost. There are no gradual changes in this kind of systems. They rule by the barrel of the gun. The only way they will accept change is by violent overthrow. I know some of you may be shedding some tears for you protectors, but Ethiopia, like the middle east, cannot transform peacefully. Besides, I never seen you in this pages praying for your own country. No change has taken place in this country for forty years. The communist dictatorship is replaced by the TPLF from 1991 til Meles passed away 2012. The so called federal system is a bogus decentralization, no election has ever taken place in this country. They May call themselves, Oromia, zone Five of Somalia, or other ethnic names , but the military and the army that patrols the country are ething Tigray with few Amharas. They appoint the leaders of these regions and the military leaders oversee the them. Sooner or later Ethiopia will disintegrate, just like former Yugoslavia. the four million Tigray citizens cannot control eighty million people who want to be free. In this age of information, if Oromia and others decide to be free of Tigray oppression anything is possible.
  2. Probably our fierce independent loving culture is the one that saved us from being swallowed by others or occupied during the colonial era. My only fear is we may get used to being small enclaves with insignificant political power in the world stage. In late nineteenth century we owned one of the largest land masses in the African continent and the longest coast. From outskirt of Dire Dawa in the cwest , to Garissa, NFD in the south, and northern corner of the red sea . It is sobering assessment when you see how far we traveled and where we ended the journey. Doctorkenney, I think your statement is a obering acceptance of the reality. We no longer hope that an all powerful leader will bring the nation together or even build prosperous Somalia. For the last 14 years since Carta, In Djibouti we always thought that the selected President will usher a new down. That dream is gone now. The mistrust and fear among the people has increased not diminished. A big and booming Mogadishu may not even resolve the future.. Khaatumo and others have every right to decide their own destiny. In the nomadic tradition , unless your camels drink first ," Ilaa uu xoolihiisu cabo oo uu fulo waa in aad sugtaa". everyone else have to wait. If there is an orphan family who have two goats to give water, they have to wait until those who have the 300 camels finish. It may even take two days. " Geel jiruhu ma garanyo in uu yidhaahdo waar bal Islaantan labada neef wadata biyaha ha waraabsatee aan u dayno". That same culture relocated into the Urban environment. That is why it is difficult for the guy in Mogadishu to dig well in Qardho, or the Burco guy, to allow development in Awdal. Remember the money or the development equipment That he wants to keep for himself and his Tribe is paid by somebody else. The issue of having common defence will be also difficult. Regions would prefer having their own defence. People are literally begging the leaders to dig water wells or small fishing port. There are no local tax base at all. Big government means people on the mercy of others. On the issue of common defence, it could be even difficult. Mistrust and fear may not even make to build the army. Look at the gulf countries, they have the resource to do but do not trust each other. Anyway, we need open debate. We no longer accept a Mogadishu based solutions, or people enriching themselves in the name os state. I want my local community to collect taxes and build local capacity. We no longer need to beg a so called big fish moves like emperors.
  3. This could be the beginning of the disintegration of the empire. How far will the Tigre dictatorship will last. All empires of twentieth century had disappeared except Abyssinia. Oromo are 40 million or more than 50% of the population, if they rise up Ethiopia will become five or six states. Somali, Danakil, Oromia, Tigray, Amhara, and southern nationalities. The only way they can keep existing is if they become democratic and plural state. Let us pray for the change and hope Oromia get their own state free of Amhara and Tigray.
