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  1. Didn't he go to Qatar? Coldoon is the only Somali guy you'll see drop Arabic word in every sentence just to sound intellectual. If the guy is spreading anti-government propaganda in Burco, why not capture him and put him in jail? It is obvious Coldoon is being protected by his powerful subclan. Let us be honest. Some minorities in Somaliland don't have that privilege.
  2. The birth of the Republic of Somtrea
  3. Holac

    Mogadishu blast km 4

    In the past, the two guys at the top used to fight all the time… and one of them would the honest guy protesting the corruption of the other. This time, we may have two similar guys colluding to empty the coffers as a team. Tanoo kale lama araq.
  4. Where is @galbeediwhen you need his verdict? This is a terrible news my brothers. This nations, which was slowly rising one president after another, must have taken 5 steps backward today for us to be talking about evacuating NGO workers from Xalane, the most secure buffer zone left in the country. This is more than a disaster. Why are people still defending Farmaajo?
  5. Afrewaki naively believes he can unite Somalia. He wants to be the hero, I guess. One thing is clear. Farmaajo is thrown under the bus slowly by his old masters (Abiy and Afreweki). Something happened and we may never find out.
  6. I hope this is not true. The Emarati Arabs perfected the art of qawda maqashiin. This is not their first time playing games with Somalis.
  7. Holac

    I can't believe this

    Two losers. The other guys is that cartoonist "Average Mohamed". Omar Jamal is a shameful character. He is hoping he will run against her.
  8. Is the CEO of Ethiopian Airlines Amhara or Tigrayan? Very sad story. It is devastating for the reputation of Ethiopian Airlines.
  9. Puntlandanization of Somaliland has just started.
  10. Holac

    This is amazingly retarded!

    More than retarded. I don't really understand it.
  11. That is very alarming. What is the % of Somali Bantu in Xamarweyne? I thought that district was settled mostly by Reer Xamar family.
  12. Holac

    Ilhan exposing divisions within Dems

    Ilhan's strategy is working. She won the day. It is better to be a lion for a day than to live like a bisad for years. She is shaking things up and is creating a cult of a personality. I say Ilhan need to keep moving. Push the limits Ilhan, without exposing yourself too openly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Something tells me Mr. Bihi is poised to take advantage of Puntland's sad current situation.
  14. Holac

    Ilham Omar

    Old Observer, why is Ilhan going to Eritrea? I can understand she wants to visit other Horn countries before Somalia to avoid the charge of dual loyalty, but why Eritrea? The Eritrean lobby in DC is strong I guess.
  15. Absolutely. It is time to bring an end to the political dominance of the failed Southern groups. Somalia needs a change of direction. It needs a great hero.
  16. Holac

    Ilham Omar

    The Jewish lobby is demanding another new apology from her. It is a campaign, but she is not paying attention to the nonsense. Rep. Eliot Engel demands apology from Rep. Ilhan Omar, accusing her of ‘a vile anti-Semitic slur’ - The Washington Post WWW.WASHINGTONPOST.COM Engel calls out Omar for a third anti-Semitic comment, alleging pro-Israel groups drive 'foreign allegiance.'
  17. Best thing that @Abtigiishas done so far. The Somali people need development and progress to move away from this perpetual and medieval quarrel over nonsense. Abtigiis needs to push this project forward as far as he can.
  18. If Mr. Bihi can't resolve this growing rebellion in Sanaag, he must resign and leave office. The man is incompetent.
  19. In any other society, the top men are held responsible and must pay the price (resign or be ousted). In Somalia, the blame will always be with some boogeyman called Alshabab because that is waxa lagu qaraabto.
  20. I am surprised it is only 48 months. There is a year missing.