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  1. lol. i dont agree with numero 2 because i think the more friends a female has, the more gossiping she does.
  2. i would take a guy with a bidaar anyday over a teethless one or messed up teeth. to the poster; Vaseline intaa marsatid let that head of yours shine.
  3. *Blessed;842498 wrote: Reer ba'ow yaa ku leh... sheydaan! walciyaadu billah
  4. rudy> thanks for the website, i am finding it very helpful. coofle> i dont like math either but my major is medical related marka waa kuqasbanahay.
  5. i cant even spell the damn thing but i will be taking my sat next week and i am nervous about trigonometry. any help will be appreciated. where are sol's einstein crew?
  6. aduunyo gadoon. stess reliever became the depressor.the guy got what he deserved. the wife can rest now, knowing that her husband will never ever ever order room service.
  7. guys who pick their nose in public! reer magaal type: who thinks partying and neglecting his religious duties is ilbax nimo. yellow teeth 30 yr olds who have mohawks and think its cool.yuck
  8. ala ya arxama.whoever he is. kulu nafsin daa iqatul mowt
  9. hmmm..what was he doing there? buying some halal hilib ari:o
  10. i would've told her to get one of those machines oo caanaha leysaga shubo and put the milk in a bottle, refrigerrate it and take it with you next time you go out in public instead of showing your cowrah!
  11. tutu;803458 wrote: Always prayed jimca here. Loved the atmosphere after the prayers. Meeting freinds at the front. Parking used to be a hustle though. this masjid is beautiful. masha allah
  12. nawaal nadera shubeykar ahlaam amna
  13. my cousin might be one of the people found in that place.he left for yemen 18 years ago and has been missing ever since:( my aunt is going to be relieved if he is one of them insha allah.
  14. correct me if i am wrong but isnt it bidci to celebrate nabi muhammad s.a.w. 's birthday?