  4. Doctorkenney, you are correct on the border thing. Even today, the border with Ethiopia doesn't even have check points in many places. Also Somalis hate to take order from some distant place. The American colonies did not have to fear a neighbor swallowing, since the british threat disappeared in early 1800. That loose union might be the best solution. The difficult thing is can we reach their or survive . One thing that does not work is centralized union. In the late fifties and early sixties, there were no misery, hunger or food shortages. Livestock had a value, agriculture was there. Every thing collapsed after the formation national government. regional and national administration suck every thing like a vacuum, while giving back nothing. Do you remember the municipal tax collector waiting at the gate of the city to tax milk and firewood, it is still going on. How can you make these federal regions effective and efficient?. They do not see themselves as leaders who are given the responsibilities to make life better for their citizens, but they want to be a big fish in a small pond. I agree, the centralized Mogadishu based government became a vessel to get foreign aid in the name of Somali government. How can we implement this loose union without being swallowed by our enemies?,
  5. oil wealth makes it attractive. Local customs are important. It is difficult to reconcile the Mudug culture with those from Shabeelaha Hoose. Since we love freedom just like the Americans , we may even copy some of their regional based governments. In Texas, they say do not mess with Texas. If you murder somebody they will give you the death penalty, while in Oregon or in New England they will keep you in jail for few years. The Wahaabi culture suits well the Galgaduud, Mudug, Gedo, Togdheer and Nugaal and Bakool societies. It can not survive in Jawhar, Hargeisa, Borama or Marka.If you study carefully those who brought the Wahabi movement to Somalia originate from central Somalia. Since militarism and dictatorship could not work in 21st century, they shifted to religion. " qorigii intay yare dhigeen ayey Kitaab qori la socdo soo qaateen". Having said that I believe the federal system should bring regions and people together not push them aside. Today's federal system will lead eventual breakup of the country. . Each one has his own army, intelligence, foreign policy and have already attached themselves with foreign powers in the region. Those who are in position of leadership are not doing anything that is even close to a united country. Have you ever heard anyone calling for a national army. Why not demand that these members of parliament each, bring 100 men from their region and recruit to the army. You can't have an army only from those who are president, prime minister and speaker of parliament. C/laahi Yusud, Geedi and Aadan Madoobe did the same thing ten years ago. These are tribal militia not national army. If the trend that we see today continues, there will be four or five semi independent countries. Did you hear about Abkhazia and ostesian republics who are only recognized by Russia as de facto states who separated from Georgia, or other minor ones in Moldova. It could happen. All the ingredients that fuel that kind of breakup are present. Look at Ethiopia for the first ten years since 1990 we were begging her to stop arming warlords and criminals, now we are begging her to come and help us defeat the symptoms they created. I will conclude that "il Dittore" Osman may even get his wish, his own country.
  6. Hawdian, they are Sunni Muslims and their Madhab is Xanafi. As most modern Islamic school of thoughts they originate from the founder, Mr. Gullen who lives in Pennsylvania,USA. I believe they will be loyal followers of Mr. Gullen, just like the " akhwaan Muslimeen" are followers of the Egypt, " Wahhabis follow the Kingdom of Saudi Royal Family and Tabliiq are followers of Pakistan based movement. What they do not get is that Islam arrived in the Somali shores before it reached Medina, Egypt, Pakistan, Turkey or these backward Arabs of the gulf. Somalia, who never fully experienced the Islamic civilization earlier century and the western civilization brought by european colonizers are empty vessels that could be filled with any new ideology. Also the Wahabi chauvinistic culture which originate in the bedouin tradition of the gulf could fit very well with the arrogant and control freak Somalis from the central regions, nomadic tribes of Bakool and Gedo region. You may even find some Wahhabi extremists in Togdheer region of Somaliland. You could hardly find a Wahabi or extremist murderers in the civilized provinces where Islamic tradition is alive before the arrival of the Wahhabis in the eighties and nineties. I do not want to generalize but between Garoowe and Hiiraan, both the Cusmaaniyiin (Ottaman) civilization and the Western(Italian and british), did not fully developed in those regions. you can easily see the difference between the agricultural and advanced Arabs of Iraq and Sham, from the backward gulf kingdoms who are empty sand dunes with petro Dollars. There are no civilizations at all in these countries. If you want to see an Arab culture you go to cairo and Egypt. Any way, A country with all these competing ideologies , it is difficult to find harmony. Mix that with Talaabo, Apophis and others who are the other extreme.
  7. Ciidansuldaan, most of them do not care. THey do not take life and country seriously. Let me confess, I was one of the Hiilqaran activists. The southern members of the party, few paid their dues or took seriously their duties. For many of them it was a political exercise.
  8. maybe I write in a rush, but I mean WE unionists were missing our friends and family for Union Cause that in disappearing in Mogadishu.
  9. Buuraha, be honest, can you tell as how Kulmiye could lose the next election?, is their any threat from the opposition?.
  10. Folks this is serious. If Mogadishu doesn't change, anything can happen. You can;t play with fire for long time eventually it will burn you. It is not only war that divides or changes countries, it is the system not working for the interest of the people or the people giving up on their fellow citizens. You heard last week about Cali daacuun complaining about hopelessness of Mogadishu and the sacrifices people pay to be unionist. YOu do not understand. AS you may have seen in my threads , I try to reach out to my Somalilander friends. Can you imagine having friends, families and old acquaintances in your own city and not being able to have the opportunity to sit relax and enjoy coffee, meals and other friendly gatherings. Because we were working and looking different futures. can you imagine missing the company of your friends, because of a cause that becoming difficult to achieve as time goes. How long one have to be exiled from his own families and friends. The southern man can never understand .
