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  1. Waa sheekadii nalagu khiyaanay. I remember I used take part of those demo's led by Tarzaan asagoo aburta ka socota and now wuu u dabadhaqaa Ethiopiank. Allow sahal amuuraha. Fake nationalist !! Abdullahi Yusuf Allah u naxaristo was more patriotic than any other current leaders. Beenlooyaal waye dadkan can't be trusted !!
  2. lool Qoslaaye way ku foorartaa nowadays scandal after scandal.
  3. Why kill other innocent people . The killer was from the same family as the diseased - all from Madoobe's clan. Hadhowbay ku oran dagaal baa kismaayo kadhacay , halajoojiyo dhiiga ......wax lalayaabo waaye. Waa wadan ay u dhamaatay runtii
  4. ^ She is doing her own thing maxaa ka rabtiin wah. She is not dissing or harming anyone.....Faraha halaga qaado.
  5. ^No doubt she sings well and looks hot but she shouldn't get involve with this mess.......She should be wise enough. This remind me Shirwaynihii Midaynta USC Where young Gaadaco was singing this : Apparently he regrets this so much now!
  6. ^Jacaylka , ma cudur BAcaaaaaaac layiraahdo maa kugu dhacay lol Soo adigan Bacaaaac kaa soo hartay . @Wilka Cusub The second one is the copy of the original version sxb, Calanyahoow waligaa ha dhicin ha ... ...sounds same me to dude .
  7. I came across the original version of Calanyhoow Ha Dhicin oo loo qaaday Calank Buluuga ah oo xidigta shanta geesood leh ! Sorry i don't seem to know how to post video clip on this site....help!
  8. I voted for Nuune ....I love reading his Jacburis. Wax kasta waxbuu ka ogyahay, hadii Mars Planet laga hadlo wuxuu oran bari ani nin aa saaxibo ahayn ayaa transit ku ahayn Mars markaas waiting whole-ka ankoo ku jirno ayaan aragnay habar Jini ah lool. Caadi ma aha.!
  9. MMA , Bankiga Barclays safkiisa ayay ku taalaa. Haa reer Denmark waaye wiilasha iska leh.....meeshaas aa la iskugu imaadaa wixi bacdal maqrib ka danbeeyo. I was there for one and half year, just came back four days ago and will be going back there by the end of this month inshallah!
  10. ^No I didn't know you were there. I meant to say i was reading your Islii blog today. I met a lot of people from Qurbaha, I used to go to DanShawarma near 12 str roundabout owned by two guys from Denmark . I liked your blog , it was full of info ....!
  11. Thanks MMA. Yeah been away my friend. Was just reading your blog from Islii, I was there too man , I might have seen u in Kilinmanjaaro and Nomad Place. Ileen waad joogtay! are you back to Toronto now ?
  12. The majority of people defending this girl are Men and the majority people who are against her are women. What does that tell you lol
  13. lool at least he knows what is in it for him.
  14. Caano Geel oo markaas la soo lisay
  15. Thanks Xiin, Kenya has its own agenda and the professor and his lot think they have their own hidden agenda laakin tan keenya ayaa xoog badan waana la arki markii Kismaayo la iskugu tago wixii dhaca(back to square one camal - tii dhacday markuu Belgium-ku joogii early 90s ). That being said , its time for the people of these regions to come together and establish an admin that they all agree on no matter who leads them.
  16. Abtigiis, you are right, Sharif has no right to oppose this but I guess he is forced to do that by the likes of Ethiopia or US for that matter !
  17. Che -Guevara;757605 wrote: "nor do we accept any foreigners dictating how the region should be run" loool lool. Horta why Sharif is against this ? Wasn't this supposed to be Federalisim ? I have been out of touch with Somali politics lately, could someone care to explain ?
  18. I support Al-shabaab eradication from Jubooyinka and the rest of Somalia BUT I don't support Kenya's invasion and I believe it we be a failure !
  19. I have just searched my Qabiil name , and I have learned a lot .........though not sure if the writings are entirely correct !!!
  20. ^ saaka waaba la idili gaaray while everyone stood still , I on the other hand was mining my business until I realised inaan offsite ku jiro and people were staring at me like i was disrespecting them.......! Wlc back to western world baa ka dhacday!