  11. Xaaji, he is correct in terms of belonging. In the civilized world you could never see any one say only the nationality or lineage of his father. If you ask them they will tell you., " I am English and German, or Irish and Dutch and so on. I remember in 2010, I participated some Community gathering where Smatar Lagu waraysanyey. When the issue of tribe and grievances came He emphatically said " I will never never shoot my mother ( abtiyaaladay), from the back, I am both SNM community and Awdal community. Having said that, when you are having private conversation with him he always had certain antipathy of the southern people. " waa dad musuqooduna sareeyo, aqoontooduna liidato". on the other side He he feels relaxed when he is having the "reer woqooyi conversation . I see him is sitting with Gudoomiye Cirro, may be he want to join Wadani. I hope he joins one of the opposition parties. I do not think he will fit with "the old guard( siilaanyo plus qoyska) and outlaws( muuse biixi other(.
  12. Ciidansuldan, we need a new blood. remember change is good always. On my part I will do my best to defeat kulmiye. This wasn't a party that is following it's rules. I agree with you that the number of parties should not be limited. Allow people to organize. Siilaanyo deserved to be president, he achieved that goal. Now it is time to get a new blood. let him retire peacefully.
  13. Dhgaxtuur, Saaxiib maya. Waxaan u jeedaa dawladiibaa ag fadhidee madaxnimo uma baahna. peace, prosperity and open society. That is what I need. Those of us who leave continental north America live in a big continent. We see the world differently. AS I said before sectarian tendencies are suppressed even among the most advanced societies. What would happen if America had the party of the Germans, africans, irish and English. Plural politics is what minimizes the ethnic divide.
  14. Fariid waxaanu yeelayn muxuu nacas ku faanaa. Waxaa la yidhi geedku hadii uu jirid balaadhan lahaan lahaa ama callemo badan lahaan lahaa waa la hadhsan lahaa. If anyone had anything to spare people would have came long time ago. I think the good doctor assumed wrongly that the constant criticism we are throwing against the "Hag" elite in Mogadishu meant the endorsement of Sahal. Absolutely not. If you ask the average Somali where they would like to settle beside their home provinces, definitely they will choose, Beledweyne, Marka and Jawhar, instead of Qardho, gaalkacayo or Dhuusamareeb. Like Doctorkenedy said the symptoms in Mogadishu is anarchy and culture of violence and personal interest. If peace regnes there at once they could be better hosts than your typical Sahal. Putting aside personal wealth, most Sahal members, just like the other communities of the central somalia are people who have little opportunity. Waa meelo laga soo haajiro oo dadku ay meelo kale nolol u doontaan. Waar gaagaabso yaan gaadh laga qabane.
  15. Che, waad salaaman tahay. waasidee meesha waad noo cidlayseene?. I wasn't referring about the leaders and the coloration to reward their communities. I meant that people who are away from centers of power are still loyal regardless of their location. Those who are in the capital region without being the president had all the advantages. The Kacaan built " labada webi iyo Banaadir", not Garbahaarey. Caasimadu in ay deeqdo weeye dadka halkaa degan. Hadii la yidhaahdo madaxnimadana ha loogu daro. The last election every body sais " hala kala doorto reer Muqdisho. it is not fair.
  16. Buuraha waxaan u malaynayaa in uu u safray shirka xisbiga. Saaxiib Golaha dhexe miyaad gashAy?, ma jago suge ayaad tahay?, mise "you have been already appointed somewhere.
  17. Xaaji, yours could be one strong union oo ku yimid rabitaan xor ah iyo karti la isku darsady. Weli ma arkin cid si balaadhan uga hadlaysa. I thing you must write some kind of a paper explaining the complexities and advantages including the road map. Instead of emotions like last time this one could be people sitting and deliberating. THat is how the union of Canada and other modern nations came to fruition.
  18. Dittoore, I will not debate about which tribe built things or the one destroyed. We have seen how Sahal behaves when they get the upper hand. If they had some civilization Somalis would have went to Afmadow and garbaharey and Gaalkacayo. I do not think any one of us can even think of spending one night in those places. maybe Boosaaso could be different. any way " meel ay joogaan oo koob shaaha lagu caanaynayo oo habeen loo hoyan karo ayey dhisan lahaayeen" Anyway, I do not like the issue of my tribe is better than yours part of the conversation. Having said that , you are correct on the issue of the concentration of powers on one place. Forget about the future, how about bringing the members of Parliament a save place where they can deliberate freely. Why not bring them to Garoowe, that is a good start. The case in point is some of them have been murdered by speaking their mind. I did talk one Xildhibaan whose family leaves here. He is from Sahal, and he told me for the next few years, we Sahal will fighting for the premiership job only. When I asked him why not the presidency?, he said " it is impossible under the current situation. The parliament can start working on important legislative issues without the fear of the Mogadishu situation. If these President becomes weak and incompetent we need a free Parliament that can deliberate for his removal. Besides, the amount of security personal that requires to protect 275 members of Parliament is huge. It could be a battalion of army that could fight al-shabaab. They have been crying wolf for a long time. anytime that somebody tries to introduce some changes, they use tribal cards. It started with C/qaasim settling to a Hotel. Bring the Parliament to a save place now.
  19. Xaaji, I never understood these before. Are you saying that The Somali weyn must be bigger than Somalia and Somaliland? I have no problem with that. Djibouti is our land. I agree it must be also brought to the union. So rather than Somaliland separation and reunification after that, how about adding Djibouti to the negotiations right now. maybe propose some kind of federal system starting the sharing of currency with Djibouti and opening trade links.
  20. The issue is we have to think out of the box. Remember the Survival of the people is bigger than the city. Every one said for Somalia to come back Mogadishu must be restored at all cost. It is illogical. If you want to build things you start from a save base. In other twist, both the "D" community and the "H' are culpable of the misery that is engulfing Somalia since 1991. That is why ba shift must come. Xaajigu in loo yimaado ama hawshu soo dhawaato ma rabo. Xaaji, since you care about the Somali people , you must take the initiative of " isku soo ururinta dadka".
  21. Doctorkenedy, if the capital comes to hargeisa , they will think big, also they are generous with the guests. No one is even close to Hargeisa in terms of promotion and Somali poetry. Just look back how the famous northerns made propaganda for the Kacaan.
  22. Please keep posting. Can you imagine A Somali in Buur dhuubo, Ceel afweyn or Buuhoodle, who never had seen the President, the capital , the ministers and all that advantage the national capital have, yet he was a citizen and guardian of the Somali nationalism. No water well was digged for him , no hospital was built for his town, if they are lucky enough to finish high school they used to go all the way to mogadishu. They did compete with those who lives in the capital or lives closely. The Mogadishu man have every thing. The commercial capital , the national capital and all the resources that come with it. There are probably three or four hospital built or rebuilt by the Turks. Despite all these advantages, the Parliament members say the leader must also come from Mogadishu. Modern fragile nations must be held together by common interest. I will suggest Hargeisa, Baraawe and Garoowe.
  23. early this week I did write a thread about the secret agreements between Somalia/somaliland. Almost all of the Somalilander ( at least those who are members of the SOL forum) rejected the idea of peaceful negotiations which could lead to union. The only part they were interested was the referendum , not in 10 years but for five years. Some people thought it was a generous offer. Any way, in order to gage how the other part of the country feels about the future and how far they are willing to sacrifice for national salvation, I would like to ask this question about the Somali capital. Do you support for the relocation of the capital in order to save the nation. I will apreciate if the southern guys answer this question, especially Malister, Cadale, Dalmar, Maadey, Somaliarising, peaceaction and others. Please be yourself and speak your mind. Rhanks.
  24. Well, who ever grows the Khat is the target. It does not matter kikuyu or Suju. The biggest problem is the Somali leadership is weak and can;t do much. Even the Ambassador is part of the problem. he has resided Kenya for eight years or more, he involved a lot of businesses and probably some NGO contracts. He is an insider in the political circles. Also I do not trust the Somali Sijus who are part of the system. They are hopeless, they could be complicit in the invasion of kenya three years ago. Folks I am just waiting few more months until september 2014, which is two years since Qoslaaye became president. If things do not change by that time, we should start campaigning for throwing him out of the office in order to take advantage of the remaining two years.
  25. Well, let us see 3 million kilograms a year. how much is worth every kilogram of mera. if one kilo is mere 100 shilin , thats is 300 million. Britain has banned already the import of mera, and add that to Somali import ban, well that could hurt the Kenyans big time. The truth is you need a different leadership to implement these actions. The Somali President is not ready to wage these or other diplomatic messages. It is too late now. You can't retaliate abruptly, he should have a national strategy to deal with vultures from the neighboring countries before he started flying around. AAn ooyee albaabka ii xidha.